Meaning of LOGIC in English



Boolean logic

The program searches for information using Boolean logic .

fuzzy logic

logic dictates sth

Logic dictates that this must be the right answer.




And indeed, linking these three proposals did have a certain logic .

Theology has sometimes forced a certain logic upon the thought of Irenaeus which plays it false.

It was of course an argument that carried with it a certain invincible logic .

Putting police in the marijuana distribution business carries a certain odd logic , to some people.

But it has a certain logic .

There is, to be sure, a certain logic in the view which advocates the relinquishment of doomed creatures to eternity.

This price had a certain logic , being the amount of surety which each official immigrant into the country had to post.

The Presocratics were rational, certainly, and employed a certain non-formal logic .


The irony in all this is the circular logic of what appears to be the new strategic competition.


It needs an industrial strategy founded on commercial logic rather than shortsighted bureaucratic principles.

Take away or subsidise all nuclear power stations and you lose the commercial logic of the privatisation plans.

This is a precious text, its publishers and authors are saying, that gloriously defies vulgar commercial logic .

But in recent years commercial logic has forced them closer together, and the romance started up again.


These rates are clearly a trade-off between economic logic and political expediency.

When it comes to factor price equalization, economic logic is buttressed by timing.

Nicholas Garnham has argued that this provision of a wide-ranging repertoire also has an economic logic .


These support problem solving techniques such as rule-based systems, genetic optimisation and fuzzy logic .

Research on a new microcontroller with built-in fuzzy logic co-processors is also under development.

Somehow this fuzzy logic had stayed on.


He said the offer was based on industrial logic .

So-called industrial logic has, for example, been used to justify the acquisition of a customer or a supplier.


The inexorable logic does not, however, establish that the result is morally or socially desirable.

There was no inexorable train of logic which led from that day to the Holocaust.

Up to the point of overload and pressure, you might say that the inexorable logic of the Hay Fever Theory does hold.


Scientists have no need to explore the internal logic of the consciousness of matter simply because it does not exist.

Capitalism desperately needs what its own internal logic says it does not have to do.

Often it is the internal logic of a process that is the real clue to understanding it.

It has to have an on board brain operating entirely by internal logic and guidance without much communication from Earth.

They must interpret the internal logic which directs the actions of the actor.

In other words the internal logic of the design may ignore our priorities.


You don't need a complex system for that - just time and some simple logic to begin with.

You need only set up elegantly simple categories and logic will whisk you to whatever conclusion you have in mind.

By the application of simple logic , anyone can work out that that means that he does not like private residential care.

There was a simple logic to the run, which we discovered on our return to barracks.

This argument had a simple logic .



But if both players accept this logic and defect, they end up worse off than if they had co-operated.

Sternglass did not accept the logic that lay behind the word enough.

To gain recognition unions had to accept the logic and rules of the capitalist system.

It is an accepted fact of scientific logic that you can never prove something true.

In the mid-1930s, however, most absolute pacifists were not yet ready to accept the apolitical logic of their beliefs.


The positivist approach to human behaviour applies a similar logic .

The child can think logically but can not apply logic to hypothetical and abstract problems.

It was futile to try to apply logic from the outside here.


He said the offer was based on industrial logic .


For the song of the suffering servant helps unlock the mystery that defies logic .

The Raiders could make a great second-half run, but that would defy logic .

With all these artists' patches there are some sounds which are great and others which defy logic .

It is an industry that, recently anyway, almost defies logic .

This is a precious text, its publishers and authors are saying, that gloriously defies vulgar commercial logic .

The rally has defied all odds and logic with only two, short interruptions since it began its climb in August 1982.

When, defying logic , the Burt Bacharach horns come in, it's the pop moment at its life-affirming best.

The afternoon stretches on and on, defying the logic of watch time.


Viewers are excused the demanding task of following the logic of a Horizon exposition; the important thing is to marvel.

The logical arrangement of subject headings in this section of the research proposal tends to follow the logic of the research process.

Go or stay? Follow my logic or my nose.

This chapter begins to follow the logic of these arguments into the heart of human behavior.

Secondly, the social consequences of the technology would be inevitable, following directly from the logic of the change.

We ought to follow that logic in presidential elections.

In fact they follow the logic feminists identify as sexist because it assumes women's subordinate position.

Close attention and hard work would be needed to follow the dubious logic of such explanations.


I could never understand the logic of taking the doe rabbits away to warren systems.

But if I understand the logic of supplementarity correctly, its moral implications are quite different.

I have only just understood that this logic was so.

Conventional programs embed the expertise in the instructions, making it very difficult to understand the logic of the problem.


It is prized in cultures which use second-order systems of logic and dialectic to reason about the world.

The most emotional thinkers are those who use emotion to drive logic .

The program being used is KWIRS2 which allows the pupils to search for information using Boolean logic .

It will operate at 3.3V and use built-in power-management logic to reduce the heat.

For example, using the same logic and assuming a constant required rate of return, may be defined as follows:.

To quote Lieberson once again: imagine an inquiry, using the logic of social research, into why objects fall.


circular argument/logic/reasoning

Clearly the more elaborate the dress, the more dress-fasteners required, although there is here the danger of a circular argument.

Failure to recognize this leads to circular arguments.

Pupils can often fall back on a circular argument such as: Why is the relationship linear?

The Court refused to allow itself to be caught in a circular argument as to which State needed to waive immunity first.

The irony in all this is the circular logic of what appears to be the new strategic competition.

This appears to be a circular argument, typical of closed-belief systems.

We start by talking about a problem of circular reasoning to motivate the diagram.

defy logic/the odds etc

In the event, the cyclist defied the odds and survived.

That Jaime Guerrero is alive to attend the dinner probably defies the odds.


I couldn't see the logic behind the decision to close the school.

Sophie questioned the logic of his arguments.


For example, brain circuits for learning math, logic and music are thought to develop between birth and age 4.

I am good at quizzes that involve logic 41.

I had a feeling that his logic would not bear close scrutiny but was too numb to argue with the ancient greenkeeper.

In the end, minimizing fails because it violates the principles of behavioral logic .

Such Hegelian logic put a new interpretation to history.

The kind of reasoning I found in logic was very foreign.

There was most definitely a logic to the Corinthians' positions.

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