Meaning of INTERNAL in English



a domestic/internal flight (= a flight within a country )

Is there a domestic flight between Havana and Varadero?

an internal review (= one that an organization carries out on itself )

The Army is conducting an internal review.

domestic/internal affairs ( also home affairs British English ) (= events inside a country )

the Minister of Home Affairs

He said that the US should not try to interfere in his country's domestic affairs.

internal audit (= an audit carried out by a company’s own staff )

internal bleeding

He died of internal bleeding .

internal combustion engine

internal dissensions

The Labour Party was torn by internal dissensions .

internal divisions

The Army was plagued by internal divisions .

internal exile (= when someone is forced to move somewhere within a country )

The governor has the power to send people into internal exile in other regions.

internal injuries (= injuries inside your body )

He was coughing blood, a sign that he had internal injuries.

internal logic (= logic that seems sensible within a particular activity or situation )

Each major religion has its own internal logic.

internal medicine

internal organs (= organs inside your body )

She died after suffering serious damage to internal organs.

Internal Revenue Service

internal structure

Scientists have been investigating the internal structure of the planet Mars.




Helsinki was full of pious declarations about the inviolability of borders and non-interference in internal affairs .

Of more concern, Nye and other specialists feel, is the growing political influence of the military in internal affairs .

Venetiaan stated his desire to reform the Constitution to reduce the involvement of the army in internal affairs .

They may regulate their internal affairs and their domestic commerce as they like.

The internal affairs of a member state are no business of the union, hence the reticence in Brussels.

Barbuda maintains a considerable degree of control over its internal affairs .


The internal audit function reports to the Audit Committee.

The banks have conducted two internal audits and come up with about $ 30 million in dormant accounts.

In this respect it could feature as an aspect of the internal audit of a company.

These periodic internal audits can be a source of revitalization and renewal.

The Guidance concentrates on the organizational status of internal audit and the objectivity of internal auditors in achieving the requisite independence.

This is known as an internal audit .

For internal audit to carry out these responsibilities it is essential that it operates with adequate independence.

However, the standard of internal audit in the public sector is not generally very good.


However, because the ultimate responsibility is given to the external auditor , the role of the internal auditor is not emphasized.

Many accountants and auditors were unlicensed management accountants, internal auditors, or government accountants and auditors.

The concluding section considers the relationship between the external and internal auditor .

Similarly, management will increasingly need internal auditors to develop new ways to discover and eliminate waste and fraud.

The Guidance concentrates on the organizational status of internal audit and the objectivity of internal auditors in achieving the requisite independence.

Beginning management accountants often start as cost accountants, junior internal auditors , or as trainees for other accounting positions.

The chief internal auditor must be assisted by sufficient staff of the right quality and quantity.

There is a large degree of mobility among public accountants, management accountants, and internal auditors .


The computer chip was a huge breakthrough, greater than the lightbulb, telephone, or internal combustion engine.

Nevertheless, the Foxton project was mysteriously improbable even if there had been no internal combustion on the way.

First and most radical, a new means of propulsion other than the internal combustion engine might be considered.

Secondly, new fuels for the internal combustion engine which do not involve the depletion of vital and limited energy resources.

A combination of mass production and the internal combustion engine was responsible for the Allied victory.

Both have been accelerated since the war by the widespread application of the internal combustion engine.

A model car doesn't have to contain all the elements of an internal combustion engine in order to work as a toy!


The organisation was complex and not without internal conflict .

It would also reduce the amount of internal conflict we had within the organization.

The internal conflicts caused by his strong Quaker beliefs and lack of prospects caused a breakdown when he was twenty-one.

But what happened in Jerusalem between 168 and 164 B.C. went beyond the ordinary internal conflicts of the Seleucid state.

It is surrounded by states with internal conflicts and has received successive waves of refugees.

It is most often used when there is an internal conflict of feeling.

This, coupled with internal conflicts at Motorola over the 680x0 program, led to a weak positioning of both product lines.

When it is expressed by the marriage partner the internal conflict is externalized, sometimes on a daily basis.


Britain still hoped that a Commonwealth front could be achieved, with considerable internal control of Empire air routes.

Related Occupations Accountants and auditors design internal control systems and analyze financial data.

An important supplement to these direct and internal controls is provided by efficiency audits.

For example, during construction, the subject of an internal control questionnaire might be variations and site instructions.

In order to compare signals hybridization in Northern experiments, srRNA was used as an internal control .

Internal audit is an integral part of internal control .

The auditor's work on systems of internal control is a subsidiary task.

Indeed, the definition of a financial audit explicitly includes examination of systems of internal control whereas the commercial audit does not.


Unti1 1939 the Labour Party was bedevilled by internal dissensions on this issue.


The bank was wracked by internal divisions between the bank's traditional managers and the outsiders headed by Sir Kit.

