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The most appropriate way of accelerating charged particles for use in a propulsion system is to use a linear accelerator .


Clearly, the above technique may be applied using any linear combination of the Killing vectors.

From these a geodesic surface can be formed which contains all the linear combinations , all of which are geodesics.


Although this conversation too has sequences of opinion and justification, it does not proceed in a linear fashion .

For analogue transmission, the light output must vary in linear fashion with the electrical inputs.


The action chosen by the long-lived agent in each period is a linear function of its type.

But more than that, linear functions are not very useful.

It clearly shows that revenue and total cost are treated as simple linear functions of the number of units produced and sold.

It is a linear function that has been clipped to minimum and maximum values, which then makes it nonlinear.


Several prospective studies have shown improvement in linear growth in individual children with nutritional restitution.

The poorer prognosis for linear growth among boys who develop Crohn's disease before puberty has not been previously reported.

Measurements of height and length remain the most important measurement for the assessment of skeletal linear growth .

Four of the nine patients requiring a small intestinal biopsy had impaired linear growth emphasising the potential serious effects of this illness.

After diagnosis, however, the prognosis for ultimate linear growth is good.

Childhood Crohn's disease is often complicated by retardation of linear growth and pubertal development.

The importance of early recognition of Crohn's disease before it has such an adverse impact on linear growth is highlighted.


The interpretative can be viewed as the broadest perception, into which the adaptive and linear models can be fitted.

The linear models were quite successful, the others inconclusive.

One is its association with the rather questionable linear model of economic change proposed by Fisher and Clark.

Research has suggested that the two linear models of innovation - technology push and market pull - are seriously flawed.


Such a history can not be represented by the movement of a linear progression of unfolding time.

Unfortunately, even the most forward-looking women assume a linear progression toward equality.


Using multiple linear regression analysis, gastritis with atrophy was the only factor that had an independent negative effect on acid secretion.

To investigate relations between sets of possible explanatory factors and each outcome variable a stepwise multiple linear regression analysis was used.

Correlation studies were performed using linear regression and Spearman's correlation coefficients were calculated.

Time trends and age at diagnosis were evaluated with a linear regression model by the method of least squares.

We chose linear regression for describing the overall changes in mean sperm concentrations, but other statistical models have also been tested.

Each patient had three measurements of bone mineral density and rates of bone loss were estimated by linear regression for each subject.

Table V shows results of stepwise multiple linear regression analysis of outcome variables from the ventilated infants.

The graph is a linear regression of.


These linear relationships are plotted in Fig. 1 where both the consumption and saving relationships are seen to be straight lines.

The state variable evolves according to the linear relationship .

A linear relationship may be assumed.

Dampers are carefully designed so that this linear relationship is preserved over a wide range of speed difference.

We assume a simple linear relationship between irradiance and cycle length, consistent with ref. 8.


Both forms of game theory require that the possible outcome for a given player be ranked on a linear scale .

The best model for organic relationships was a branching tree, not a linear scale .

The linear scale was not, however, the only possibility now under consideration.


But Isabella does not tell her story in linear sequence .

The creation of linear sequences from the excerpts of our lives.

Evolution became a ladder rather than a tree, a linear sequence of stages through which life had advanced towards the human form.


A factory-made widget once followed a linear path from design to manufacturing and delivery.

Bourne says that the rewrite has now achieved linear performance increases across multiple processors running a database.

If the half-slopes are nearly equal, the relationship is fairly linear .

Its very strong and linear grain marking makes excellent leaf veining.

Some of the math is quite sophisticated, using differential equations, linear algebra, and covariance matrices.

That backward path is the foundation of Western, linear logic.

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