Meaning of LOGISTIC in English






On logistic regression , the presence and extent of gastric metaplasia was not significantly associated with H pylori infection.

Two stepwise logistic regression procedures were performed.

The use of multiple logistic regression allowed the selection of the most useful clinical signs which are predictive of hypoxaemia.

Variables were entered into or removed from the logistic regression equation one at a time.

Multivariate analysis was carried out by unconditional logistic regression analysis.

Respiratory symptoms were analysed by multiple logistic regression and lung function standard deviation scores by multiple linear regression.

The logistic regression analysis showed that of the seven reflux variables only hiatal hernia predicted oesophageal mucosal status.


Artillery, Engineer, and Signals regiments, and its logistic corps, were tailored to support them.

As McClellan constantly stresses, the interpretation of logistic information is crucial to its proper use.

Effective transport and logistic systems are crucial for delivering drugs, vaccines and supplies, supervising staff and generally supporting health services.

Great care must be exercised in deciding whether or not data fits a logistic curve.

However, logistic problems and slotting practice have made this ideal difficult to achieve.

Two other logistic problems are discussed by McClellan.

With hindsight it was a remarkable logistic achievement.

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