Meaning of MUST in English

I. modal verb


I (have to/must) confess (= used when admitting something you feel slightly embarrassed about )

I must confess I don’t visit my parents as often as I should.

I must admit sth (= used when saying that you admit that something is true )

I must admit I hate camping.

If you must know (= used when you are angry because someone wants to know something )

If you must know , I was with James last night .

must be mad

He can’t possibly get that finished in time. He must be mad !

must have dreamt it

I was sure I posted the letter but I must have dreamt it .

must obey/have to obey

She felt she had to obey her father, even though she thought he was wrong.

there must be some mistake (= used when you think someone has made a mistake )

There must be some mistake. I definitely booked a room for tonight.

there must be some misunderstanding (= used when you think someone has not understood something correctly )

I think there must be some misunderstanding - I don’t know anyone called Barry.


(I) must dash/(I) have to dash

(I) must fly

As a scheduled operator, Virgin must fly its 400-seat jumbos even if there are only a handful of passengers on board.

He is expected eventually to rule that the Union flag must fly , and he called the row unnecessary.

If Jerba was picturesque, Nefta is magical and I regret that I must fly home in a week.

Second, it must fly swiftly away from the nest and alight some distance from it.

To keep your pilot's licence you must fly 5 hours each year minimum.

What is more, it is able to tell others what direction they must fly in order to get food themselves.

With me on his back he must fly down to the Gruncher.

I must say

And first I must say why I need to make this digression.

And I must say , on what I see, your methods seem to work well.

I was pleased to find out, I must say .

Tell me more of it ... I must say my thoughts to you.

The first day of my trip is now completed, and all in all, I must say I am quite satisfied.

Though, I must say , mediocrity never looked better.

When I did find out what he was thinking, I must say I was surprised.

I must/I'd better be getting along

must/should etc be pushing along

needs must (when the devil drives)

sth must not go any further

you're joking/you must be joking

you've made your bed and you must lie on it


Cox must have forgotten all about our appointment.

Elsa must be furious with her.

I must stop by sometime and thank her for all her help.

Identification must be carried at all times.

Production costs must not exceed $400,000.

The $55 passport fee must accompany your application.

The plants must need watering by now.

This stereo must have cost a lot of money.

We must make every effort towards peace.

You must come and visit us in Houston.


And he must eat some salad.

As a prior step, however, we must look at the second general form of political behavior, political actions.

Certainly it must help them locate a mate and induce a feeling of social togetherness.

I must thank Gene for showing me his method of flashing.

Poor Madame, I thought, how deeply she must resent my usurping her place.

The capital asset of the farms had little importance for most yet in some areas the value must have been substantial.

The longer-term affect of television on the House must await further research.

To create these things, we must begin by remembering that we are all in this together.

II. noun




The cricket world cup is an absolute must .

A small set of binoculars are useful for this work and polarising sunglasses are an absolute must .


Goggles are a must for skiing while it's snowing.


Another must is the excursion to Hallstatt and Gosau, two of the most beautiful spots in the Salzkammergut.

But, before leaving the Thatcher phenomenon, a glance at the Falklands War and what preceded it is a must .

Citronella candles are a must at an outdoor do.

Come dessert time, the fresh guavas in cream or the not too sweet, ultra creamy flan is a must .

In the absence of a hood a good cover glass is a must .

It comes with eight megabytes of random access memory, a must since it also comes with Windows 95.

The site covers several kilometres, so good walking shoes and a hat are a must .

These friendly classes are so popular, numbers are restricted and booking is a must .

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