But one worrisome development for insiders is the appearance of internal divisions .

Fractions are the deepest internal division of a class, where incompatible material interests show up in separate political organization.

Whatever disagreement there is about the internal divisions of the texts in the manuscripts, the whole treatise has a shape.

The size and internal divisions accommodate A4 and A5 paper and documents.

Labour, they say, is likely to be distracted by deepening internal division over its constitutional plans and its election failure.

The internal division will be only temporary because the other states-crucially, Britain-will soon be drawn in.

The internal divisions which seemingly threatened, but actually assisted, the political survival of General Franco continued into 1942.


The revelation came in the form of internal documents of the Aleyeska Pipeline Service company, which were leaked to a congressman.

The brief represents another attempt to use internal documents against the $ 50 billion tobacco industry.

The reports produced to date are internal documents , and only those referring to botany need be mentioned here.

One internal document puts the price tag at $ 1. 7 million.

Many companies use Intranets to distribute internal documents-in effect publishing Web pages for their own private use.

Instead, particular issues raised by these internal documents will be addressed in separate submissions by the affected companies.

No report should be issued since this is an internal document .

Another internal document showed that Hip Hing generated only $ 38, 400 in income in 1992.


A post-mortem examination showed he had suffered internal injuries , said a spokesman.

Miss Tish was rushed to the hospital with internal injuries .

Sandra is still under sedation in hospital, suffering from internal injuries and a broken collar bone.

They ran over Mr Letts and left him lying in the road with serious internal injuries .

At that point people were not giving much for his chances, but luckily he had no internal injuries .

The usual cause of death is due to internal injuries caused by butting, or exhaustion resulting from being chased.

Andrew suffered a broken leg, broken arm and internal injuries .

Ron Letts died in hospital from internal injuries after being hit by a stolen van.


Polisario sources claimed that in a recent internal investigation he had been found guilty of corruption and diversion of funds.

An internal investigation last year failed to turn up the culprit, according to Disneyland spokesman Tom Brocato.

The roster, till rolls and security cameras were examined in Thresher's own internal investigation .

He has made no public comment since the school began an internal investigation in November regarding recruiting.

After an internal investigation on Monday, the Bafta council rejected allegations of vote-rigging.

The most far-reaching internal investigation in Phoenix police history cost four officers their jobs Friday for purchasing banned rifles under false pretenses.

The practice was stopped immediately it was discovered and is now under internal investigation .

The Justice Department began an internal investigation , and Republicans began aiming for Coffey.


A mixture of consultation and internal management control might well prove a better starting point.

Party political factors, professionalism and the dispositions of key personalities all usually have some bearing on internal management structures.

Organisational needs Organisations will need to collect information and maintain records for a range of internal management purposes.

This orientation to the political sphere conditions internal management organization and culture.

An attempt to substantiate this point will be attempted in chapter 8 from an internal management perspective.

For internal management control purposes a annual budget will normally be broken down into discrete quarterly, monthly or even shorter periods.

We are looking at ways in which the internal management of local authorities might become more effective.


Evaluation of the first year's operation of the internal market is not straight forward.

This, and many similar references, suggests that this remains the popular conception of an internal market .

Relations between employees are even worse in companies where different teams are set to compete against each other in an internal market .

Is not this a case of your money or your life in the internal market ?

One way is to be more specific about the expected effects of internal markets .

The buying up of sometimes very good pictures or drawings for internal market prices was a legalised form of robbery.

The fundholding scheme has entailed costs for other actors in the internal market .

The acknowledged annual implementation costs referred to earlier were running at almost double the £220m estimated for setting up the internal market .


Smith has been practicing internal medicine in Mesa since 1976.

Physicians trained in internal medicine are attached and function as consultants.


If we look at the internal organs there is not much to distinguish a chimpanzee's heart or liver from our own.

Without insulin, sugar lingers in the bloodstream, silently damaging the internal organs .

These electrical pulses are then analysed and used to produce detailed pictures of a patient's internal organs .

Medical illustrators keep the Pernkopf Anatomy on their drawing boards for ready reference as they depict obscure internal organs with computer-generated images.

Yet the distribution of internal organs is asymmetric.

Who knows what permanent disability his little internal organs may be suffering because of our good intentions?

One wretch wishes his head returned, another even claims his internal organs .

Segmentation is not only shown in the external differentiation of the body but also involves many of the internal organs .


State conjunctural policies respond, similarly, to variations in the strategies and internal organization of the dominant class.

The internal organization of state policy-making has tended to reflect the lines of cleavage within dominant economic groups of civil society.

In comparison, internal organization is a more attractive way of administering such transactions.

A further organizational trend under way in the tourist industry concerns an aspect of the internal organization of travel firms themselves.

