Meaning of MUTUAL in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ ˈmyü-chə-wəl, -chəl, -chü-əl; ˈmyüch-wəl ]


Etymology: Middle French mutuel, from Latin mutuus lent, borrowed, mutual, from mutare to change — more at mutable

Date: 15th century


a. : directed by each toward the other or the others

mutual affection

b. : having the same feelings one for the other

they had long been mutual enemies

c. : shared in common

enjoying their mutual hobby

d. : joint

2. : characterized by intimacy

3. : of or relating to a plan whereby the members of an organization share in the profits and expenses ; specifically : of, relating to, or taking the form of an insurance method in which the policyholders constitute the members of the insuring company

• mu·tu·al·ly adverb

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