Meaning of JET in English

1. n. & v.


1. a stream of water, steam, gas, flame, etc. shot out esp. from a small opening.

2 a spout or nozzle for emitting water etc. in this way.

3 a a jet engine. b an aircraft powered by one or more jet engines.

--v. (jetted, jetting)

1. intr. spurt out in jets.

2 tr. & intr. colloq. send or travel by jet plane.

Phrases and idioms:

jet engine an engine using jet propulsion for forward thrust, esp. of an aircraft. jet lag extreme tiredness and other bodily effects felt after a long flight involving marked differences of local time. jet-propelled

1. having jet propulsion.

2 (of a person etc.) very fast. jet propulsion propulsion by the backward ejection of a high-speed jet of gas etc. jet set colloq. wealthy people frequently travelling by air, esp. for pleasure. jet-setter colloq. a member of the jet set.

jet stream

1. a narrow current of very strong winds encircling the globe several miles above the earth.

2 the stream from a jet engine.

Etymology: earlier as verb (in sense 1): F jeter throw ult. f. L jactare frequent. of jacere jact- throw 2. n.1 a a hard black variety of lignite capable of being carved and highly polished. b (attrib.) made of this.

2 (in full jet-black) a deep glossy black colour.

Etymology: ME f. AF geet, OF jaiet f. L gagates f. Gk gagates f. Gagai in Asia Minor

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