Arbiter theorists also recognize that liberal democratic states vary greatly in their internal organization between federal and unitary forms.

If the scale of the society is a natural first question, the next is certainly its internal organization .

This is the internal organization of the text.


Many firms find that the implementation process is not merely complex but that it amplifies strains in the internal politics .

Human institutions can not be understood without understanding their internal politics .

But it was beset by internal politics and narrow-mindedness.

Our evidence for the organization and internal politics of classical Corinth is meagre, and out of proportion to the city's importance.

A number of young activists who had been involved in internal politics since 1976 were also elected.


Looking to internal power and control within the family is one consequent strategy.

Simply put, it is a means of generating internal power so enormous one can fell an opponent without actually touching him.

We will assume you are using an efficient undergravel, or internal power filter.

The emergence, or re-emergence in some cases, of Nation-States which intended to organize internal power according to their own values.

The tank is three feet long and has both undergravel and internal power filtration.

Interpet products are widely available in the aquatic trade, in case of difficulty contact Another internal power filter comes to us from Eheim.

The set us is run on a Fluval 4 internal power filter.

An extra water pump in the form of an internal power sponge filter will be necessary for good water circulation.


The rivalry between Fabius and Rocard had been a major component of the party's internal problems .

Congress and the executive branch are often too immobilized by internal problems of political survival to take action on great national questions.

Apart from these public problems , the profession also has an internal problem.

Even more bizarre was the terminology the firm used to describe its internal problems .

Relatively clear ones arise from the structure of central and local government, their internal problems and their relations with one another.

Bevin himself had earlier remarked that internal problems might moderate Soviet policy.

Moreover, other territories were taken up with their own internal problems .

What he did not know was that Chemical had run into massive internal problems .


Will the historian of the future be adequately served if only the internal reports profiling donors survive?

Cohen is expected to receive his own internal report on the issue in about a month.

After a damning internal report this month on conditions at Brixton prison both admitted that the service was institutionally racist.

The Metropolitan police has overspent its budget by £70m, according to an internal report by its auditors.


It is an internal review , and we do not intend to publish it.

He said that instead there would be a thorough internal review of the inspectorate, which would report by July.

So Mr Burgreen, doing all that he could, said he would add a civilian to his internal review board.

In such cases, careful consideration should be given to the appropriate internal review .

Adopt and record a written plan for undertaking internal reviews which states the frequency of reviews.


Fear of greater threats to internal security , such as open revolts, clearly does not exist.

As the confederation moved toward constitutional government, issues of internal security were found to require careful consideration.

The landowners were able to express their views on problems of internal security , foreign affairs, and taxation increases.

The lord lieutenancy was originally devised by the Tudors as a means of internal security .

An initial preoccupation was co-operation over economic development, but later priorities were internal security and defence.

The second was the problem of internal security .

He graduated from Moscow University with degrees in psychology and political science and joined the internal security .

The Governor, representing the sovereign, is responsible for external affairs, defence and internal security .


What happens if the federal Minister of Finance and the Minister of Finance for the largest internal state take different lines?

We call these the internal states of the device.

The internal state of the organism is monitored by means of receptors, mostly situated in the brain stem.

It is in internal state o and reads a 0.

The former stresses the individual's internal state , the latter his or her relations with others.

The internal state of the cell changes.

Being explicit about internal state is an obvious advantage to the signaller as well as to the receiver.

Recall that the internal states of our device are to be finite in number.


However, the gut in all animals is an internal structure .

But schemata are more than the behavior; they are the internal structure from which the behavior flows.

Diagnosis Within the internal structure of the cell, in the cytoplasm, the energetic interactions are weak and electrostatic effects predominate.

Thin sections show a great variety of internal structures important in accurate identification.

This policy of renewal was effected by installing a replacement internal structure of load-bearing brick walls and insitu concrete floors.

The bottom boards showed no sign of the disturbance that would have occurred if anyone had interfered with the internal structures .

Their organisation and internal structures were normally fluid, even amorphous.

They focus on the family, analysing both its internal structure and its functions for the wider society.


internal organs such as the heart or liver

a computer's internal hard drive

After the accident, NASA conducted an internal investigation.

an internal dialogue with himself

an internal memo

Each country has the right to control its own internal affairs.

Guest ordered an internal investigation into the money transfers.

In November the directors wrote an internal memorandum suggesting that the company should close down three of its factories.

Many companies use the program for internal accounting purposes.

Mrs Jones suffered serious internal injuries as a result of the accident.

Russia faces many internal problems, for example inflation.

The internal affairs of other nations should not be of concern to us.

The doctor said they found some signs of internal bleeding.

The US was accused of interfering in the internal affairs of the country.

They took him into the internal corridor.

Western countries have been accused of interfering in Brazil's internal problems.

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