Meaning of MAXIMUM in English


I. adjective


a maximum security prison

He was sent to a maximum security prison where prisoners are kept in their cells almost 23 hours a day.

a maximum/minimum length

This species of fish can reach a maximum length of 12 inches.

a maximum/minimum term

The maximum term was life imprisonment.

a top/maximum speed (= the highest possible )

The car has a top speed of 132 mph.

maximum efficiency (= the most that is possible )

The boat's design helps it to move with maximum efficiency.

maximum publicity

Throughout the strike, the workers achieved maximum publicity for their demands.

the maximum penalty

The maximum penalty for the offence is now three years’ imprisonment.

the maximum punishment

The charge against him carries a maximum punishment of a year in jail.

the maximum sentence (= the most that can be given for a particular crime )

The maximum sentence for this offence is five years.




Central and local government compete for maximum advantage and possess different resources.

We must ensure that each deal is completed to our client's maximum advantage .

It will, in that sense, be using the existing form of uneven development to its maximum advantage .

It was as if they had left it as late as possible to take maximum advantage of credit.


This will show the maximum amount you can borrow, and over how long you can repay the loan.

There is in fact an optimum height for airbursts, at which they devastate the maximum amount of area on the surface.

The maximum amount for a protected deposit was increased to £20,000.

The maximum amount of water that can be excreted per day is enormous.

At the local level, too, there were calls for the maximum amount of latitude in self-administration.

A firm may sign a deal with a bank that establishes a maximum amount the firm can borrow as needed.

This ensures that the maximum amount of pitch is available for landing.

But the maximum amount that can be invested is £18 a month.


Also available is an Income Protection Plan with a maximum benefit of £6,000 a month.

Study these carefully to ensure you gain maximum benefit from every interview you attend.

What it will do is indicate areas where the maximum benefit will be obtained from the use of the resources available.

This is the only way to get maximum benefit from the promising new AIDS-virus treatments.

Practise it slowly for maximum benefit and to safeguard your back.

For example, the maximum benefit for a 65-year-old this year is $ 1, 199 a month.

The maximum benefit will be 80% or the charge.

So, people who qualify for maximum benefit will still have to pay one fifth of the Community Charge.


As a consequence, undergraduate teaching laboratories operated close to maximum capacity throughout the year.

The maximum capacity for students in the girls' physical education locker room is 30.


Once in the water the diving followed a tortuous corkscrewing route reaching a maximum depth of 34.5 metres.

The dive log screen displays maximum depth , dive time and surface interval for the last ten dives.

A bar graph shows present depth and maximum depth reached.

It displays maximum depth and elapsed dive time.

Some fixed lens cameras have a maximum and minimum focus, and might restrict the maximum depth you can dive to.

It is therefore particularly suitable for estimating maximum temperature exposure or maximum depth of burial.

With a maximum depth of 50 m and little opportunity for wind-stirring, the lake waters are strongly layered.


Large curls stacked high on the crown for maximum effect Sweetly sophisticated small top knot sits forward from the crown.

You have achieved the maximum effect with this exercise.

They detonated from a distance and timed it to make sure they would get the maximum effect .

We will spend informal days in the field when Peter will encourage us to use our sketchbooks to maximum effect .

You can combine these two tricks for maximum effect .

Just add a little black dress to show the necklace off to maximum effect .

The inner chambers are aligned in such a way as to channel certain earth currents to maximum effect .


Holding your breath builds up tension and shallow breathing denies your body the oxygen it needs to function at maximum efficiency .

We must act with maximum efficiency , individually and collectively, in our neighborhoods as readily as in our international affairs.

If several powerheads are being used, they should all be of the same make and power rating to provide maximum efficiency .

On the one hand military action must be pursued with maximum efficiency , defined by military criteria.

Then there is the problem of maximum efficiency .

Once you have a universal message, a doctrine of appropriate maximum efficiency , everyone listens.


In addition, a maximum fine of £1000 may be imposed on the defendant.

In Oregon, removal of a roadkill can carry a maximum fine of $ 2, 500 and a year in jail.

The board also urged the courts to impose the maximum fines on bum landlords.

The charge carries a maximum fine of six months in prison and $ 50, 000.


These lights should be independently switched from any pendant lights for maximum flexibility .

This system allows for maximum flexibility , including interactive multimedia connections that allow each consumer to choose his or her own programs.

On the other hand the thesis allows maximum flexibility in determining the scope of authority.

It preserves maximum flexibility to respond to changing circumstances.

Course Material: To allow maximum flexibility , all pupils follow the same basic course, though at different rates.

The seamless integration of office, retail and hotel environments provides tenants and guests with maximum flexibility and enjoyment at one address.

