Meaning of MODE in English



a form/mode/method/means of travel

I find the train a more comfortable mode of travel.

a means/mode/form of transport

Horses and carts were the only means of transport.

means/mode/form of transportation

People need to get out of their cars and use other modes of transportation.

à la mode

apple pie à la mode




What effect could this have on the design of the computer's jump instructions and addressing modes ?

Are the addressing modes provided the same as for data manipulation instructions? 3.8.


The economic literature largely ignores the fact that the public sector has devised its own alternative modes of efficiency incentive.

An alternative mode of entry is available for the Tax Inspectorate.

Rules are arbitrary in character and are to do with the manner in which people choose between alternative modes of conduct.

An alternative mode of input is provided by the notepad function which accepts free-hand sketches and notes.

At least the existence of a range of alternative modes of provision as between one local authority and another widens the choice available.

This state will repress all other classes in society until it is questioned by an alternative mode of production.

However, it is important to list these alternative modes and thus acknowledge the variety of provision in the Authority.


Marx and Engels never explicitly defined nor adhered to a static interpretation of the Asiatic mode of production.


The capitalist mode of production, for example, developed in Britain prior to industrialisation.

As we have seen in the case of Mormonism, a dialectical relationship exists between the Asiatic and the capitalist modes .

Thus the capitalist mode articulates with the peasant mode, with the latter playing a subordinate role and the former benefiting.

In the capitalist mode of production, however, the workers are landless and have no independent means of subsistence.

First, the state must meet the ever-increasing requirements for effective demand generated by the capitalist mode of production.

The only ultimately effective way the worker can resist is through collective class action to overthrow the capitalist mode of production.

In this lay the historical peculiarity of the capitalist mode of production.

The superiority of the capitalist mode of production led to a rapid transformation of the structure of society.


The Masters in Business Administration Degree is offered through four different modes of study.

No one is sure these starkly different political modes can coexist on Capitol Hill.

It should be used as a platform from which to explore the different modes that he suggests of lessening the short-run myopia.

As they try to find out who they are they may experiment with a number of different modes .

In the high grade group, none of the variables or different modes of treatment influenced mortality.

The following table shows how many litres of petrol per 100 passenger kilometres different modes of transport consume.

The second will tend rather towards structuring the students' thinking towards the creation of language activities in different modes .

The Midi Mate allows you to send up to three patch changes on three different channels and offers three different operational modes .


Before long, cheating will have evolved to become the dominant mode of behaviour.

It is bad teaching, but it remains a dominant mode of many professional presentations.

The dominance of the dominant mode must be legitimated.

Under feudalism, Marxists argue, the dominant mode of production was based on the ownership of land.

This occurs when agriculture becomes the dominant mode of production.

What is the dominant mode of knowledge within the discipline?

Pastoral myth was a dominant mode of social understanding through much of the eighteenth century.


They have to be able to distinguish between the empirical and deductive modes .


With its new mode of power, the company continued until it finally closed its doors in September 1982.

The new mode is to learn when the learning is needed, not to count on learning in advance.

The introduction of the national curriculum and new modes of assessment provide a context for the study.

Above the boundary, the world quickly quiets down to a new mode of functioning.

Horizons were inevitably restricted, the weight of traditions heavy, the invention of new techniques and modes of expression limited.

People are learning new modes of courtesy and communications to help smooth this process.

There are several factors which directly connect postmodernism and the new mode of economic regulation.

To declare enthusiasm for feminist ideals is almost a new mode of macho, a way to flaunt an invulnerable virility.


When centralized planning is used as the normal mode of economic control, a number of deficiencies loom into view: 1.

Consequently, the normal mode of op-eration was with the top open.

It is certainly the case that normal mode inference is computationally more tractable.

If all preferences are strong, so that only normal mode inference is ever performed, wrong choices will be made.

Also very important, if at all possible, is to have some idea of a teacher's normal mode of operation.


The other mode depends on occasional small mutations, like the changes in the parameters of protozoa.

He is right to emphasise the general safety level of the railways, which compares favourably with all other modes of transport.

In the 1905 text, these other modes enjoy a rather higher status.

