Meaning of MAIN in English

I. adjective


a main road (= an important road that is used a lot )

The main road was blocked for twenty-five minutes.

a main/biggest/greatest enemy

Terrorism is our country’s main enemy.

battery-powered/nuclear-powered/mains powered

a nuclear-powered submarine

big/major/main etc polluter

a list of Canada’s worst polluters

leading/main/major proponent

Dr George is one of the leading proponents of this view.

main clause

main course

What are you going to have for your main course?

main dish (= the biggest part of a meal )

This soup is substantial enough to serve as a main dish .

main drag

the restaurants that line the main drag

main line

the main line to Moscow

main protagonists

the main protagonists in the conflict

main road

We live just off the main road.

Main Street

The President’s new proposals won’t go down too well on Main Street.

main thesis

Their main thesis was that the rise in earnings was due to improvements in education.

main thoroughfare

The motel was off the main thoroughfare .

main thrust

the main thrust of the government’s education policy

main/chief/central etc preoccupation

Their main preoccupation was how to feed their families.

main/head office (= the most important office )

The head office is in Edinburgh.

main/market/town square

The hotel is just off the main square of Sorrento.

main/passenger/car etc deck

a staircase leading to the passenger deck

mains electricity British English (= electricity supplied to a building from the national electricity supply )

The cottage has no mains electricity.

sb's first/main task

Their first task was to rebuild the wall.

sb's main/biggest concern

My main concern is my children.

sb's main/chief competitor

The company's main competitor is Vodaphone.

sb's main/chief opponent

Who was her main opponent for the presidential nomination?

sb's main/chief rival

Who is the champion's main rival?

sb’s main ambition

What’s your main ambition in life?

sb’s main/biggest worry

My biggest worry is that I might make a fool of myself.

sb’s main/primary goal

My main goal was to get the team to the finals.

The primary goal of the 1917 Revolution was to seize and redistribute the wealth of the Russian empire.

the keynote/main speaker (= the most important speaker )

the keynote speaker at the seminar, Dr Paul Messina

the main attraction

The lovely countryside is obviously the main attraction for visitors.

the main category

This is the main category of patients.

There are two main categories of university fees.

the main characteristic of sth

A new interest in art was one of the main characteristics of this period.

the main criterion

You need to decide on your main criteria before you buy a house.

the main culprit

High production costs are the main culprit .

the main disadvantage

The main disadvantage of iron as a material is its weight.

the main door (= the door into a building that most people use )

The main door to the hotel is on Queen Street.

the main element (= most important )

The reform programme has three main elements.

the main emphasis

The main emphasis must be on quality, not quantity.

the main entrance

She found a parking space close to the hospital's main entrance.

the main feature

The main feature of the square is the Gothic cathedral.

the main focus

The main focus of our attention will be on providing an efficient service.

the main gate (= where most people go in )

Soldiers were guarding the main gate.

the main incentive

What is the main incentive for people to join the army?

the main ingredient

The main ingredient of the sauce is tomatoes.

the main meal

They had their main meal at lunch time.

the main motive

The main motive for the killings seemed to be revenge.

the main objection

One of the main objections was that classes were being taught by untrained staff.

the main point

Finally, I will summarise the main points of this chapter.

the main problem

The main problem for the climbers was lack of sleep.

the main reason

The main reason for the decline in the railways is lack of investment.

the main recommendation

One of the main recommendations in the report is more parental involvement in education.

the main street (= the biggest street in a town or village )

They drove slowly along the main street.

the main target

The rebel-held town is one of the main targets for U S troops.

the main topic

The main topics covered are finance, health and leisure.

the main type

Methane is the main type of gas produced.

the main verb

If a sentence does not have a main verb, it is not a full sentence.

the main/biggest/greatest etc obstacle

The biggest obstacle to women's equality was social expectations of male and female roles.

the main/central/dominant theme

The main theme of the book is the importance of honesty.

the main/central/leading character

Alec is the central character in the play.

the main/chief opponent

one of the new law's main opponents

the main/chief/principal guest

The Prime Minister was one of the main guests at the event.

the main/master bedroom (= the biggest bedroom in a house )

The master bedroom has a view of the sea.

the main/primary cause of sth

Smoking is the main cause of lung disease.

the main/primary purpose

The main purpose of our trip to Arran was to see golden eagles.

the main/primary source

It started as a hobby, but now it is his main source of income.

the main/primary/principal aim

The country’s main aim was to slow inflation.

the main/principal objective

This research project has three main objectives.

the mains switch (= one that controls the supply of electricity to a house )

The mains switch is located inside a cupboard near the front door.

the major/main/principal export

Agricultural products are the country’s principal exports.

the prime/chief/main suspect

She didn’t realise he was the prime suspect in a murder case.

the top/main/number one priority

Controlling spending is his top priority.

water main

a burst water main




The chapter's main aim is to examine the nature of that crossroads and how best to analyse it.

