Meaning of KEYBOARD in English

I. key ‧ board 1 S3 /ˈkiːbɔːd $ -bɔːrd/ BrE AmE noun [countable]

1 . a board with buttons marked with letters or numbers that are pressed to put information into a computer or other machine:

a computer keyboard

2 . the row of keys on some musical instruments that you press in order to play them

3 . ( also keyboards ) [plural] an electronic musical instrument similar to a piano that can make sounds like many different instruments ⇨ synthesizer :

Chris Kelly (guitar) and Benny Hayes (keyboards and vocals)

II. keyboard 2 BrE AmE verb

[intransitive and transitive] to put information into a computer, using a keyboard

—keyboarding noun [uncountable] :

keyboarding errors

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