So boldly mix mod with trad for eyecatching results and maximum flexibility .

Each unit has kitchen and toilet facilities, together with lighting, heating and three-compartment skirting trucking for maximum flexibility .


These reach a maximum height in the north-east, at the top of Pico Branco.

There is also a maximum height for causing any devastation on the ground.

The amplitude of the curve is its maximum height above its average level.

Thus the maximum height to which ripples can develop is limited.

The maximum height thought to have been reached during this period is 2,000m.

By Michael at Paul Nath Sleek, high gloss finish achieved with maximum height .

Is there a maximum height of working above which your policy does not operate?


Double-deckers were used for the maximum impact , including the historic Dreadnought, in 1964.

Their large stainless-steel cases are designed for maximum impact and fire resistance.

Some books are encountered too late, after the period when they would have had maximum impact .

All the resolution needed for maximum impact , I thought, was to have its sharp working-class rhetoric muted.

They in turn work closely with local authorities and other organisations to ensure maximum impact .

No one interest can have maximum impact on government policies if it campaigns alone.

To get maximum impact , break up the messages and the format.


Minimum length is one character and maximum length is 52 characters.

The maximum length of stay is seven days; reservations must be requested no earlier than 30 days before travel.

Action: The maximum length of any line which can be used in a module header is 255 characters.

Unless otherwise specified, all fields have a maximum length of 20 characters, including colons, square brackets, etc.

There is a £3.50 entry fee per manuscript and a maximum length of 2,500 words.

The shadows of the stones stretched to their maximum length , while the sun seemed to rest on the horizon.

For short stories, there is a maximum length of 2,500 words.

For a magazine-style non-fiction article the maximum length is 1,000 words.


Can you tell me what is the maximum level of capital she is allowed to be eligible for this benefit?

Regular servicing ensures vehicles operate at their maximum levels of efficiency and safety.

The maximum level of all fines will increase when the Criminal Justice Act 1991 takes effect in October.

Carbon monoxide and ash from fires reach maximum levels of twice the federal standard.

These ages correlate with the period when Lakes Turkana and Suguta reached maximum levels on the flanks of the Barrier volcano.

This introduced maximum levels of various indicator bacteria which are legally allowed at the identified bathing waters.


This was done by giving subjects a maximum number of accidents which their estimates could not exceed.

It requires each clinic to have a written policy stating a maximum number of pregnancies per donor.

The order of the B-tree is said to be one more than the maximum number of keys per index block.

The maximum number of persons working on the site of the establishment and particularly of those persons exposed to hazard 3.

In that case the corporation was considering increasing the maximum number of licensed taxis in its area.

Terminal Sessions Next evaluate the maximum number of sessions for the entire terminal server.

The crucial figure in this decision is the maximum number of loans at any one time.

When B applies, she is told that the maximum number of permits for the market district has already been issued.


The practical result would be substantially reduced maximum output current, and a lot of ripple on the d.c. output.

Many of the full-time farmers and the more established part-time farmers were already at maximum output so room for increase was limited.

The first is very short duration, maximum output attacks.


There will be a maximum payment of 12,500 euros, meaning significant savings on the more expensive works of art.

In 1983 this was amended and a maximum payment ceiling established.

To do this we would need to know the maximum payment that can be made without overfunding the scheme.

The maximum payment is the same as the basic award for unfair dismissal, namely £6,150.


Defendants were frequently prepared to plead guilty under the old law with its maximum penalty of two years' imprisonment.

Those convicted by the tribunal face a maximum penalty of life in prison.

The Government wants to reduce penalties for honest business failures while increasing the maximum penalties on dishonest bankrupts.

Millard said he would seek the maximum penalty of life in prison without parole.

The proposed maximum penalty for indecent assault, however, was five years.

The maximum penalty for either offense is five years in prison.

All were charged under the National Security Law which provided for a maximum penalty of death by hanging.

We will increase the maximum penalties for making obscene or malicious phone calls.


The maximum period of disqualification is 15 years.

The minimum period of disqualification is two years and the maximum period is 15 years.

An order need not always be for the maximum period .

The awards will take the form of a salary top-up for a maximum period of five years.

The minimum and maximum periods for verification can only be determined for a particular installation.

Access can only be denied for a maximum period of thirty-six hours.

The verification minimum and maximum periods .

Back came a hardline response that the order would be extended until August 2, the maximum period permitted by law.


He then partnered doubles specialist Sean O'Donoghue to secure maximum points from the tie in the remaining doubles clash.

It maps a locus of equilibrium welfare maximum points for the consumer as income increases.

Abergele boosted their Division Two title prospects with a maximum points mauling of bottom team Menai Bridge to move into second place.

