Meaning of ITSELF in English




a snake coils itself around sth

The snake coiled itself around the branch.

a storm blows itself out (= ends )

The storm finally blew itself out.

an end in itself (= the thing that you want to achieve )

The programme is not an end in itself, but rather the first step the prisoner takes towards a new life.

communicated itself

His enthusiasm communicated itself to the voters.

plays itself out

It will be interesting to see how the election plays itself out .

simplicity itself (= very simple )

James’ solution to this problem was simplicity itself .


assert itself

Islam began to assert itself in the seventh century.

Lying in clouds of scent in the sunken tub filled to the brim, that streak of equanimity she had asserted itself.

Now, with the future assured, the comfortable past asserted itself unchanged.

Our novelist's intellectual humour is asserting itself beneath the narrative.

So by this means, the interest of ownership in the performance of the business owned can assert itself.

The current wild weather through the West and Midwest again has raised the question: Is global warming finally asserting itself?

The former character asserts itself, and some-times disagreeably, weaKly, disgracefully.

The party will continue to assert itself and severely punish political dissent.

This was the way in which uncertainty asserted itself in Heisenberg's original formulation of quantum mechanics.

blow itself out

Governments were paralysed, hoping the storm would blow itself out without affecting their friends and families and favourite projects.

Next morning dawns bright and clear; the storm has blown itself out in the night.

She could do nothing but batten down the conversational hatches and wait until the storm blew itself out.

The morning of the third day, they woke up and saw the storm had blown itself out.

The storm had blown itself out, leaving the sky pearly.

The storm had blown itself out, there was only steady drizzle.

They had waited for the Darkfall to blow itself out, which it did in spectacular fashion.

This storm was not going to blow itself out in an hour - not even for him.

commend itself (to sb)

This view did not commend itself to the pope.

history repeats itself

As the scholar says, history repeats itself.

lend itself to sth

It's time-proven, reliable and lends itself to tuning.

One of the beauties of the discipline of neurology is how it lends itself to analysis of dysfunction involving these neural levels.

Or does the environment lend itself to the air power and precision-guided missiles of a Steve Forbes?

The latter type of fuel lends itself to underwater storage for several decades.

The study did not seem to lend itself to a description of community service profiles.

This is not, by its nature, the sort of theory that lends itself to easy confirmation.

This process seems to have been handled badly, even if it is not one that lends itself to sensitive treatment.

manifest itself

A typically ambiguous attitude towards foreigners manifested itself at this point.

Interest is now focused on how this might manifest itself in the government's promised rethink on constitutional reform.

On the microscopic level, this problem manifests itself in abstractionism.

That manifested itself in a lack of motivation and commitment in the work force.

The uncertainty manifests itself above all in the volatile perceptions of the two candidates.

This lack of real leadership manifested itself on many occasions.

Yet this delayed-action disease manifested itself in widening circles and in larger numbers of people.

offer itself

If the prey obligingly offers itself as an immobilised piece of meat, what advantage does it gain?

St William's Foundation here offers itself as latter-day deusexmachina.

The world will offer itself to you to be unmasked; it can't do otherwise.

pay for itself

Installing solar film on the windows will pay for itself.

At the St Pierre Park it is estimated that the oven system will have paid for itself inside 18 months.

But I think I can say that each machine has paid for itself, one way or another.

Fab 25 needs more strong high-volume chips to pay for itself.

Growth needs to pay for itself.

How long for his addition to pay for itself?

Investment in an agency, branch or subsidiary will be expected to pay for itself by generating extra business.

Life has a way of giving a comic a funny face which ultimately starts to pay for itself.

Walkup's argument: Well-planned development can pay for itself, without the burden of impact fees and similar financing mechanisms.

reassert itself

But it also allows the traditional power biology has within psychology to reassert itself within them.

I wondered, naturally, how and when reality would reassert itself.

It was clearly time for true Protestantism to reassert itself and win allegiances.

It was only to be expected that sooner or later the Collector's sense of duty would reassert itself.

There may be some recovery when they go to school, but the dip will reassert itself during the teenage years.

resolve (itself) into sth

Given sufficient magnification, of course, all open clusters can be resolved into stars.

In fact, particles and anti-particles resolve into massless energy, but that is far from being nothing.

In practice the question therefore resolves itself into: Has there been enough time for enough successive generations?

It seems to have finally resolved itself into an increased interest in practical deterrence and street-level prevention programmes.

They can be resolved into various oscillations about the equilibrium structure.

With binoculars, few of the globulars can be resolved into stars except at their extreme edges.

seed itself

Clean architectural lines, gleaming glass, flower beds so neat and regimented that no weed would dare to seed itself.

sort itself out

Childhood problems and anxieties have a habit of sorting themselves out.

This situation is not going to sort itself out. We have to do something.

At present, Ann led and Megan followed, but that would sort itself out in the long run.

Expect more bobbing and weaving while this one sorts itself out.

Inside the gulf of Pagasai, the disorganized Persian armament was sorting itself out and re-numbering.

Instead, they would rely on decentralized, uncontrolled life to sort itself out and come to some self-enhancing harmony.

Life has a funny way of sorting itself out.

The seating problem more or less sorted itself out.

The situation will sort itself out when the city reopens Navy Pier, the fair's preferred location.

They hope that it will sort itself out with time - it is even more difficult to ask a second time.

speak for itself/themselves

He's a good coach - his success speaks for itself.

Again, we begin by letting the managers speak for themselves.

But the history of the family speaks for itself.

I think the above account speaks for itself.

Kahn believed that his work spoke for itself.

The account mainly speaks for itself.

The arrangement seemed to speak for itself: Alice, the true love.

They simply put it out and let the music speak for itself.

Yet the belief that a videotape somehow speaks for itself persisted.

sth expresses itself

Sometimes public outrage expresses itself in extreme ways.

sth presents itself

After independence, the opportunity to stop slavery presented itself, but was not acted upon.

sth suggests itself


The bird was looking at itself in the mirror.

The meeting itself was quite interesting.

The tape player shuts itself off when it's done.

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