The main aim of this chapter is to provide you with a grasp of political economy.

There are four main aims of a zoo.

The main aim of these reforms was not to meet need precisely and in a neat, targeted form.

Both were marauding, tribal war-leaders whose main aim was to bring military glory to themselves and their followers.

Our main aim is to help promote a competitive and efficient labour market.

For the main aim of the project is to create an interesting and relevant scenario for their National Curriculum studies.


The first-year course provides students with an introduction to the main areas of contemporary experimental psychology.

Three main areas of cultural failure appeared, refusing to be corrected by my merely being on the street.

The main area , still submerged, was contoured under water-all for rice fields that were no longer needed.

Suggest this is the main area .

Where are the main areas for early strawberries?

Petrey outlines the main areas of disagreement and suggests an explanation for the differences between the two schools.


Shutlingsloe is just one of the numerous miniature mountain gems in Britain where quality, not quantity is the main attraction .

Country &038; western band Borrowed Money and party favors are the main attractions .

The main attraction is one easier-to-use control system taking up less cab space.

One of the main attractions of the scheme is its simplicity.

Undoubtedly, the story itself is one of the main attractions .

Southsea was the main attraction but Latimer Road contributed to drawing away the London skaters.

Its main attractions are the optimal utilisation of permanent grassland and the control of internal parasitism without resort to therapy.


And the trouble with names extends to quotations in the main body of the text.

A main body with a small monitor sitting above the main workings of the machine, all encased in plastic.

Parts were easy to replace and the chassis and main body built to withstand mileage.

They were visibly anxious to rejoin the main body of men back on the Bowery.

Although parts were scattered over the surrounding fields, the main body of the plane had landed in one piece.

Crews had yet to recover the main body of the plane and the engine.

The main body spots are grouped in rosettes.

Just a ledge of sand jutting out from the main body of the island.


To summarize, broadly speaking there are three main categories of such patients. 1.

The programs available at present fall into four main categories , as outlined below.

These fall into six main categories , information on the first five of which may be disclosed by the Bank.

The main categories of change, and the processes through which they work are set out in Figure 2.5.

The six main categories are discussed below.

There are two main categories of segmentation criteria.


Although rates of mortality differ between men and women the main causes of mortality do not.

Firearms, car accidents and falls are the main causes .

The death of your guppies could stem from two main causes - a duff batch or, more seriously, Guppy Disease.

Solar changes were the main cause from 1750 to 1850, but the greenhouse effect has been dominant in recent decades.

Most climate scientists now agree that human activity is the main cause of global warming.

There were two main causes of resentment.

The country's dependence on motor vehicles appears to be the main cause .


The main character has to be played by somebody who has, to a great extent, worked in reaction.

The main characters are virtuous people, contending with afflictions throughout the play, but finally rewarded with happiness.

The acquaintance is shocked, asks what could have happened to bring about this change, so the main character explains.

Of course, all of this is arranged by the main character .

The four main characters come from a mining community, but they've left it behind.

To carry emotional moments, Miller pumps up the treacly soundtrack, lending it the importance of a main character .

The main character in the incident he relates is a black man.

The main character in the drama was full of contradictions.


What are their main concerns and how can you best meet them?

Her main concern was grammar, diagramming sentences, that sort of thing.

Male speaker Our main concern is about quality of care.

The Staples people are entrepreneurs whose main concern is opposing taxes.

That was strange but my main concern now was how to get to her, since she obviously wanted me.

What were their main concerns , difficulties and problems?

The main concern of Rawls's later work is to argue that this in itself should not undermine the liberal project.

But the main concern of these works is to inhibit legal deviance rather than to encourage legal competence - whatever that may be.


Breakfast is a buffet, and guests are offered a choice of main course at dinner.

The cooks must make a soup, two main courses , at least one of them vegetarian, and two desserts.

No one said a word until the waiters wheeled in the centrepiece of the main course .

Typically, 2 birds are required per person for a main course and 1 bird per person for a salad course.

