Meaning of MINOR in English


I. adjective


a little/minor mistake

The essay was full of little mistakes.

a little/minor mystery

It was a minor mystery how the file had survived the fire.

a major/minor factor (= the most or least important of several factors )

The country’s huge mineral reserves are a major factor behind its economic strength.

a major/minor operation

The unit cares for patients recovering from major operations.

a minor accident (= one that is not serious )

The ice and poor visibility caused minor accidents all over the country.

a minor character

Two of the minor characters get killed.

a minor clash

Minor clashes were reported to have taken place between police and students.

a minor earthquake (= a small one )

Minor earthquakes are relatively common.

a minor exception (= not important )

Everyone was in agreement, with a few minor exceptions.

a minor offence

The police cautioned him for a minor offence.

a minor problem

She has had some minor medical problems.

a minor repair (= a small one )

In the summer, we had to carry out some minor repairs to the roof.

a minor reservation (= not serious or important )

I voted "yes", although I had a few minor reservations

a minor road

France has a huge network of minor roads.

a minor setback (= not very bad )

It was only a minor setback.

a minor/mild stroke (= one that does not have very bad effects )

She had a minor stroke five years ago.

a minor/slight modification (= a small modification )

The document needed a few slight modifications.

a minor/small concession

Washington made a few minor concessions in the climate talks.

a minor/small miracle (= something lucky but not very important )

I’d managed to produce a good meal in half an hour, which seemed like a minor miracle.

a minor/small role

He has had small roles in several other films.

a slight/minor defect

There are one or two minor defects on the car’s paintwork.

a slight/minor disadvantage

Children who are young in their school year sometimes have a slight disadvantage.

a slight/small/minor difference

There’s only a slight difference between the male and the female bird.

a small/minor error

The letter contained some minor spelling errors.

a small/minor incident

An apparently minor incident sparked off rioting.


Old cars often develop minor engine problems.

major/minor surgery

He will require major surgery to remove the lump.

The President will undergo minor surgery today to remove a small growth from his finger.

minor ailments

minor ailments

minor burns

She is being treated for minor burns .

minor celebrities (= people who are not very famous )

We invited a number of minor celebrities .

minor damage

Fortunately, the fire caused only minor damage.

Minor Leagues

minor quibbles

I’ve just got a few minor quibbles .


A man was treated in hospital for minor injuries.

minor (= not serious )

He suffered a succession of minor illnesses.


Two passengers had to be treated for minor cuts.


His wounds, luckily, were minor.

minor/major etc alterations

The King’s Arms pub is to undergo extensive alterations .

minor/slight adjustment

It just needs a few minor adjustments.

serious/major/basic/minor etc flaw

a slight flaw in the glass

slight/minor (= not serious )

She’s suffering from a slight infection.


The proposed changes were relatively minor.




When an extended family is living together at close quarters, even minor irritations can grow out of all proportion.

Combined Fleet was not in the mood to accept even minor changes. 2.

And predators are surprisingly nervous about sustaining even minor injuries.

Keep track of spending and do a daily tally of even minor expenses to ensure that your budget is staying on target.

Lowe couldn't handle all the deference that went with even minor royalty.


Later another partially ignited device was found in a second furniture shop but caused only minor damage.

House rules allow only minor gifts such as shirts and souvenir trinkets.

Perhaps the damage here was only minor , a last tremor before the fabric of space-time mended again.

They judged only minor cases; more serious matters were referred to the higher courts.

RioFinex examined the Ordovician volcanic rocks of County Tyrone for base metals but found only minor intersections of low-grade copper mineralisation.

In blood, the majority is found in erythrocytes with only minor quantities in plasma or serum.

There was only minor structural damage to roofs and chimneys.

In retrospect, it seems not only minor , but irrelevant.


Such a precedent does not exist and will not be established under the relatively minor privatisation programme that we are discussing today.

Much of the controversy centers on two relatively minor farm programs: peanuts and sugar.

As yet, the costs of electronic information sources represent a relatively minor part of a research library's budget.

Thus far, only two relatively minor planks of the 10-point House-initiated legislative agenda have become law.

Although the majority of sporting injuries are relatively minor , a substantial number are more serious.

Motor buses occupy a relatively minor role in the period covered by this volume.

Further, it is no defense to urge that the religious practices here may be relatively minor encroachments on the First Amendment.


