Meaning of MICROPHONE in English






His clothes shop is allowed to put peepholes in the fitting-rooms; some have hidden microphones , too.

Two of its producers got jobs as food handlers for Food Lion and worked there wearing tiny hidden cameras and microphones .


The volume of the presiding cleric's voice waxed and waned as though he were speaking through a faulty microphone .

Just a man speaking into a microphone , explaining the ways of his adopted country.


When the cheering had died down he took the microphone and began his speech.

Chris took the microphone and launched in.


The idea of using two microphones appeals to me because it could stimulate two ears.

The Ear uses a microphone and dish to make sound louder.

Getting used to acting with the voice only and knowing how to use the microphone are basic features of good radio technique.

Then they roused themselves, surprised that some one was actually going to use the microphone .

But a professional narrator was hired one morning, and alternate lines of speech were recorded using the normal microphone and recorder.

The system uses microphones that are mounted atop utility poles and buildings to record gunshots and immediately relay a signal to police.

Answer Use an extension microphone aimed away from the unwanted noise.

Now they used a microphone and loudspeaker system and the mechanically multiplied sound echoed off walls.


Beldock takes her place behind a microphone during morning assembly and surveys 1, 200 faces whose heritage spans six continents.

He sights a bird and aims the microphone in its direction.

He was handed a microphone , but with an irony that summarised Labour's plight, it failed to work.

In this case another usher or bridesmaid could take over the duty of checking the microphone .

She can allow speakers to overrun by 20 seconds before cutting off their microphone .

The idea of using two microphones appeals to me because it could stimulate two ears.

The user makes a local call to dial into the Internet, then talks into a microphone .

We shout our hatred of them at public forums and into radio and television microphones.

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