Breakfast is a buffet, dinner is three courses with a choice of main course and a salad buffet.

You will be hard pressed to choose a single main course because so many are mouth-watering.

Breakfast is buffet style and dinner three courses with a choice of main course.

If you are electing to have fish as your main course , bravo!


The main difference has been time spent on a tractor seat, however.

The main difference is that men do not blame themselves for their ambivalence toward parenthood.

It is the supervision by the court that is the main difference between a compulsory winding up and voluntary winding up.

The main difference is that before we made quality of life enforcement a high priority.

The main differences are the gauge and the number of extras that come with the machine.

The main difference is that commas are more formal than dashes.

It is important to understand the main differences between appeal and review.

The main difference is that you wouldn't see any children through the day.


The balcony above the main door has figures of miners on either side.

Two girl-sized statues of angels holding fonts of holy water stood by the main door .

The wicket in the main doors was still unlocked then, after they brought the horses back after the flood.

The stone steps to the main door were chipped, crumbling, and dangerous for old people and toddlers.

He glanced at the main door .

Weatherstrip your main doors and you should stop that.

He ran out through the main doors and looked to his right and left.

I arrived a few minutes early, and found the main door locked.


In peace and war, the Union Flag has fluttered above the main entrance .

The two of us headed toward the main entrance without saying much.

This prime site is adjacent to the dual carriageway at the main entrance to the port.

Koi swim in a pond just inside the main entrance .

The tramway carried sacks of grain directly to the mill's main entrance .

It can only be reached by bus from the main entrance of the complex.

On the pediment of the main entrance , the gold hands of the blue-painted clock moved towards the hour.

First, they were shooed away from the main entrance .


There are two main factors underlying this change in the nature of the population distribution: decreased mortality and reduced fertility.

Needham believes that the overly low assessment was caused by two main factors .

There seem to be three main factors affecting overall gradient: 1.

The main factor which takes most holidaymakers abroad is undoubtedly the better weather.

The main factor for a road is public access, but where to draw the line causes difficulty.

Price is now the main factor differentiating competing brands.

There are five main factors which determine the structure of any industry.

The second main factor is marital breakdown.


The main features marking the presence of a poltergeist are moving objects, electrical high jinks, or mysterious noises.

Seen in those terms, three main features of the period were media concentration, conglomeration and internationalization.

The system of management by a Trustee was the main feature of the bill.

Since this type of parser is well documented, I will simply outline its main features .

One of their main features is the heavy betting, often into four figures.

Choose a moderately extensive table from a government publication and summarize its main features in, say, 700-800 words.

For Young and Willmott, the symmetrical family has three main features .

Nicholas had shown a preparedness to use diplomatic means which was to be the main feature of his conduct of international relations.


Thus the contradiction of stable industrial relations, low productivity and poor management constitutes the main focus of the study.

A full discussion of democracy takes us far away from the main focus of this work.

This is the main focus of attention in this chapter.

The use of public funds to clean up the jusen mess will be the main focus of the session.

The main focus of the project was a qualitative study of what helped adults cope on these courses.

The main focus of attention is the library.

The main focus of the campaign is a national one.

Its main focus is foreign languages: teaching, learning, research and policy.


Identify the main functions of the syndicate leader. 5.

Its main function was teaching, through evening classes.

Describe the five main functions of money. 3.

Its main function , however, appears to be to present a better image of Sri Lanka to the outside world.

The main function of scholarship surely lies in keeping alive the wonderful minds, works of art and thought of earlier generations.

Its main function , however, is to ensure that the system rids itself of unwanted air.

The main function of civil service participation in the work of the Cabinet and its committees is to work out interdepartmental compromises.

In fact singing seems to serve two main functions in birds: defending territory, and attracting and stimulating females to mate.


Faintly disappointed, she emptied her lungs and resumed the walk which would bring her to the main gate .

Two months after I had driven through the main gates , I finally got to the flight line.

They were also concerned about security around the main gate .

Once inside the main gate you could see how hard the designers were working to make it neat.

A black van reversed through the shattered remains of the main gate and the back doors were thrown open.

Show time is 7: 30 p. m. in Centennial Hall, located inside the main gate east of Park Avenue.

The ride begins at 10.30am outside the main gates to Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre.

C., anti-Semitic graffiti were spray-painted on the main gate and on a residence hall.


What are the main issues in professional higher education?

One of the main issues today is the future of young people.

Throughout the campaign we asked what people thought were the main issues being stressed by each of the parties.

