Meaning of MUTUAL in English




a mutual friend (= someone who is a friend of both you and someone else )

They went to a mutual friend’s home for dinner.

mutual acquaintance (= someone you and another person both know )

He heard about the job through a mutual acquaintance .

mutual admiration (= that two or more people feel for each other )

Their friendship was based on mutual admiration.

mutual benefit (= something good for both people, companies etc involved )

Our two companies are working together for mutual benefit.

mutual cooperation (= between two people, groups etc )

Because of the size of the task, mutual cooperation was essential.

mutual disarmament (= involving two countries )

Each side claims to favour mutual disarmament.

mutual fund

mutual regard (= which people feel for each other )

There seems to have been a genuine mutual regard between the two leaders.

mutual respect (= when two people respect each other )

Their relationship is based on mutual respect.

mutual trust (= when people trust each other )

an agreement made on the basis of mutual trust




The men with the Brigade ties and their friends were running out of potential mutual acquaintances to describe.

There was only one John of their mutual acquaintance in Brixton prison: John Hebden.


There was a lot to be said for flirtation and mutual admiration .

Why should I require animals to join me in some mutual admiration society or even make them honorary members?


It's a good plan which would be to our mutual advantage .

To form one good mixed practice would be to our mutual advantage .

Both of these railways have been most co-operative and we are developing a good relationship with them to mutual advantage .

They must gather together and organize themselves in some manner to gain mutual advantage .


And if no mutual agreement is found today, we must wait whatever time it takes to reach one.

Paul permits temporary abstinence also but only by mutual agreement .

The land claims commission has settled more than 11,000 cases by mutual agreement on compensation.

A contract can also be terminated by mutual agreement of the parties.

Whatever personal designs Robert the Bruce might have on the throne, he was unlikely to achieve them without some mutual agreement .

The rules of the game are seen as fixed at any point in time by mutual agreement and changeable through mutual agreement.

Changes to borders can come about only by mutual agreement and consent.


The principles of mutual aid are that members should be involved in a reciprocal supportive role.

Though such competition frustrated him, Allen poured energies into welfare work, mutual aid , and preaching.

The Co-operative movement was a form of mutual aid with a wider working-class appeal although it also largely excluded the poorest.

First of all, we called it a mutual aid society.

They join a rural community life and a society based on mutual aid .

It is a close drawing together of two worlds and is there for mutual aid .

They depend heavily on local mutual aid and are staffed largely by volunteers.


Stalin had no intention of honouring previously signed mutual assistance treaties.

Treaties on good-neighbourly relations and on co-operation and mutual assistance between government ministries were also finalized.

There had been enormous economic advances, which had been possible only on a basis of mutual assistance .

I would like to hear from anyone who works in this field and we could be of mutual assistance .

The countries involved have pledged to offer mutual assistance in the event of a spill.

The mutual assistance of harem owners in driving off non-reproductive males may be the basis of herd formation in the gelada baboon.


Both management and operatives are locked into a closer relationship, with both mutual benefits and disadvantages.

It is joint action for mutual benefit .

Successful marriages so submerge the costs under mutual benefits that the cooperation can predominate; unsuccessful ones do not.

In principle therefore payment of an Affiliation Fee would be an overt recognition of this vital link and mutual benefit . 5.

Both Nunn and Solomon stressed the mutual benefits of a friendlier relationship.

Perhaps I better explain that symbiosis is popularly defined as a relationship between two differing life forms for their mutual benefit .

CollaborativeNetworking internal jobs can make so much economic sense that sometimes vital functions are outsourced to competitors, to mutual benefit .


During the meal, as if by mutual consent , they talked of other things, but it was difficult.

I left home by mutual consent !

If this is the case, the exemption no longer applies to couples living apart by mutual consent .

Any disputes must be settled by mutual consent .

Mutual consent An employment contract may be brought to an end by the mutual consent of the parties.

One elderly woman quickly left the program by mutual consent .

Do not deprive each other except by mutual consent for a time, so that you may devote yourselves to prayer.


This respectable sum is called the Reward for mutual cooperation .

A good marriage is obviously a nonzero sum game, brimming with mutual cooperation .

