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a lunar eclipse ( also an eclipse of the Moon ) (= one in which the Moon is hidden behind the Sun )

If it's cloudy, it may not be possible to see the lunar eclipse.

lunar month

the lunar/solar cycle (= relating to the moon or the sun )

the 28-day lunar cycle




As noted earlier, oxygen can in principle be recycled efficiently within a lunar base .

Like a new lunar base , a baby must first master at least the arts of breathing and eating.

The high-temperature electrolysis scheme that we explored in connection with a lunar base can separate carbon dioxide into oxygen and carbon monoxide.

An oversimplified but instructive point can be made by considering the fate of carbohydrates transported to the lunar base from Earth.

For these reasons, many engineers and mission planners have favored the use of nuclear power for the lunar base .

This would substantially defray the cost of operating a lunar base .

If ice is available at the site of the lunar base , then the situation is dramatically different.

In other respects, the lunar poles are not an attractive site for the lunar base .


All of the various topographic features observed in lunar craters indicates their impact origin.

Long before spacecraft missions first explored the Moon, speculation on the origin of the lunar craters abounded.

They differ from corresponding lunar craters by having no central peaks and by having rather smooth rims.

I would recommend them only for the casual observer who wants little apart from views of lunar craters .


It shows the moon's state every day of the year, as well as solar and lunar eclipses .

Sept. 26: Second lunar eclipse .

However, the recent lunar eclipse and Mercury in retrograde motion signify the financial position is much too uncertain.

Solar and lunar eclipses , however, occurred far too rarely to provide any meaningful aid to navigation.

You can also plot comets and minor planets as well as predict solar and lunar eclipses .

It is a clear day, which should be ideal for watching the lunar eclipse that is expected tonight.


But the pictures sent by Mariner 4 showed a starkly lunar landscape .

Where once this corner of the island was swaddled in green, a lunar landscape now stands.


The Earth then captures lunar material .

There has been no mention of any way to profit from the use of lunar material .

Various rocks show evidence that the lunar material has been melted, squirted out from volcanoes, and crushed by meteorite impacts.

They therefore are also very efficient at releasing all the trapped solar-wind gases in the lunar material .

Alternatively, arrays of solar cells may be made on the Moon out of lunar materials and only the power exported.

This is almost certainly the first practical use of lunar materials to be attempted.

Failing that, export of lunar materials will not make economic sense.

The largest portion of our present knowledge comes from the study of returned lunar materials in laboratories on Earth.


Grumman had installed them on the lunar module assuming that the astronauts would wish to use them.

The Alvin is the lunar module of deep-sea exploration.

About three days later the command, service and lunar module combination arrived at the Moon.

Apollo 8 was scheduled to be the first Earth-orbital test of the lunar module .

It was always thought that the lunar module would essentially be a skin wrapped round the tanks and equipment needed.

The same problem arose later when the crew had transferred over to the lunar module .

Unfortunately the filters used in the command module were the wrong shape to fit into the lunar module.

Apollo 10 took a lunar module along as well and flew it to within nine miles of the surface.


By the time you are thirty, an entire lunar month later.

The days passed quickly toward the end of the eighth lunar month .

The nineteen-year cycle depends on the discovery that nineteen solar years are very nearly equal to 235 lunar months .

More probably it was to do with each member representing one of the lunar months of the year.

They found that 309 lunar months were almost equal to twenty-five civil years.


The lunar regolith is found covering the whole of the Moon's surface, aside from steep crater and valley walls.

Another uses hydrofluoric acid to release oxygen from unprocessed lunar regolith .

Agglutinates greatly complicate the business of extracting useful materials from mature lunar regolith .

This is a feat of mythic proportions, comparable to extracting gold from sea water-or helium-3 from the lunar regolith .

Kulcinski argues that the solar wind has implanted great quantities of hydrogen and helium into the lunar regolith .


Hardly any lunar rocks are younger than three billion years.

In general, lunar rocks differ from terrestrial rocks in that the Moon contains much lower concentrations of easily vaporized elements.

Schemes for extracting oxygen from lunar rocks usually feature melting or chemically destroying the principal minerals in the rocks and regolith.

None the less, it is good to keep in mind that very few geochemists expect water to be found in lunar rocks .


Astronauts discovered that finding their way about on the lunar surface was often harder then they expected.

The most obvious source of the necessary electrical energy would be solar panels set out on the lunar surface .

Despite being obviously different in weight they struck the lunar surface together.

Such a transportation system will exert a constant demand for fuel both at the space station and on the lunar surface .

Standing in bright sunlight on the lunar surface would be extremely hot.

Sufficiently large impacts can hurl crater ejecta to any point on the lunar surface .

In only one case was a sample obtained from a large lump of rock, these being scarce on the lunar surface .

Unfortunately, water remains unknown in materials returned from the lunar surface .


the lunar landscape


About three days later the command, service and lunar module combination arrived at the Moon.

An oversimplified but instructive point can be made by considering the fate of carbohydrates transported to the lunar base from Earth.

Figure 6.3 is about the best that can be done with the lunar data at present.

His longtime sailboat, named Apogee in honor of his lunar Apollo flight, is for sale.

In order to separate a lunar effect the team looked at the lunar day, the position of the Moon.

The answer is C acceleration. as far away as and four times the lunar mass.

The prospect of servicing and repairing such equipment under lunar conditions is simply frightening.

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