Meaning of MODE in English

mode W3 AC /məʊd $ moʊd/ BrE AmE noun [countable]

[ Date: 1300-1400 ; Language: Latin ; Origin: modus 'measure, way' ]

1 . formal a particular way or style of behaving, living, or doing something

mode of

the most efficient mode of transport

They have a relaxed mode of life that suits them well.

Western modes of thought

2 . technical a particular way in which a machine or piece of equipment can operate:

Set the monitor to 256 colour mode.

To get out of the ‘auto’ mode on the camera, turn the knob to ‘M’.

3 . be in work mode/holiday mode etc informal to have a particular feeling or way of thinking or behaving, because of the situation you are in:

With only minutes to go, we were now in panic mode.

4 . be the mode formal to be fashionable at a particular time:

Long skirts were then the mode.

5 . technical one of various systems of arranging notes in music, such as ↑ major and ↑ minor in Western music

⇨ ↑ à la mode , ↑ modish

• • •


▪ method a way of doing something, especially one that is well known and often used:

You can choose whichever method of payment you prefer.


an environmentally friendly method for treating household waste

▪ way a set of actions that you use in order to do something. Way is more informal than method and is used more often in everyday English:

What’s the best way to remove wine stains?


a new way of treating the disease


There are lots of ways of cooking mushrooms.

▪ means something that you use to do something or achieve something:

Their main means of transport is their car.


E-mail is often the most convenient means of communication.


He looked around for a means of escape.


Education and training are the most efficient means of improving the nation’s economy.

▪ approach a way of dealing with a particular problem or situation, especially a way that has been carefully thought about or planned:

Today’s approach to raising children is very different from 40 years ago.


I think we need to try a different approach.

▪ technique a particular way of doing something, for which you need a skill that has to be learned and practised:

tips on how to improve your exam technique


More patients are surviving thanks to improved surgical techniques.

▪ tactics methods that you use in order to achieve what you want, especially in a game or competition:

There were complaints about police tactics used to clear demonstrators.


The team was discussing tactics for the game.

▪ strategy a set of carefully planned methods for achieving something that is difficult and may take a long time:

our sales strategy


a strategy to reduce the level of teenage smoking

▪ mode formal a particular way of doing something:

For him, painting is just another mode of expression.


You can choose between several different modes of operation.


the most efficient mode of transportation


Withdrawing a child from class is still the preferred mode of providing extra help to that child.

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