Most of the game is spent in mutual cooperation , with both players enjoying the consequent generous score.


But it was a remarkable demonstration of allied unity and mutual dependence .

The relationship between general practitioners and district health authorities needs to be explicitly recognised as one of mutual dependence rather than competition.

If anything a mutual dependence was growing.

The mutual dependence of profitability and growth, as we will see, makes the assessment of management motivation particularly problematical.

In a way, it has to be put down to mutual dependence .

The meal, like a ritual communion, had confirmed the curious, unspoken, mutual dependence which bound them.

When two parties live in harmony, neither makes much fuss and mutual dependence may pass unobserved.

There is much cooperation, co-existence and mutual dependence - but there is also dynamic and ruthless competition.


All of them were vaguely connected by work, or school, or mutual friends .

Hey, brother, one thing: I remember I said a couple of things about our mutual friend .

It was enough to have discovered one true mutual friend whose testimony could be relied upon.

His earliest rape, of a 19year-old girl, happened the previous year after they met via a mutual friend .

We met through mutual friends a couple months ago, and we see each other most weekends.

She was a staunch Methodist and a great admirer of our mutual friend Edna Jacques, of whom we often spoke.

He did not say so, but I presumed that a mutual friend had told him about my separation and divorce.


Whilst I am still in favour of a mutual fund , I think the current risk banding is rubbish.

Mellon has been trying to increase net income from fee-based businesses such as its Dreyfus Corp. mutual funds .

We have these Fidelity mutual fund accounts: Equity Income, $ 22, 000.

I am 39, and like so many of the baby boomers, I have invested in mutual funds .

Masses of people who never went into stocks are pouring their life blood in mutual funds .

And the ocean of money pouring into mutual funds provided the tide that lifted the stock market for most of the year.

Institutional investors such as mutual funds are more skittish and can bail out after a few quarters of soft earnings.

And mutual fund technology has blossomed, making it easy to shift from one fund to another.


I am 39, and like so many of the baby boomers, I have invested in mutual funds .

A surprising number of mutual funds have already tumbled 8 %, 10 % or even more so far in 1996.

Sure, you will boost performance if you manage to pick a few hot stocks or some superstar mutual funds .

In comparison, just $ 22 billion was invested in mutual funds in 1990.

That volatility has risen as the stocks become increasingly concentrated in the hands of a relatively few mutual funds .

And in mutual funds , this was the year when almost every fund manager proved to be a genius.


The mutual help system has to take into account things like holidays and emergency backup.

Tolerance and under-standing are almost always fostered by mutual help .

It was agreed that thanks are due to all retiring Chaplains for their service, mutual help and fellowship.

That has always been one of the most heartening aspects of county cricket: mutual help , irrespective of the teams they represent.


The two casts of characters, although ostensibly cooperating to solve a crime of mutual interest , detest each other.

He should mention it, alert her in their mutual interest .

The officials were eager to stress the mutual interests of our two countries and a future full of cooperation.

The meetings provided an opportunity to exchange information about future events and to discuss problems of mutual interest .

The participating States also envisage holding future seminars on topics of mutual interest .

The two will explore areas of mutual interest in interactive three-dimensional software technologies and virtual reality for Mac and Windows desktop boxes.

And thus sealed together by a mutual loss rather than mutual interest , their friendship had begun.


They look at each other in mutual love and self-giving, a trinity yet together revealing the unity of the Godhead.

Gradually they began building a rapport based on this mutual love for creating structures.

Good discipline is mainly based on mutual love and respect.

It is possible for both parents and children to show mutual love and respect in spite of their very different views.

Later, they discovered that they had a mutual love of reading mysteries and thrillers.

How close were they really, in matters other than their mutual love ?

He imagines their life together, their marriage, a sweet existence of mutual love and mutual companionship.


There are also chapters on those areas most affected by the Seventh Directive: harmonisation, equivalence and mutual recognition .

The mutual recognition of ministers and members that is inherent in all union schemes plays a crucial role here.

The 1991 Basic Agreement, which looked forward to a peace treaty and mutual recognition , can also be reaffirmed.

