Meaning of MULTIPLE in English


I. adjective


a multiple birth (= when a woman has two or more babies at the same time )

The chance of a multiple birth is about 1 in 100 for the average woman.

a multiple choice question (= where you are given a set of possible answers )

a multiple choice test (= in which each question has a list of answers to choose from )

There is some debate about whether multiple-choice tests are a good way of assessing student’s knowledge.

multiple birth

The number of multiple births has risen sharply.

multiple choice

multiple injuries (= large number of injuries at the same time )

She had multiple injuries and a fractured skull.

multiple personality

multiple personality disorder

multiple sclerosis

multiple store

single/multiple occupancy

single occupancy room rates




Finger-printing will be introduced for asylum applicants, to prevent multiple applications and fraudulent benefit claims.

All forms are being checked by Price Waterhouse computer systems to weed out illegal multiple applications .


We knew there was a chance of a multiple birth but nothing can prepare you for something like that.

While multiple births have increased in recent years because of the success of fertility drugs, sextuplets still are rare.

And it would have shown on the certificate, the time of birth - it's only done for multiple births.

But those clinics that continue to record a high multiple birth rate will find their records investigated.

Store bosses decided to award the bonus to delighted Teresa Elliott and hubby Steve after learning about the multiple birth .


There are two basic possibilities for questions, multiple choice or supply type.

The 777 is quieter, has user-friendly storage bins and a sophisticated entertainment system with multiple choices .

Answers to multiple choice test on Part 3 Trainees should obtain nine points or more before moving on to Goal 4.

These should be worked through in order before attempting the multiple choice questionnaire on Part 4.

These would culminate in the sitting of a multiple choice paper.

It is important that you work through these in the order given before attempting the multiple choice questionnaire on Part 3.


Surviving examples of his newsletters show that they were often produced in multiple copies , with additions or subtractions as appropriate.

The issuance of multiple copies was thus intended to assure that the consignee received at least one.

Also, decisions on the purchase of multiple copies are rarely required in the case of research material.

Companies can purchase multiple copies of popular packages at greatly reduced prices.

It now became easier to send multiple copies of papers to colleagues rather than sending a file on the circuit of an institution.

We have standing orders for multiple copies of both publications, as follows: 1.

Both photocopiers have been set for multiple copies , and both have run out of paper.

Several poses could be produced on a single negative so that the process was speeded up and multiple copies were easily available.


The Tyrone man, a member of Belfast's gay community, died from multiple injuries and stab wounds.

His body, with multiple injuries , was found on a railway line two days later.

All three occupants suffered multiple injuries and were certified dead at the crash site by a medical practitioner.

The hospital admitted 35 people, four of whom had serious injuries - including one man with multiple injuries.

Mrs Pollock died in hospital the next day from multiple injuries .

She had been beaten and strangled and died from multiple injuries and asphyxia.

A postmortem found both women died from multiple injuries caused by a machete.


The increase in multiple myeloma was reported by the health authority and is being investigated. 3.

In reviewing reports on amyloidosis patients with intestinal pseudo-obstruction, the patients with multiple myeloma tend to have extensive smooth muscle infiltration.

All the patients had multiple myeloma which affects bone marrow.


The terraced house in Station Road, Darlington, is already in multiple occupancy and retrospective planning permission had been applied for.

Top left: A series can be colour coded to represent an ageing process, thus revealing multiple occupancy .

The price of single occupancy is frequently higher than for multiple occupancy of bedrooms and should be checked when booking.


The collective community charge applies to some houses in multiple occupation , some lodging houses and some hostels.

When adjacency and multiple occupation are permitted, the figure becomes extrovert, expansionist.

For the housing organisation is now stringently enforcing multiple occupation rules which up until recently were largely ignored.

Some few still showed the tell-tale signs of multiple occupation , dishevelled lawns, peeling paint and drawn secretive curtains.


On one end is daydreaming, on the other, multiple personality .

He pulls the old multiple personality excuse.

Austin would apparently give Mach, said to be free of AT&T code, multiple personalities like OS/2 or OSF/1.


Conversely, the school tests for explicitness do not tell us very much about the exercise of multiple points of view.

Together, the multiple points of sale create the potential for thousands of tickets to be sold in minutes.

Moreover, particular examples of the use or non-use of multiple points of view are not necessarily indicators of cognitive deprivation.

The longer spines are mace-like; with a slightly rugose body and a head with multiple points .

Moreover, an explicit claim to multiple points of view tells us nothing about the actual practice of using them.

Buildings under construction are often ideal; usually they have stairwells but no windows, multiple points of entry and minimal security.


The relationships between variables were evaluated by the simple correlation coefficient and a multiple regression analysis.

We can use multiple regression analysis to discover the relative influence of these factors on perceptions.

Even with stringent controls for partisanship and ideology, multiple regression analyses show that the press had a significant influence on preferences.

Bjornsson decided not to use a formula derived from multiple regression analysis.

Among modifiable factors only access to a dietitian and an interested general practitioner featured significantly in the final multiple regression analysis.


Records of patients with multiple sclerosis were selected as a neurological comparison group.

It said: I am thirty years old and have been disabled with multiple sclerosis since I was twenty-two.

Conditions such as diabetes, heart complaints, multiple sclerosis and alcoholism should be declared.

The woman suffered from multiple sclerosis , Fieger said.

John hopes that his mammoth walking achievement will raise £100 000 for research into multiple sclerosis .

The same is true of the plaques of multiple sclerosis .

Davis etal reviewed 157 necropsy-proven cases of multiple sclerosis and found 47% of patients with a mental disturbance.

We have heard some frightening things about multiple sclerosis and would like to know if we should see a doctor right away.


Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy for multiple stones is the most expensive and least effective option.

The value of this treatment for multiple stones , which would include 76% of our patients, is less certain.

Before primary gall stone dissolution, 16 patients had had solitary stones: the remaining 77 had had multiple stones.

Stone recurrence was 5.7% at one year and was observed both in patients with solitary and multiple stones.


The PTEs sport their own colour schemes on a variety of multiple units .


The software enables multiple users to manage the entire network from any point.

Now the motive is more often to allow multiple users to share data and applications.

It also enables multiple users to share data, collaborate and automate tasks without writing any extra code, via Workmap.


He underwent surgery for multiple gunshot wounds.

Lauda was pulled from his blazing car with multiple burns.

Nakamura received multiple job offers.

She suffered multiple injuries after jumping out of a fifth floor window.


Applications here focus on using gigabit networks to combine the processing power of multiple supercomputers for climate and chemical reaction modeling.

During this period annual elections brought multiple shifts in power resulting in thirty-one city managers for the thirty-five years following 1914.

In assembling complexity, the bounty of increasing returns is won by multiple tries over time-a process anyone would call growth.

The issuance of multiple copies was thus intended to assure that the consignee received at least one.

The student company makes a brave effort at tackling the multiple roles.

The use of multiple logistic regression allowed the selection of the most useful clinical signs which are predictive of hypoxaemia.

Two women with multiple sclerosis, including a 51-year-old Oceanside resident, were found dead in Detroit-area hotels yesterday.

We regret that we are unable to answer multiple queries that do not comply with these instructions.

II. noun


20 is a multiple of 5.


An expert in the field of marketing, he has been successful in selling his produce to large multiples and wholesalers.

And people will try to do multiple of these, yes.

I count the gulps and stop at an even multiple of four.

That had resulted in 150 companies being taken on by five multiples and a 30 percent increase in product listings.

The Net is an emblem of multiples.

They could bring in a multiple of that.

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