But so must the subsidiary places of other modes and classes, despite their conflicting interests.

Using the ailerons during the recovery, for example, may be the means of entering one of these other modes of spin.

In this, it corresponds to other artistic modes .

However, as we shall see, in other modes , because does not necessarily introduce the first event.

Bypass is self-explanatory, but the difference between the other modes is interesting.


Fig. 5.24 shows how such measurements can be used in the assignment of bands to particular vibrational modes . 5.8.3.

It would not be possible to conceive of Ultimate Concern apart from particular modes of religious discourse.

Thus a practice is distinguished by a particular mode of production, adapted to its own kind of product.



The extensions support transfer modes of up to 66M-bytes per second or 133M-bytes per second for bus master expansion boards.



He was wearing a decent black cloth lounge suit, and had no intentions of changing his mode of attire.

Despite the changing modes of life, they are attentive to the paradoxical utterances of their progenitor.

My problems began some days later when I wanted to change the video mode .

Things change when a different mode of knowledge based on purposive-rational action reaches a certain stage of development.

The social historian may he interested in changing modes of dress, or agricultural and industrial machinery.


It also uses Extended memory and will run in Protected mode under Windows.

Since the Validation program may take several hours to run , it is recommended that it is run overnight in batch mode .

With MainWin, the Windows applications will reportedly run in native mode with no intervening emulation level to bog down performance.

Some software is therefore designed to run in conversational mode .

The plant continued to run in warm-up mode while the federal government attempted unsuccessfully to persuade North-Rhine Westphalia to reconsider.

Does running Scanreg from Safe mode cure it?

I run through my modes in every key.


Once you're offline, switch to Work Offline mode and browse through the articles as if you're online.

According to Motorola, the function allowing the 88110 to switch between different caching modes - write-through and copy-back - was faulty.

The chapter focus then switches to chromatographic modes , reversed phase, ion exchange and size exclusion being examined.


When centralized planning is used as the normal mode of economic control, a number of deficiencies loom into view: 1.

Although by now an excellent flyer, he still showed no interest in using flight as a mode of play.

Checklists Checklists are used in the pre-start mode , for routine maintenance and for fault-finding.

It is safest to use this mode only when you are replacing characters with the same number of new ones.

It can be adjusted to any temperature between 20°C and 99°C, and it can be used in conjunction with all operating modes .

It uses a mode dial on the top to switch on the camera and select between manual, automatic and playback modes.

Here the 555 timer i.c. is used in conventional monostable mode but with a control voltage applied to pin 5.

If you have a document with columns of numbers you can sum the columns independently by using WordStar's column mode .


form/mode/style of address

Besides that, he used the intimate form of address , tum.

Both were perceived as amoral sources of power which responded more or less predictably to specific modes of address .

Even in a formal business letter you should use a personal and human form of address .

He stuttered nervously before managing to answer herand when he did, he used the masculine form of address .

Seating arrangements at conferences, forms of address and other issues of this kind remained a continual source of potential difficulty.

The effect of this intense focus on modes of address is that personal pronouns become unusually prominent.

The patient should be told of the mode of address used in that particular hospital for professional staff.

Without the royal family, titles would be just that - forms of address for the self-important to dignify themselves.


Commercial airlines have the lowest accident rate of all transportation modes.

In the late 20th century, we have more choices about modes of living.

The car features an economy driving mode .

To put the VCR in record mode you press record and play simultaneously.


Closely related to the irons in mode of origin are stony-irons, which make up about 2 percent of all falls.

Especially this year, when it has scarcely rained, and everyone is in full athletic mode seven days a week.

In use, I tried most of the exposure modes.

Metaphor is the dominant structuring mechanism of the novels, stylized transcription of consciousness their fictional mode .

Perform combination techniques on the move so that you are able to work effectively in a retreating as well as an advancing mode .

The agencies dealing with business and corporate elites tend to employ a more co-operative mode than those dealing with the poor.

The dominance of the dominant mode must be legitimated.

The optimized compiler has a blended mode option for applications that will run on 80486 and Pentium boxes as well as a Pentium-only mode.

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