There has to be a mutual recognition among the partners to sacrifice income.

However faster progress is being achieved via the mechanism of mutual recognition .

Steps towards free movement of labour have been taken by use of mutual recognition of many vocational qualifications.

But harmonization will now concentrate on the essentials - the peripherals will be left to a process of mutual recognition by states.

Initially mutual recognition has been targeted at the professions and holders of higher level qualifications.


In this liaison there should be a great deal of give and take, generating trust and mutual respect .

Love and submission and mutual respect is certainly just as important as the success of the new church.

Do they criticize each other in interviews, or speak with mutual respect ?

As the months passed the Colonel and the commandant's mutual respect grew.

According to friends of both, there is a mutual respect between the two.

A conventional union based on love and mutual respect is, quite clearly, impossible to maintain.

It is a barrier that has short-circuited communication and blocked mutual respect .


His two-term governorship has been an exercise in incessant mutual support between Texas business and Texas politics.

Something whole, something alive dwells in that mutual support .

Free discussion about attitudes to a problem will relieve anxiety, and mutual support can be obtained.

Theirs was a relationship based upon expediency and convenience, not one of compatibility and mutual support .

While the canal boatmen were away without their families the women who remained were drawn together for mutual support .

Tonight eight children would be married, thus forming important alliances and mutual support between families which would last lifetimes.

Housegroups A vital means to expressing and achieving mutual support in the fight for the kingdom is the small group.

Positive long-term acceptance of the child involves the parents' mutual support throughout the time after birth.


Instead there would be the dismal apparatus of mutual suspicion familiar to every accountant.

A further conference at La Ferté-Bernard in July 1168 met in an atmosphere of mutual suspicion and broke up with nothing achieved.

But at Eindhoven the organisation was unable to prevent fraternisation between the two sides leaping from mutual suspicion into whirlwind romance.

This general detente has not, however, dispelled decades of mutual suspicion .

Newt-bashing camouflages the mutual suspicion between the president and his supposed friends in Congress.

Novel approaches to Roma exclusion may have to be attempted to overcome mutual suspicion .


This ensures good eye contact which is very important in promoting mutual trust and confidence between members.

And they deeply understood how to integrate work and fun to promote mutual trust , learning, and performance.

The partners' duties A vital component of a partnership is the mutual trust between partners.

Leadership without mutual trust is a contradiction in terms.

Hostages are a useful as well as a time-honoured gesture of mutual trust .

Maintaining that vital balance between faith and doubt, preserving that mutual trust , is a primary task for any leader.

Leader-member relations are good if they all look forward to working together and there is mutual trust and respect.

Successful partnerships must be based upon a sense of security and mutual trust .


And DeVore, hearing it, had felt he had used it like some secret password; some token of mutual understanding .

By tacit, mutual understanding they returned to the school separately.

It is establishing and keeping up mutual understanding between an organisation and the people it wants to reach.

The programme of the same name will promote growth in mutual understanding and cross community awareness between Protestant and Catholic communities.

Both stressed in particular the importance of the informal Camp David meetings in strengthening mutual understanding and trust.

It must also ensure a mutual understanding of each others needs should such an act, or similar, occur.

There was no farewell kiss, merely a nod of mutual understanding .


the feeling is mutual

Well, if Dave doesn't want to play with me, then the feeling is mutual.


A good marriage should be based on mutual love and respect.

An investment in my company would be to our mutual benefit.

Baker will leave the company shortly by mutual agreement.

He was very much in love with Hilda and the feeling appeared to be mutual .

The couple were introduced to each other by a mutual friend.

The meeting broke up in an atmosphere of mutual irritation.

They would meet every week to discuss matters of mutual interest.

We have mutual respect for each other's work.


A mutual therapy session for emotionally dislocated correspondents.

But it was a remarkable demonstration of allied unity and mutual dependence.

But the movie character and the real-life teacher do share a mutual dream of earning their livings as composers of music.

For three years, Kevin Furr watched his retirement savings go next to nowhere in a mutual fund.

Together, the two players in the development process must have a sense of mutual responsibility for projects.

What started with high hopes for mutual support among poor countries was confounded by market forces.

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