Meaning of MINOR in English


/ ˈmaɪnə(r); NAmE / adjective , noun , verb

■ adjective


[ usually before noun ] not very large, important or serious :

a minor road

minor injuries

to undergo minor surgery

youths imprisoned for minor offences

There may be some minor changes to the schedule.

Women played a relatively minor role in the organization.

OPP major


( music ) based on a scale in which the third note is a semitone / half tone higher than the second note :

the key of C minor

—compare major

■ noun


( law ) a person who is under the age at which you legally become an adult and are responsible for your actions :

It is an offence to serve alcohol to minors.


( especially NAmE ) a subject that you study at university in addition to your major

■ verb


- minor in sth

—compare major



Middle English : from Latin , smaller, less ; related to minuere lessen. The term originally denoted a Franciscan friar, suggested by the Latin name Fratres Minores (Lesser Brethren), chosen by St Francis for the order.

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