Three or four years ago we were involved in this only in a very minor way.

In the scheme of things, they may be very minor .

Clauses 1, 2 and 4 and the corresponding sections exhibit very minor drafting differences.

In practice, however, simple majorities were to be applicable only in six very minor and procedural areas.

Although arrests are up slightly at 20, Chief Supt Tasker said most were for very minor offences, such as drunkenness.

A very minor enemy, and empty.

If he didn't want to go to court for a very minor offence, then you could caution him.

The one percent drop in interest rates will only give very minor help.



A series of minor ailments led Grant and Julie to take Maisie to a doctor, and tests revealed leukaemia.

In many states, liberalized workers' compensation programs have permitted unscrupulous employees to parlay minor ailments into early retirements.

Every minor ailment is interpreted as the start of another tumour.

Early in his career, the story goes, a patient appeared with some minor ailment .

Males will have found themselves reassessing minor ailments .

Aromatherapy, as it is more usually practised, is about prevention of major illness and the symptomatic treatment of minor ailments .

Consultations, mostly for minor ailments , are characteristically brief.

Coughs and colds and minor ailments began to seem poor substitutes for the wounds everybody had been expecting when the bombs fell.


She performed a few minor alterations on her body to make her feel better.

An unacceptable deterioration of glycaemic control occurs when control can not readily be restored by a minor alteration of the treatment regimen.

Archelaus Archelaus, who was roughly contemporary with Diogenes, seems to have taken over Anaxagoras' system, with minor alterations .

An earlier draft had been rejected by the King who had requested a number of minor alterations .


He was taken to hospital with minor burns to his hair, left arm, face and ears.

She needed treatment for smoke inhalation and minor burns .

Mercifully he suffered only minor burns to his wrists and neck, the judge said.

Luckily they got out with minor burns , but that could have been very serious.


These frontiers held with minor changes until the republic was abolished by Napoleon in 1808.

Combined Fleet was not in the mood to accept even minor changes . 2.

While examining the smear other minor changes not connected with cancer are often found.

Some minor changes that have been made to the screen and print format menu will also be covered here.

Women with bulimia are often sensitive to minor changes in their body weight.

The Senate bill retains the existing program with minor changes .

The Chancellor also announced some minor changes to Personal Equity Plans.

The Kansas senator indicated a willingness to make minor changes in the anti-abortion plank in the Republican platform.


All the minor characters did all they were meant to do.

Occasionally he will offer a character in the true romantic style, but it will be a minor character.

Turning the original classic topsy-turvy, Stoppard makes Hamlet himself take a back seat and elevates two minor characters to star status.

Before then, many more of the minor characters in the Aum case will have received swift justice.


Later another partially ignited device was found in a second furniture shop but caused only minor damage .

Here in Scituate, the storm caused minor damage , flooding streets and knocking down power lines.

Up to 200 others suffered minor damage .

Historic Curry Village also escaped flooding, the only minor damage inflicted by a rock slide.

Torquay Deaf Club suffered some minor damage , but nothing which could not be easily repaired.

Such acts often involve minor damage to property or disruption of certain routine social events.

There was only minor damage to property, however, and no loss of life.

Devices were also thrown at two other houses in the estate but caused only minor damage .


As for cleansing and lighting these were regarded as relatively minor details whose provision was hardly important.

It didn't matter for, apart from minor details that necessitated some new editing, they were the same.

Maltote was exhausted and had some difficulty remembering certain minor details , but, at last, a full account was given.

These and other minor details are well worth researching for important presentations.

The remainder was taken up with minor details .

A Plate Tectonic Re-cap Rather a lot has been said in this chapter about the minor details of lava flows.

Their attention to the minor details of everyday life paints a far more vivid picture of bygone days than any history book.

Even that minor detail spoke volumes about the differences in cultures.


This suggests that human genetic variation is the result of only a few thousand minor differences between proteins.

There are also minor differences of which to take account.

Both algorithms produced almost identical maps, with minor differences in the order of repetitive probes and those having identical hybridisation patterns.

But there are minor differences in the way some of the parts are displayed, depending on the option chosen.

There are relatively minor differences which I shall point out where they become relevant.

Of course there have been some minor differences of opinion.

However, there were a number of minor differences .


Third, Tempo 30 would be introduced throughout the experimental area, with only minor exceptions .

