Meaning of LOGIC in English

I. ˈläjik, -jēk noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English logik, from Middle French logique, from Latin logica, from Greek logikē, from feminine of logikos of speech, argumentative, logical, from logos word, reason, speech, account + -ikos -ic — more at legend



(1) : a science that deals with the canons and criteria of validity in thought and demonstration and that traditionally comprises the principles of definition and classification and correct use of terms and the principles of correct predication and the principles of reasoning and demonstration : the science of the normative formal principles of reasoning : the science of correct reasoning — see formal logic , material logic

(2) : a system of formal principles of deduction or inference

(3) : semiotic or a branch of semiotic ; especially : syntactics

(4) : the formal principles of a branch of knowledge

the logic of art


(1) : a particular mode of argumentation or reasoning viewed as valid or faulty according to its apparent agreement with or departure from accepted principles of logic

she spent quite a long time explaining the situation, but he failed to see her logic

(2) : relevance or propriety (as of a quality, a procedure) judged as present or absent according to apparent conformity or lack of conformity with the dictates of logic

could not understand the logic of such a deed

c. : interrelation or connection or sequence (as of facts or events) especially when seen by rational analysis as inevitable, necessary, or predictable

by the logic of events, anarchy leads to dictatorship

2. : something that convinces or proves or that obviates argument or makes argument useless and that is by its nature quite apart from or beyond or opposed to the use of reason as a means of arriving at decisions or settling disputes or attaining truth

3. : an exposition of or treatise on logic

II. noun

: the fundamental principles and applications of truth tables and of the interconnection of circuit elements and gating necessary for computation in a computer ; also : the circuits themselves

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