The main issue , they say, is safety.

There are two main issues in the study of the Middle Pleistocene sequence.

The discussions were centered squarely on the main issues of the day as seen in the two capitals.

It is true that some opponents of the Government saw rearmament as the main issue - notably Churchill.

But the main issue is that it extends the sentencing options available if the defendant is convicted.


Electrification continued apace during the decade with the major investment on the East Coast main line and in East Anglia.

On the main line , the remorseless reduction in fleet sizes resulted in Mark 3 vehicles steadily being more predominant.

He outlined three main lines of supporting evidence.

The Great Central is Britain's only preserved main line railway.

It often consisted both of a main line and of branch families.

Look carefully for single wires leading off the main lines and running across the fields to individual cottages.

It would allow international trains to run directly into the key main lines beyond London.


A relaxed regime of visiting the lavatory after each main meal and at bedtime is established with the parents keeping a record.

Wynnster Outdoor Cuisine Design: a range of nine main meals .

It usually covers the cost of accommodation, breakfast, a main meal and return taxi fare from airport to hotel.

Annabel Hogan was wondering whether to change the main meal of the day to the evening.

Half-board - Accommodation, breakfast and one main meal , either luncheon or dinner.

The main meal is often followed by something sweet.

The main meal of the day may be eaten at lunch time or in the evening, according to your normal habit.

Try to stick to the suggested menu and have your main meal at lunchtime.


It is to help us reach our organization's main objectives .

It was then to carry out a landing on Attu, its main objective , 12 June, N plus 5.

Its main objective is to make curricula more skill-based and student centred.

Your main objective should be to sail as close to the wind as possible whilst maintaining speed.

I shall set out what I see as the main objectives and the minefields that lie ahead.

Mittleholzer says bluntly, ` the local papers were of no interest to me so far as my main objective was concerned.

The main objective , however, is to knock the ball into the opposing goal.


The main office door to their right was emblazoned with the logo: Stasis Computers, and it was open.

The main office gradually returned to a semblance of normality.

Over 600 people work for MI6 in its main office .

For those, you have to traipse off to the main offices .

The main offices of government were based at the Lateran by Innocent's time.

The two men rose and went through the minister's anteroom into his main office .

Patrick Kelly was in his main offices in Barking.


It is also true that the two main Opposition parties have energy policies which are flatly contradicted by their environmental policies.

Mr Ochirbat was immediately snapped up by the main opposition parties as their joint candidate.

The main opposition parties boycotted the presidential election.

The four main opposition parties announced on June 30 that they had formed the National Democratic Front to co-ordinate their election campaign.


It falls into five main parts supplemented by seven schedules.

For the main part of the Nagumo Force, however, Combined Fleet had other ideas.

In the main part of the building the paintings are hung on the first and second floors.

As you wind up the discussion, ask them to tell you how many main parts there are to your parachute drawing.

It helps if one of the larger newspapers makes the main part around the head.

In the main part of the research the relationships between these organisations are analysed by means of a large number of open ended interviews.

She ran through the gate leading into the main part of the Park.

Most of these studios have beautiful sea views, and are situated in the main part of the Manor house.


There is constant negotiation between the whips of the main parties over the use of parliamentary time.

But skeptics predicted that an anti-Le Pen union would soon fall victim to rivalry between the main parties .

He was responsible to the Politburo, the main party committee which decided all major issues of policy.

Visitors from the three main parties will be attending the school today.

What makes the situation in Britain today so worrying is that the leaders of both main parties agree on virtually everything.

The two main parties are still neck and neck, pointing to a hung Parliament.

Unless the two main parties can agree on a successor a contest seems inevitable.

When it comes to third world development the Bishop says he gives each of the three main parties two cheers.


It is this paradox, according to Brooks, that is the main point of the poem.

Generally, follow these rules: Letters and memos: List the main points for the entire document.

Reports and proposals of 2-5 pages: List the main points for the entire document.

The main point is that we can do nothing to change matters.

The main point of contention now is not whether, but how long a scaled-down force should remain.

The main points of debate at the meeting are covered below.


The task of drawing out the main points from the mass of data takes considerable practice and is time consuming.

Generally, follow these rules: Letters and memos: List the main points for the entire document.

It seems appropriate to emphasise four main points when summarising the above discussion: 5.

Reports and proposals of 2-5 pages: List the main points for the entire document.

Then, list the main points for each section.

