Meaning of KEYBOARD in English



a computer keyboard

The computer keyboard is shaped to put less strain on your wrists.

a keyboard instrument

Keyboard instruments are relatively easy to learn.




If they can not be replaced by more adequate instruments, an electric keyboard can lie appropriate.

A manual typewriter is physically harder to use than an electric keyboard .

He wrote the books in 1985 to help people with physical disabilities enjoy electric keyboard music.


The idea of structureless meanderings on electronic keyboards , of musical tasks being in any way simplified, appals him.

He is surrounded by an electronic keyboard , a rack of music equipment, a recording microphone and a personal computer.

The altered states, the plangent electronic keyboards , and her use of Biblical text all conspire to create a portentous sound.

It was an electronic piano keyboard , a rip-off of the Yamaha instrument that was a big Christmas seller in the States.

Glass himself will be one of a trio of musicians playing the electronic keyboards during the performance.

Eo made an Etch-a-Sketch-like personal communicator that replaced the electronic keyboard with a pen.


Apart from its legs it resembled an old fashioned typewriter with a carriage and Qwerty keyboard .

The QWERTY keyboard was, and still is, the principal input device.

Natural Communication with Computers Communication with computers and computer controlled machinery is normally achieved using a QWERTY keyboard .

The QWERTY keyboard has its origins in the days of early mechanical typewriters.

The major problem with the QWERTY keyboard is that it needs to be learnt.


System control is via a standard computer keyboard .

Besides a standard keyboard , the memex would have rows of buttons and levers.

How many keys are provided on the standard keyboard ?



Secondly, the computer keyboard has many additional keys which are used to alter the function of the alpha-numeric keys.

System control is via a standard computer keyboard .

More than a dozen Web sites have information about Dvorak, and many offer software for converting computer keyboards .

After the clatter of the Linotypes, the tick-tick-tick of computer keyboards sounds eerie and aseptic.

This makes control easier when looking down the microscope or when operating a computer keyboard for image analysis.

On a two-deck trolley to his right a V.D.U. stood above a computer keyboard .

She attacked the computer keyboard with renewed vigour.


Dennis the keyboard player in Relief comes over and talks incoherent rubbish to no-one in particular.

She guessed that her weekly visits made her a regular, for the keyboard player nodded at her and the guitarist/vocalist grinned.

Guitarist Parks was replaced by keyboard player Steve Gurl, while yet another new drummer was recruited-Andy Ebsworth.

The keyboard player obviously cares more about advancing his or her career than the future of the band.

The keyboards player spilt beer on his synthesizer.

Let's not end up like the keyboard players who have to call in programmers.

Kyle MacLachlan as keyboard player Ray Manzarek.


Dorfman plays keyboards -- an injury preventing him from shouldering his usual accordion.

More than a dozen Web sites have information about Dvorak, and many offer software for converting computer keyboards.

She focuses the music on her keyboards and her front-and-center vocals, which can be breathy and intimate or jagged.

The keyboard is the input device.

The ideal position for the mouse is on the same plane as the keyboard and as close to the keyboard as possible.

The program can be used to record music input directly from the computer keyboard .

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