Meaning of LEVER in English

I. noun


gear lever




The cam lever goes to C. The side levers position themselves - they're not under the knitter's control.

When knitting double jacquard, the cam lever is set to the jacquard or slip position.

For simpler work, the depth is adjusted merely by setting the cam lever .

For that row, the main carriage has to be set as for stocking stitch, that is with cam lever on 0.


Through the middle-of-the-night streets, seem to have forgotten how to drive, is this the gear lever ?

No palm print on the gear lever , for instance.

It'd take all of you to shift the gear lever .

But the group selector, like the main gear lever , does ask for more than average effort from its user.

The high-low button on the gear lever is a pleasure to work with; so is the forward-reverse selector.

Vasili glanced over his shoulder, his foot already on the brake and his hand dipping towards the gear lever .

He let Lily steer and work the gear lever and promised to teach her how to drive.

The gear lever also chatters in its plastic cup, if it has not been replaced try that.



At least the handle turned, and to his surprise the turntable revolved, if rather slowly, when he moved the lever .

But as the barrel swung it would push a small piston that, in return, moved the hand lever .

Even on the ground you can do expensive damage by moving the undercarriage lever in mistake for the flaps or airbrakes.

Investigative sources said the cockpit crew probably threw the switches and moved the levers in a hasty effort to correct a problem.


Instead of pecking at discs, rats can be taught to press levers in order to obtain food and water.

When she found a free machine, she pressed a lever that released the ball.

Rincewind got down on one knee, the better to arrange the picture, and pressed the enchanted lever .

In fact, some animals starved themselves rather than give up pressing the lever .

The rats eventually managed to press the lever very quickly after being placed in the box, in order to receive their reward.

And it suggests Pavlovian, mechanistic efficiency. Press any given design lever and expect the appropriate response.


Then Tony pulled the lever and the wheel began to slow down.

They are let, loose by a man in a Plexiglas bubble controlling every-thing by pulling levers .

She pulled a lever at the base of the cage.

The blacks went in, pulled the lever , came out, and got their chickens.

Amin pulled one of the levers and a noise came from inside.

Complete the lace message - pull the selected lever and move the lace carriage to the right.

Card No. 3 has a new instruction: you will pull the selector lever on occasions and no needles will be selected.

Angalo pulled one of the levers back a bit.


throw a switch/handle/lever

He threw a lever and the twin 1500-horsepower engines roared to life.

The image of Chantal vanished instantly as though some one had thrown a switch.


Many nations used sanctions as an economic lever to help end apartheid in South Africa.


All they lack now is the levers of power.

Besides a standard keyboard, the memex would have rows of buttons and levers.

Children simply crank the lever , and out pop perfectly formed hearts and stars.

No palm print on the gear lever , for instance.

On the Chunky and double knit ribbers, this third control is a lever at the top of the tension dial.

The extra weight acted as levers which made Hsu Fu twist and wrack even more.

We liked the positive action and shape of the best changing lever .

II. verb




These may be levered off if rusty 4 Try to avoid breaking glass when using a crowbar on the fixed sashes.

I would take a Bourbon in one hand and lever off the lid with my two front teeth.

A real thief would have taken a screwdriver and levered off the clasps.


A central angled cut will make levering out easier 7 Use the crowbar to prise the frame from the wall.

These kinds of objectives were to be attained by public-sector pump-priming investment designed to lever out private resources.


Dougal levered up the rectangle of hardwood.

The lock snapped and the detective levered up the bottom section.


A central angled cut will make levering out easier 7 Use the crowbar to prise the frame from the wall.

Daniel levered himself out of the sofa and stood up.

Dougal levered up the rectangle of hardwood.

Gingerly he reached forward, found a wall and levered himself up against it.

He was using Kring to lever the top off the altar.

I would take a Bourbon in one hand and lever off the lid with my two front teeth.

Ross levered himself up, going against the pain, going fast, making his hand stiff from wrist to fingertip.

The government, for example, emphasises physical renewal and the extent to which public expenditure has levered private sector investment.

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