In order to summarise a lecture you need to listen carefully to the lecturer and record the main points as they are made.


The Robins' main problem , is a long list of injuries.

There are two main problems with fast-track projects: design changes and cost overruns.

There have been two main problems .

The two main problems of pie making on this scale are finance and public health.

But the main problem goes deeper and will take longer to solve.

With over 30 million subscribers, the main problem is finding a username you might want.

The main problem was that the missile launchers were often mobile, moving from site to site.

The main problem with the simple yield to maturity, though, is that it does not take into account compound interest.


But one main purpose , protecting the small investor, barely arises with debt securities.

The main purpose of Levin's article, however, is to reclaim Debord for the aesthetic discourse of avant-garde cinema.

The main purpose of reviving the Council was to co-ordinate the republics' independence strategies.

The main purpose of the pro-am has nothing to do with golf.

The main purpose of these beacons is: 1.

You need to jot down the main purpose , headings, ideas ... then build your structure before you begin.


In most cases, lack of flexibility is one of the main reasons for this problem during the backswing.

The main reason for this growth was that Congress no longer trusted the executive branch to provide it with accurate information.

There are three main reasons for taking care of an elderly person.

The program was the main reason for the lending decline in 1994, he said.

There is little justification in using weights derived from individually based analyses in a regional formula for two main reasons .

There are two main reasons why these unemployed workers do not find jobs immediately.

Even though political influence was not chosen as the main reason , both countries take it seriously.

One of the main reasons why new halfpennies went out of use was that too many were lost.


Swapo and its main rival , the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance, have accused each other of violent intimidation during the campaign.

Harkin nevertheless won all of the state's delegates since none of his four main rivals reached 15 percent.

His main rival has been tuning up on Burford golf course.

Stockton, a game in hand, emerged as Wearside's main rivals .

The parliament chairman, Ruslan Khasbulatov, Mr Yeltsin's main rival , denied the assembly was concentrating power in its hands.

Mr Jereissati's main rival so far is Jose Serra, the health minister.

His main rival at the Express was another young rising star, Kelvin Mackenzie, who handled news.


The present Holy Trinity church was consecrated in 1845 on a site on the main road and beside an already established village.

We had been coming on to the main road at about five miles an hour when three men had blocked our exit.

Across the main road is the Palácio de São Lourenço.

He hurried on, sighting Clare and Underwood in the distance just turning off the main road up the hill.

Illetas, off the main road between La Sabina and Es Pujols, is possibly the most popular.

All you had to do was drive off the ferry, find the main road , and drive straight to Dublin.

Beyond the defended area, there are far fewer side-streets and lanes and occupation was concentrated along the main road frontages.

Detectives say some one on the main road most have seen the rope being tied in place at about 8.30 p.m. last night.


Our main source of entertainment was the cinema.

Their main source of income came from doughnuts.

The rewards of motherhood made it her main source of self-esteem and satisfaction.

The three main sources of short-term financing are trade credit, short-term commercial bank loans, and commercial paper.

Pearls Of the two main sources of pearls those from marine molluscs have always been preferred to those from freshwater.

The Yahgans used canoes to hunt marine creatures, their main source of food.

Along with social and economic instability, they are among the main sources of crisis, loss of life and human misery.


Then he hurried away towards the main square .

The Handbook suggested a Ricardo Quispe Mamani who also had a small restaurant on the main square .

Participants said the city's main square was filled to capacity.

The main square holds the three buildings of importance.

It's across the main square in the town centre.

In many towns and villages the local population gathers round the main square , or church.

To park the bikes we had to strike a deal with the children in the main square .

The mayor of Bucharest on Aug. 28 declared an indefinite ban on all meetings and demonstrations in central Bucharest's main squares .


He had the choice of half-a-dozen alleys which led off the main street and climbed to the terraces.

We turned off the main street into a narrow, shaded alley.

Ahead the lights of the main streets beckoned.

The last time that happened was in 1950, when Manvel's main street stood a foot deep in water.

In the main street he paused for a rest.

The road begins to wind downward; they are now passing along the main street .

There is a stroll up the long main street as far as the last houses of the village.

Couples were drifting down the side streets and back on to the main street toward the cars.


Their main task seemed to be to inspect the landing grounds that extended across the route from Baghdad to Damascus.

If Yeltsin wins, he has two main tasks .

Make a list of main tasks .

Bringing that down will be one of the main tasks facing the new government.

Still much to do, but main task done.