With minor exceptions , the Soviet Union fell apart in peace.


Arginine 40 and 40' extend from the A helices towards the minor groove , and contact phosphates G10' and G2.


Such research would be helped by the development of valid, reliable instruments to measure quality of life in common minor illnesses .

By fall the disease, first thought a minor illness , was an epidemic.

Absenteeism, recurrent minor illnesses , accidents at home and at work and disturbed relationships with colleagues are all commonplace.

There are many people who simply can not afford to run to the doctor every time they have a minor illness .


Even a minor incident reveals his desperate determination to overcome, the desperation of the poor.

Sometimes seemingly minor incidents can have a major impact on the outcome in New Hampshire.

Before this happened, however, there were two minor incidents worthy of comment.

Police reported a number of minor incidents but no further serious accidents.

There are, of course, always a number of minor incidents and accidents during training.

The commercial incentive to reduce minor incidents therefore goes hand in hand with incentives to reduce major accidents.


Forty-nine people were treated for minor injuries at two hospitals in Olympia.

There was no fire, and all four occupants quickly vacated the wreckage with no more than minor injuries .

Two girls were transported to hospitals with minor injuries .

Shelley was there on her own, seeing to a couple of minor injuries while Mrs Richards dozed in the sickroom.

Paul Warhurst and Phil King are expected to shake off minor injuries in time to face Forest.

She was treated by an emergency medical team for minor injuries , officials said.


His eyes narrowed slightly but he started the second verse in the minor key she was using, following her lead.

We may say that when a piece of music unexpectedly changes to a minor key this expresses a feeling of foreboding.

Contrasts of major and minor keys with the same root, found but once in Stuck's first book, are characteristic.


The use of smokeless tobacco is now banned in the minor leagues .

He is currently a pitching instructor for the Tampa Yankees, a minor league team.

Claire is likely to return them to the minor leagues .

Nothing he does is minor league .

Just a couple of years later, he was about the best player in the lower minor leagues .

It was truly the minor leagues .


The government is tinkering with minor matters while the Crown Court burns a substantial amount of money.

Most of us have allowed an important relationship to deteriorate over a minor matter that was never intended.

We often receive letters about relatively minor matters that can easily be put right after discussion with patients.

Let's concentrate on the wedding and set aside minor matters like setting up home together, buying furniture and the honeymoon.

To create a law would waste police time on minor matters .

But, except over minor matters , the quality of his work had never been questioned before.

For some, the Council was no more than a prudent but much misunderstood attempt to update a few relatively minor matters .


Between us we had even hired a video so that we could record this minor miracle of medical history for posterity.

From the kitchen wafts the fragrance of fresh-baked. minor miracles .


The principal results in Section 17.3 go over to the more general case with only minor modifications .

Since neither of the assumptions is normally valid, two minor modifications of the basic model are required.

A template had been forged which was subject to only minor modifications over time.

The engine will fit straight into your Land Rover with minor modifications to fuel lines and wiring and exhaust front pipe.

This consideration has resulted in continuation of the same procedures with some minor modifications for the second phase of pilot schemes.

Participants reported that most workshops were very useful as they stood or needed minor modification .


Opened in 1875, it now provides physiotherapy, x-ray, a casualty service and minor operations .

It's a very minor operation , really.


As yet, the costs of electronic information sources represent a relatively minor part of a research library's budget.

Both wanted to be actresses and had already had minor parts on the stage in small theaters.

And on that occasion print propaganda appears to have played only a minor part .

But managing is a minor part of what leaders do.

In fact, drugs are just a minor part of their lives.

A couple of locals, Benjamin Stewart and Maedell Dixon, liven up the minor parts of the doctor and his wife.

The amount spent on the telescope itself - say £10 million - is only a minor part of the total expense!

Training, even specific skill training, was just a minor part of leadership development.


Other minor parties accounted for 1.1 percent of the vote and won no seats.

Three minor parties won no seats at all.


The light-hearted tone of Elaine Blond characterised Bloomsbury House policy of not taking minor problems too seriously.

Whomever you consult, what counts is getting help before minor problems become major.

Only the really great champions refuse to be sidetracked by any of these minor problems .

A minor problem prevents the machine firing this turn.

The rocket had a minor problem during its first launch last October.

But that was also just a minor problem .