Champions, Redcar, became the only side to take maximum points over the double weekend.

He could only manage fourth at the Osterreichring but gained maximum points at Zandvoort two weeks later.

The second-placed team, North, travelled to Gransha to gain maximum points .

Foggo heads the women's distance freestyle category with maximum points , her best event being the 800m.


The offeror should always have a clear idea of the maximum price he wishes to pay and stick to it.

You also can indicate the minimum number of bedrooms, and can state minimum and maximum prices .

In Yorkshire the maximum price was £1.75.

There is retail price maintenance by the manufacturer, both maximum price and minimum price.

At other times it is a gambit to extract the maximum price concession from the seller.

The maximum price for other seats is £15, with the cheapest at £5.


He was due to be sentenced on Oct. 1, and faced a maximum prison term of 28 years.

If prosecutors win guilty verdicts, they could ask for maximum prison terms.

Each count carried a five-year maximum prison sentence.


The maximum profit in both contracts is the original option premium.

In Wisconsin, the maximum profit is being written into the contracts.

Their responsibility is to make the maximum profit for their owners.

To ensure that it earns maximum profit , the firm must only employ workers who add more to revenue than to cost.


A condition to specify the maximum rate of house completions for education reasons is required.

The maximum rate for individuals was cut from 50 percent to 28 percent.

The maximum rates of benefit payable have been quoted.

Again, the recent reduction of the maximum rate of 83 percent to 60 percent has changed the situation substantially.

This scheme specifies the maximum rate per mile which may be paid with no benefit-in-kind implications for the employee.

The maximum rate of accumulation was ... far from maximising the social product.

The maximum rate of carbon dioxide generation, in contrast, appears to occur at maturities of less than 0.4%.


We have the latest in security barriers and close circuit cameras for your car's maximum security.

It finds her in a maximum security prison on a far-off planet.

The film is in two sections - the population section and the maximum security section.

The transmitter offers thousands of radio frequency coded options for maximum security .

The Skibo Castle nuptials are surrounded by maximum security and secrecy.

She looked tiny, sitting between two female staff from Rampton maximum security hospital in the middle of the large dock.

For maximum security , a matching hardwood door frame is recommended. our feature shows the fitting of both frame and door.

Read in studio Prison officers at a maximum security jail say lives are being put at risk because of staff shortages.


It leaves less to the discretion of the court and has decided on a maximum sentence of just five years.

The felony charge carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a $ 250, 000 fine.

He says maximum sentences are tough enough.

This section covered police misconduct and the maximum sentence was one year in jail.

The maximum sentence is six months in jail or a £2,000 fine.

Biehl faces a maximum sentence of 35 years in prison and a $ 1. 75 million fine if convicted.


The statutes laid down the maximum size of peasant land allotments.

This is the maximum size that a two-colour stitch pattern can be for transferring to the console.

So it is to most fish's advantage to grow to their maximum size as quickly as possible.

Or have earthworms already attained the maximum size possible within the physical limits imposed by a hydraulic skeleton?

The maximum size for E2 buildings is 1,000m2 with a fire resistance of four hours.

The default maximum size adopted by ISPublish is 32000.


During this time affected characters run at maximum speed away from it.

It had a cruising speed of 106 and a maximum speed of 129 miles per hour.

Yes. but you will probably only notice at past the legal maximum speed limit.

Current tests show a maximum speed of about 6 megabits per second for downloads and about 640 kilobits per second upstream.

Release the clubhead from the start for maximum speed at impact.

Has a maximum speed of two hundred and thirty at ten thousand feet.

Remember that it is not a race, so do not suddenly ask your horse for maximum speed .

Fortunately, Evan-Thomas in Barham, steaming at maximum speed with his four battleships, had come within firing range.


The temperature at point C is the maximum temperature at which two phases can form.

On a thirty-hour journey they passed through a maximum temperature of over two thousand degrees Fahrenheit.

It is recommended that samples be stored at mean maximum temperature and mean maximum humidity appropriate to the market concerned.

The maximum temperature to which a melt is heated is also critical.

Bonfire firings are generally quicker than kilns and a deal less controlled, with their maximum temperatures being held briefly.

It is therefore particularly suitable for estimating maximum temperature exposure or maximum depth of burial.

In the Sonoran desert, average summer temperatures are around 40C, and maximum temperatures may exceed 55C.


However, by applying the correct type of training it is possible to make the maximum use of the twitch fibres present.

At the same time, an aggressive firm would make maximum use of trade credit and short-term debt financing.

These must be written legibly and without abbreviation, so that the student can make maximum use of them.

Workplace 2000 will make maximum use of that accumulated knowledge.

