Meaning of NATIONWIDE in English




a national/nationwide campaign

The walk was part of a national campaign to raise £900,000.

a national/nationwide chain

He was head of a national chain of grocery stores.

a national/nationwide strike (= all over the country )

In April 1984 the National Union of Mineworkers called a national strike.

a nationwide appeal

The missing 15-year-old was found yesterday after a nationwide appeal for help.

a nationwide search (= in every part of a country )

Kim was missing for two months, prompting a nationwide search.




Meanwhile, political and ethnic strife in Bosnia have steadily mounted in the run-up to nationwide elections there on September 14.


We are well qualified and equipped to do this through our committed and trained people and our nationwide network of local offices.

The fear is that a nationwide network of police computers could swap unsubstantiated gossip and suspicion about individuals.

Ellis was trapped after Liverpool trading standards officers, posing as dealers, smashed a nationwide network of underground sellers.


Another nationwide poll taken last month by the Los Angeles Times gave the Democrats a seven-point edge.

It is likely to be its party chairman Gennady Zyuganov, who now leads nationwide polls for president.


So effective was their network that pro-democracy groups were able to organise two unusual nationwide protests .

Rabbi Wise called for nationwide protests .

Beida was slow to become involved, but their ultimate participation completed the final link in the nationwide protest .

Opposition leaders said they would try to stage nationwide protests , but previous opposition rallies have met only lukewarm support.


A £100,000 nationwide search , involving a helicopter, was launched.

Her disappearance prompted a nationwide search .

Her successor would be selected after a nationwide search , and a thorough vetting by the appropriate parish committees.

Will interim athletic director Paul Bubb be deemed the most-qualified candidate after a nationwide search is conducted?

The horrifying news sent the Ciprianos on a nationwide search to find the best possible treatment for their daughter.

Klaas was missing for two months, prompting a nationwide search .

A nationwide search was under way for a typical coed.


Industrial action On June 6, 1990, there was a 24-hour nationwide strike to protest against the latest austerity measures.

Since nearly all passenger trains included Pullmans, a nationwide strike resulted.

May 24 saw further nationwide strikes and demonstrations in 12 cities.


It is one of the findings of a nationwide survey carried out by the Bitumen Association.

A subject chosen following a nationwide survey . £60,000 advertising campaign.

A nationwide survey completed May 16 showed that Clinton is reaping a political windfall with support from women.

The latest nationwide survey showed Clinton defeating Dole 56 percent to 39 percent in a hypothetical two-way race.


The President announced this action and explained its background to a startled nation over nationwide television on 22 October.


Yorick had wanted the Hammersmith Odeon for his comeback concert, followed by a nationwide tour of Britain's major cities.

The eighty-three year old Nobel Peace prize winner is currently on a nationwide tour .


nationwide/city-wide etc


A nationwide hunt was launched yesterday for the killer of 13-year-old Nicola Jones.

The case got nationwide attention.

We have 350 sales outlets nationwide .

Workers held nationwide strikes and demonstrations all over Spain.


A period of nationwide mourning was declared for Jan. 23-28.

May 24 saw further nationwide strikes and demonstrations in 12 cities.

The nationwide initiative in evangelism, another of his personally inspired outreach projects, showed similar faults.

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