To Dempster, good-hearted and full of admiration and enthusiasm for Keith's genius, this was only a minor problem .

There were other minor problems which I will not bore you with.


It would apparently only require minor repairs plus a reliable water supply to put the mill back into operation.

Be prepared for minor repairs on the road.

Repair Best done by professionals, but some minor repairs can be safely undertaken at home.

John carried out some minor repairs to the roof, but the bad weather prevented him from tackling any major work.

The family's first stop at a garage for a minor repair led Jack into conversation with the proprietor.

All reported faults will be investigated, and approved minor repairs will be undertaken.

Aluminium parts, in the main, were all recoverable, requiring only cleaning and minor repairs .

It should be easier to get minor repairs done than at present.


It is also consistent with the type of situation which was almost never recalled - going straight ahead past a minor road .

Presently it led them from the main highway to minor roads and country lanes.

Moral: minor roads are only a short cut if you know where you are!

After following field tracks and minor roads across mid-Devon, passing through quaint villages, you arrive in Exmoor.

Spouthouse Aqueduct crosses a minor road , by which stand Dyas Take Away and a supermarket.

Turn up minor road for yds, then left through fate into field.


A time when adventure came first and pure athleticism played only a minor role in the great climbing game.

The big Muppet stars are relegated to minor roles and humans take center stage.

There were many others playing more minor roles .

They include history; but in this chapter it will play only a minor role .

This kind of group can be thought of as having only a minor role within counselling.

In the realm of secret diplomacy it would appear that public opinion had only a very minor role to play.

Motor buses occupy a relatively minor role in the period covered by this volume.

In sharp contrast to previous pacifist agitations, the Nonconformist churches played only a minor role .


Others increased provision of minor surgery with a view to reducing referrals to certain specialties.

I wished for my Mom to take care of me after minor surgery last year.

The risks of this condition after elective minor surgery under local anaesthesia have probably not been appreciated.

Finally he decided to enter the hospital for minor surgery , in the hope of seeing more of her there.

We have already ear-marked one fine beech for only minor surgery .

Hopefully, it should see many forms of cancer treatable as simply as popping into hospital for minor surgery .

Had had, so Sammler was told, minor surgery .


There is not only a single currency but also a single economic policy, with only minor variations between states.

The scene repeated with minor variations and the game continued to our amusement for the hour that we were having coffee.

Leaf-gilding usually shows only minor variations in thickness and a superficial bonding to the metal below.

There are many minor variations , from species to species, but these two types of distraction display are the basic forms.

This hairstyle proved pervasive, lasting with minor variations into late antiquity.

The experiments described above were performed more than once, with minor variations in the procedure adopted.

More notable, however, is yet another minor variation of the squat urn.

On these three topics the various works are all agreed apart from minor variations .


the Minor Leagues


a minor traffic violation

a symphony in D minor

Most of the problems have been very minor .

She fell off her horse, but suffered only minor injuries.

She suffered some minor injuries in the accident.

The contract seems fine, except for a few minor details.

Two car windows were broken and minor damage was done to some shops.

We've had a few minor problems with the new computer system.

Williams suffered a minor stroke.

With one or two minor changes, the course is the same as last year.


Also the main passage is a minor water course, but in rain like this it tends to swell.

Black convicts were rounded up for minor offenses and forced to work.

It is thought to have exploded on Saturday night or Sunday morning and caused minor damage.

Kennedy might call up a minor bureaucrat to check on a detail.

The Kansas senator indicated a willingness to make minor changes in the anti-abortion plank in the Republican platform.

Unfortunately, Graham has a minor shortcoming when it comes to cracks - he can't jam; but he can layback!

We are, after all, always talking about minor quantitative changes in an existing embryonic process.

II. noun




The store was cited four times for selling alcoholic beverages to minors during a three-year period that began in 1994.


"What's your minor ?" "History."

Stores are forbidden to sell alcohol and cigarettes to minors.

Thomas pleaded guilty to buying alcohol for a minor .


Although they've ended up at the same spot in their careers, they progressed through the minors at different rates.

And in Minnesota, the proportion of second-trimester abortions among minors increased by 18 percent following enactment of parental notification law.

He came up from the minors, directing martial-arts movies.

Major minor was sent off in a school soccer match.

Or have we moved from minor to major?

They were, however, still minors.

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