Meaning of JET in English

I. noun


a jet engine

the plane's powerful jet engines

a passenger plane/jet

It was recently converted from a passenger plane to cargo use.

bubble jet printer

jet black literary (= completely black )

She had shiny jet black hair, and skin as white as snow.

jet engine

jet lag

I’m suffering from jet lag but I’ll feel better after a good night’s sleep.

jet propulsion

jet set

Jet Ski

jet stream

jet/inky black (= very dark )

jet black hair

jumbo jet

jump jet

rocket/wind/nuclear/jet propulsion

suffering from jet lag

I’m suffering from jet lag but I’ll feel better after a good night’s sleep.




The shuttle was then loaded atop a converted 747 jumbo jet and flown back to Kennedy.

Meanwhile, those who observed the jumbo jet exploding say they still have vivid memories.

That's the same as a full jumbo jet crashing at Heathrow every day of the week and two on Sunday.

Flight attendant Lauren Holly takes the controls on a jumbo jet after a prisoner escapes and eliminates the crew.

Bird strikes have become far more frequent since the jumbo jets were introduced in the late 1970's.

S.-made Stinger anti-aircraft missile could have downed the jumbo jet .

She became a pilot and now flies jumbo jets between Bali, Hawaii and Los Angeles.

A couple of jumbo jets could land on the floor space that houses this bash.


During the day four low-flying military jets had blasted down the Glen.

The Hinkley Point site, for instance, lies in an area used extensively by low-flying military jets .


He is also pledging his private jet and everything else his family owns.

You needed the private jets in Washington.

How can a private jet be cheaper than a train?

McCain has made four campaign trips in Paxson's private jet in the past few months.

Immediately after the gig Jon Bon Jovi flew back to London on the private jet he arrived in just seven hours earlier.

And happiness is ... a romantic tycoon with his own private jet .

He flies in a private jet from concert to concert.


Provost McDonald said last year BAe had moved the headquarters of its regional jet operation to Prestwick.

In 1999, SkyWest, 25 % held by Delta Airlines, ordered 50 Bombardier regional jets .

This was also a record for the world regional jet industry.



Post-war development of parachutes acting as brakes on jet aircraft are also covered in this rarely written about subject.

It also flies three routes in the Midwest, under contract to Delta and Northwest, using 70-seat jet aircraft .

September 4: Pioneering jet aircraft .


The plant produced the world's first jet airliner , the Comet.

It is more akin to the toilet found on a modern jet airliner , with the addition of spring-loaded thigh restraints!

Manufacturers of the world's quietest jet airliner the BAe 146.


Lowest interior and exterior noise level of any high speed business jet .

Inset A transatlantic corporate business jet .


It has been used successfully, for example in the design of jet engines .

In fact the improvement statistics in our jet engine shops were even more remarkable.

A jet engine can take up to six seconds to spool up.

Besides the black boxes, this category includes the jet engines , the pilot escape system, and so on.

When a resultant is radial, the body can take off, like a rocket or a jet engine .

Cobalt is important in the jet engines of aeroplanes because it makes turbine blades resist high temperatures.


Military experts think more than 50 fighter jets would be needed to enforce the zone.

Even the simulated F-16 fighter jet you were piloting into a hostile zone near the Strait of Hormuz.

Fast fighter jets -- many traveling within earshot of the sound barrier -- will headline the shows.

The plan is also expected to call for cuts in fighter jet programs and two rounds of base closings.


At different times during the war, reports came in of the need for jet fuel .

He cited higher jet fuel costs.

Police also found a quantity of jet fuel , sources said.


As he turned out the gas jet he whistled to himself.

I had turned out the gas jet and did not have a match with which to relight it.

The intense heat of being held over a gas jet will cause immediate and permanent discolouring.

I was led down the dark hallway to a room in which a gas jet was burning.


It's playing host to a squadron of Harrier jump jets on a military excercise.


It's jet lag and it affects nearly everyone on long-haul flights.

The symptoms of jet lag result from a temporary disruption of these rhythms.

The first week is hell; jet lag and a sluggish nausea I can't explain.

Beyond a quieter plane ride, NoiseBuster is said to lessen the effects of jet lag .

Aromatherapy treatments can also help with problems such as jet lag .

Of course, George may have had jet lag .

Researchers are investigating its ability to induce sleep and combat jet lag .


Read in studio Two passenger jets have been involved in a near-miss over Oxfordshire.

The F-16s apparently were not warned about the passenger jet before they closed to investigate its presence.


For fast jet pilots , a stint with the Red Arrows is the highlight of their careers.

Travolta is a licensed jet pilot and owns a Learjet.

A jet pilot will happily take off in weather that would ground micro-light pilots.


It may sound like an intermittent road drill combined with a jet plane .

You can buy a jet plane and lease it to the airlines.

It was beginning to dawn on him that getting on a jet plane wasn't like stealing a truck.

I thought jet planes were just trucks with more wings and less wheels.


Somewhere inside itself, the thing had a sort of jet propulsion .

Both creatures can, like the nautilus, use jet propulsion on occasion.


Daniela soave examines the growth of the good-cause jet set .

Resorts: Cortina is international jet set , glamour and glitz.


He had also accepted the gift of a jet ski from a construction company seeking public works contracts.

Immediately, bans on jet skis started being announced in most parts of the state.

Why did it have the ride qualities of a jet ski ?

Another solution has been to designate specific areas for jet ski use while banning them elsewhere.


The aircraft would have crossed this jet stream at a shallow angle which would have resulted in considerably reduced ground speed.

You almost feel guilty paying attention to the jet stream of consciousness.

The forecast issued at Keflavik did not mention this jet stream .

El Nino also diverts the paths of the jet stream and storms.

Recently the jet stream has retreated northward, meteorologists say, leaving the field undefended against those intrusive southern storms.



He left immediately for the airport, and chartered a jet .


She had never flown in a jet or stayed in a hotel or ridden in a chauffeured limousine.

She became a pilot and now flies jumbo jets between Bali, Hawaii and Los Angeles.

Simply flying jet fighters in those early days involved high risk.

Applications to fly executive jets were rejected and an attempt to become a government air accident investigator failed.

He flies in a private jet from concert to concert.

But now there is a cheaper way for business travellers to fly on a private jet .

The Marines will be doing more than just flying jets and helicopters from the concrete runways.


the jet set


a jet fighter

strong jets of water


After a terrifying two minutes the crew overpowered Mukonyi, handcuffed him, and regained control of the jet .

An imperial eagle lectern carved in jet supported upon its open black wings a huge, chained copy of the Codex Astartes.

And happiness is ... a romantic tycoon with his own private jet .

Curiously, how stars produce jets is an open question.

Dan Vandenberg witnessed jets in a more typical role.

He is also pledging his private jet and everything else his family owns.

II. verb




So Western experts were soon jetting off to poor countries to run surveys and design massive family planning programmes.

That means a potential 200,000 customers will be jetting off to the States.


Martinez greeted supporters in Tampa, then jetted to Miami.


Within a few minutes the atmosphere in the bay was normal, and Ace was jetting towards the shuttle's cabin door.

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