He highlighted the reduction of inflation and the stimulation of economic growth as its two main tasks .

Why would this help with the microcode's main task , of decoding and executing machine instructions?

But the cat has only had one main task throughout its long history of domestication and that is vermin-killing.


I shall build up to this point using a specific example which is the other main theme of this chapter.

The main theme is that the duties and responsibilities of each person in the organization are unambiguously defined.

The booklet was divided into the four main themes identified above.

After providing a brief overview of the chronology of urban unrest during the 1980s, the chapter concentrates on two main themes .

It is remarkable how this interest extends even to topics which do not seem related to the main themes of his studies.

There are many continuing themes in this novel and in my opinion the main theme is that of contentment.

In this talk I want to explore two main themes .

The legends are consistent in widely separate places and give a good cross-section of the main themes .


Still it was appreciated and thats the main thing .

The main thing we export is food.

As for the LeBaron, the main thing in its favour was that the roof came off.

The main thing is the head.

Tic main things to are how to a phrase, how to search on multiple, and how to exclude certain words.

Learning about the place or even being there is not the main thing .

Yes... yes, that's the main thing , I have you.

That was the main thing , there was very little money, so we charged everything.


The main thrust of the operation has not been internalised or understood.

This is currently the main thrust of new thinking about Bach.

The main thrust of the President's speech was an effort to appease the white right wing.

That is the main thrust of the vision.

Nevertheless, supply-side doctrine provided a theoretical underpinning for the main thrust of his economic strategy.

The move away from project loans and towards structural adjustment loans in the 1980s does not diminish the main thrust of this argument.

It was decided that the main thrust of the research should be in the domain of economic and political socialisation during adolescence.

The main thrust of Mr. Lester's submissions for the defendants has never previously been considered in the context of libel.


The main types of services likely to be offered are described below.

Here he outlines a division into four main types that correspond to those of Longobardi as supplemented by Sainte-Marie.

To elaborate a little further, it is useful to examine each of the main types of subdivisions, as follows. 1.

Two main types of weight-loss surgery are performed these days.

There are three main types of audit.

In the case of such groups there are, I think, three main types of relation to practical politics.

There are three main types of prevention, known as primary, secondary and tertiary.

It is possible to identify three main types of historical writing - descriptive, narrative and analytical.


an eye for/on/to the main chance

sb's (main) squeeze

the main drag

Our hotel is right on the main drag .

We went into this restaurant called Cooter's, right there on the main drag .

Eventually he turned off the main drag into the sidestreets and from there it was only minutes before he reached Hesper Mews.

He turns off the main drag .

He went south toward Calle Ocho, the main drag of Little Havana.

Our hotel, the four-star Elea Beach, stands off the main drag at the end of a quiet lane.

the main drag

Eventually he turned off the main drag into the sidestreets and from there it was only minutes before he reached Hesper Mews.

He turns off the main drag.

He went south toward Calle Ocho, the main drag of Little Havana.

Our hotel, the four-star Elea Beach, stands off the main drag at the end of a quiet lane.


Ben's main problem was lack of money.

Gigi will be working the main cash register.

I think the next main road is where we have to turn left.

Our main concern was "What did we do wrong?"

The main reason kids don't get vaccinated is that parents don't realize how important it is.

We walked up the stairs to the main entrance of the building.

Well, that's the main reason I was calling.

You should clearly state your main idea at the beginning of the essay.


After a week of work, he managed to build the main logic board.

Consumer Research and Electronic Commerce Evaluating customer preference is the main uncertainty facing application designers.

It's possible that he tiptoed down the passage and came in by the main door.

My grandparents' village was a small place off the main road, away from busy roads and with no mains services.

The main reason for this change is money, and the consequent pressure on hospital beds.

The study came up with two main conclusions.

This chapter provides a brief summary of the main findings of the initial destinations survey.

Unusual numbers of dead holly trees with senescent branches or main trunks; 2.

II. noun




Building London's ring water main is not a job for the fainthearted.

According to Culver, water mains in Baltimore and in most older, large metro areas are loaded with metal filings.

A water main froze and broke in the neighborhood, and the streets have been flooded for two days.


A broken water main flooded the building's garage.


Building London's ring water main is not a job for the fainthearted.

But in the main , he found that a man must hammer out his theology alone.

Heberle confirms the mains will be buried between 36 inches and 44 inches deep.

I think that, in the main , they are.

They feed, in the main , on flowering plants, themselves evolved from ancestors without flowers.

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