Meaning of NATIONWIDE in English


na ‧ tion ‧ wide /ˌneɪʃ ə nˈwaɪd◂, ˈneɪʃ ə nwaɪd/ BrE AmE adjective [usually before noun]

happening or existing in every part of the country SYN countrywide :

a nationwide search for a missing British tourist

nationwide television

—nationwide adverb :

We have 350 sales outlets nationwide.

• • •


▪ everywhere adverb in or to every country or area of the world, or in or to every part of a place:

Poverty affects children everywhere.


I've been looking everywhere for my keys.

▪ everyplace adverb American English spoken everywhere:

There you are. I've been looking for you everyplace.

▪ all over preposition, adverb everywhere on a surface or in a place:

Jack's clothes were all over the floor.


Teams from all over the world will be taking part.


Fry the potatoes until they are brown all over.

▪ worldwide adverb, adjective everywhere in the world:

The Olympic Games are watched by people worldwide.


The show has a worldwide audience of 50 million viewers.

▪ nationwide adverb, adjective in all parts of a particular country:

a nationwide study of adolescents


The company has over 200 stores nationwide.

▪ throughout adverb , preposition in every part of an area or place:

The house is carpeted throughout.


He travelled throughout Scotland.

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