Local authorities will be expected to make maximum use of the independent sector. 4.

These and other economic development proposals have emphasized targeting and leveraging to get maximum use of the federal dollars.

Their watchfulness is also dramatically increased, so that they can make maximum use of their excellent sense of vision.

One is to make maximum use of long-term debt, soas to avoid loan repayments before the project's completion.


The maximum value of any put is set by its exercise price:.

It is a linear function that has been clipped to minimum and maximum values , which then makes it nonlinear.

And all of our holidays are geared to maximum fun and maximum value .

The curve approaches a minimum and maximum value at the asymptotes.

For example, the maximum value of is always about.

By adopting this approach the client is assured maximum value from the project.


Strike action to remove the maximum wage in 1960 was promised.

There seems little doubt that the richest clubs went on evading the maximum wage regulation.

So the maximum wage was scrapped but freedom of contract and mobility was harder to get.

Academic staff at the museums will be paid the maximum wages for civil servants plus a fifty percent supplement.

In 1921 the Football League lowered the maximum wage from £9 to £8.

Spectators were not surprisingly unsympathetic to the rare protests of professionals about the maximum wage and the retain-and-transfer system.

Of full-time professionals playing for a major club like Sheffield United in 1934-5 only four out of twenty-one were on the maximum wage .

The extent to which the maximum wage was regularly breached is difficult to determine.


After leaving Calais, the train soon reaches its maximum speed of 300 kph.

Both men are facing a maximum penalty of a year in jail.

Ditikins faces a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.

Forty is the maximum number of passengers this bus is allowed to carry.

Let's try to make maximum use of this opportunity.

Travelling at its maximum speed of 186 mph, the train reached Paris in less than two hours.

Under new guidelines, hamburgers will have a maximum fat content of 22%.

We'll show you how to arrange the furniture in your office to make maximum use of the space available.

We want our message to reach the maximum number of people.


A maximum inversion of - 2500 m over the offshore part of Cleveland Hills High is recognised.

A lesser finding of manslaughter carries a maximum 20-year prison term.

Francis Gary Powers repeatedly claimed he was at maximum altitude when he felt the impact and saw the flash.

Interest on loans is fixed by law at a maximum 1% a month, a true rate of 12.68%.

The Democrats proposed slowing growth so the maximum federal spending per person would be $ 7, 200.

The first is very short duration, maximum output attacks.

The pair were fined the maximum £1,000 and ordered to pay £1,000 costs.

The rotary pumps have a maximum displacement of up to 80m 3 h -1.

II. noun




Seventy-five words absolute maximum per entry, but you may submit as many entries as you like.



This offence is punishable only with a fine, whereas reckless driving carries a maximum of two years' imprisonment.

It was built to carry a maximum of 30, 000 vehicles a day.

His rushing high has been 21 yards, and he has carried the ball a maximum of seven times in a game.

Those charges could carry a maximum of 70 years in prison.


The temperature range can be between 68°F to 75°F - try not to exceed the maximum .

Any one application must not exceed £1,000 and a maximum of three applications in three years can be made.


Lamont limits public sector pay to 1 Public sector pay settlements have been limited to a maximum of one point five percent.

Any coverage on rental cars usually is limited to a maximum of 15 to 30 consecutive days.

Each series in the Journey of Understanding is limited to a maximum of adults made up of equal numbers from both communities.

Those design registrations are limited to a maximum of 10 years.

Prison terms were limited to a maximum of 15 years.

A Section 226 policy limits you to a maximum of 27.5 percent of your earnings.

In future, the amount which you have to pay will be limited to a maximum of £500. 3.


By the mid-1900s the sensitivity of the original design had reached its maximum .

The effect began within a few minutes but took an hour or more to reach a maximum .

In the first year, £3,000 can be invested and up to £1,800 in the following years until you reach the maximum .

Probably it had reached its maximum of some 120 by about 1120.

Repeatedly doing this will move the cursor through all of the blank lines until it reaches the maximum .


Individuals may donate a maximum of $1000 to the campaign.

Thirty students per class is the maximum .

Tourists can stay up to a maximum of 90 days.

You don't have to wait long for a new passport - 3 weeks is about the maximum .


A maximum of 10 users may be specified at each DC-ACCESS keyword.

Any one application must not exceed £1,000 and a maximum of three applications in three years can be made.

By the mid-1900s the sensitivity of the original design had reached its maximum .

If your second shot hits you can fire yet again, and so on, up to a maximum of six shots.

On this album I think the maximum was about thirty.

The maximum of movement, he wrote, with the maximum of stillness.

The sales period will have a minimum of one week and a maximum of two months.

They can take up to 30 people - we were normally a maximum of 12.

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