Meaning of LOGISTIC in English


I. lōˈjistik, ləˈ-, -tēk adjective

or lo·gis·ti·cal -tə̇kəl, -tēk-

Etymology: logistic probably from French logistique, from Medieval Latin & Late Latin; Medieval Latin logisticus rational, from Late Latin, of computation, from Greek logistikos calculatory, rational, from logistēs calculator, reasoner (from logizein to calculate, from logos word, reason, account + -izein -ize) + ikos -ic; logistical from Medieval Latin logistic us + -al — more at legend

1. : of or relating to logic or logicism

2. : of or relating to logistic or logistics

3. : of, represented by, or relating to a logistic curve

• lo·gis·ti·cal·ly -tə̇k(ə)lē adverb

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: French logistique, from Greek logistikē, from feminine of logistikos

1. : the science or art of calculating especially arithmetically


a. : algebra 2

b. : symbolic logic

3. : logistic curve

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