Meaning of MULTIPLE in English


I. ˈməltəpəl adjective

Etymology: French, from Latin multiplex, from multi- + -plex -fold — more at simple

1. : consisting of, including, or involving more than one

multiple birth

multiple burial of plague victims

multiple cable

multiple corolla

multiple drill

multiple rate

multiple skin eruption

2. : many , manifold , several

multiple achievements in politics and public life — B.H.Wall

multiple minds functioning together — American Scholar

plants were on a multiple -shift basis — Annual Report General Motors Corp.

multiple copies of a speech

multiple -restaurant chain

multiple -party system

3. : occurring more than once or in higher degree than the first : repeated

multiple roots

4. : belonging to or divided among several or many

multiple ownership

multiple responsibility

5. : having numerous aspects or functions : various , complex

life is very multiple ; full of movements, facts, and news — John Galsworthy

the multiple executive has been widely used in business and in government — Harold Koontz & Cyril O'Donnell


a. : being a circuit with a number of conductors in parallel

b. : being a group of terminals which make a circuit available at a number of points

7. : developed by coalescence of the ripening ovaries of several distinct flowers (as in the mulberry and the pineapple) : collective — distinguished from aggregate ; see fruit illustration

8. : having a value equal to some multiple of a single unit

multiple dollars from 2- to 20-dollar pieces

multiple thaler

II. noun

( -s )


a. : the product of a quantity by an integer

35 is a multiple of 7

gases … associated in multiples of the molecular weight — F.H.Getman

b. : an assemblage with respect to any of its divisions or parts

lay mines in multiple

four road switchers running in multiple — Trains

2. : parallel 4b

connected in multiple

3. : a multiple coin

III. noun

1. : something containing or consisting of more than one or two units of a kind

2. : a mass-produced work of art

3. : a number that expresses the price-earnings ratio of a stock : price-earnings multiple herein

4. chiefly Britain : multiple store herein

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