Meaning of LUNAR in English


ˈlünə(r), -ˌnär, -ˌnȧ(r adjective

Etymology: Latin lunaris, from luna moon + -aris -ar; akin to Old Slavic luna moon, Middle Irish lūan moon, Latin lucēre to shine — more at light


a. : of, taking place on, or relating to the moon

lunar craters

a direct lunar hit — Edwin Diamond

: resembling the surface of the moon

the odd lunar landscape of the great glacier — John Hunt

his imagery is cold and lunar , shadows on sand — Kathleen Raine

b. : orbed , crescent , lunate

who grasps the struggling heifer's lunar horns — Alexander Pope

c. : measured by the moon's revolutions

lunar month


[ luna (I) + -ar ]

: relating to or containing silver

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