Meaning of NEGATIVE in English

I. adjective


a bad/negative image

It’s difficult to explain why the industry has such a bad image.

Many negative images of women are found in the media.

a bad/negative impression

Arriving late for an interview gives a very negative impression.

a bad/negative influence

He thought her friends were a bad influence.

a negative consequence (= a bad or unpleasant result )

the negative consequences of drinking too much alcohol

a negative correlation (= showing that two things are not likely to exist together )

Is there a negative correlation between a person's weight and the distance they walk on an average day?

a negative emotion (= anger, fear, hate etc )

It’s not easy learning how to deal with negative emotions.

a negative point

A few negative points should be mentioned.

a negative reaction (= showing that someone disagrees or dislikes something )

We are concerned about the negative reaction of some of our customers.

a negative response

In Russia, the planned expansion provoked a negative response.

a negative stereotype

We should avoid negative stereotypes regarding the performance of older workers.

a negative/minus number (= a number that is less than zero )

Can a negative number have a square root?

a negative/pessimistic outlook

This pessimistic outlook on their lives leads to depression.

a positive/negative comment

There were some very positive comments in the report.

double negative

HIV positive/negative (= having or not having HIV in your body )

negative aspect

We have to consider tourism’s negative aspects.

negative equity

negative (= showing that someone does not have a condition )

All the tests came back negative.

negative/damaging (= having a bad effect )

The expansion of the airport would have a negative impact on the environment.

negative/detrimental (= bad or harmful )

the negative effects of low rainfall

positive/good/poor/negative self-image

Depression affects people with a poor self-image.

positive/negative terminal


The entire experience has been very positive.

Many people reported having negative experiences when dealing with their local council.


A positive attitude is essential if you want to be successful.

Many teenagers have a very negative attitude towards cooking.

test positive/negative (for sth)

Athletes who test positive for steroids are immediately banned.

the positive/negative side

On the positive side, the authors have assembled a wealth of useful material.




In general, attitudes to science itself became more negative .

You can always interpret things in a more positive light or a more negative light.

Notice that the enthalpies of formation of solid compounds tend to be more negative than the enthalpies of formation of gases.

The results were not surprising: Work-inhibited students had more negative self-concepts than did students who per-formed their schoolwork.

And each time Charles looked at his progress it seemed more negative .

An even more negative view of such studies has been taken in academic psychology.

Further, women often describe these early experiences in noticeably more negative terms than men.

At each stage the judgement becomes more general, more negative and more personal.


This has tended to foster a very negative attitude towards this form of provision and the staff who work in such units.

He presents a very negative view of Tombstone and the people here.

But most journalists take a very negative line on things.

This is very negative for the arts in general.

A lot of reports said we were very negative and cynical against the scum.

These opening remarks must seem very negative .

They will not do this if all the recent most regrettable and very negative publicity persists.

My immediate concern is that the tone of your coverage was very negative , speculative, and highly opinionated.



Alexander, who was sharply critical of Forbes' negative ads , appeared to benefit from running a positive campaign.


These questions should be designed so that a positive answer indicates a strength, a negative answer a weakness.

Besides, I was not at all sure that she had given a negative answer to my question.

The negative answer proposed in this chapter raises some prior questions about policies intended to treat men and women as equals.

Some have questioned whether small villages can be afforded, and most economic evidence in the 1970s suggested a negative answer .


The imperative to change comes from one of two sources, each of which has positive and negative aspects .

However, the negative aspect of this is that without people browsing freely, the magic of public networks will disappear.

We should also, however, add a comment on a negative aspect , concerning the idea of applicability.

For centuries we women have gloated over the one negative aspect of aging more evident in men than women: balding.

The book dispels many of the negative aspects of growing older.

Each course of action has some positive and some negative aspects .

But there are two negative aspects .

Both the positive and the negative aspects of the Monroe Doctrine were often repeated and reaffirmed in later years.


Many of the female students had been academic failures at school and had negative attitudes to teachers.

Her work suffered and her supervisor noticed an unusually negative attitude towards colleagues and customers alike.

Such questions indicate how complex and deeply rooted are some of our negative attitudes to the aged.

The negative attitudes lurk undetected till a social upheaval forces them to the surface.

As Chapter 4 showed, the need to complete a task within a set period may produce a negative attitude towards it.

Your negative attitude may be the best signal you have to begin rebuilding a relationship before it is too late.

This will do more to inspire public confidence than the prison officers' negative attitude .

If positive attitudes about religion seem to encourage health, negative attitudes might jeopardize it, he reasons.


His negative comments , however accurate, were converted into slights, compounded by Johnson's nationality and famous stature.

Avoid at all costs unnecessary negative comments when speaking to a work-inhibited student.

Our Susan and Vera saga in Bewley's is not that far-fetched and it replaces negative comment in many cases.

Can teachers be sued for making negative comments about students in classrooms or in the teachers' lounge?

From a basis of low expectations, and extremely negative comments , George W's standing can probably only improve.

We made amendments to our procedures on the advice of the support group, but we still expected negative comments .

Every negative comment was a deep wound because he wanted everyone to love him.

Forty-six percent were in favour, 46 percent against residential homes, with 6 percent making both positive and negative comments .


It was also a positive term with none of the negative connotations of Nonconformist or Dissenter.

In recent years multimedia has taken on a negative connotation in the computer industry.

If one accepts this interpretation then the third-person form would not have the negative connotations defined so sharply by John Lyons.

Others know only the negative connotations of the word.


As will be seen, however, this high commitment of the training staff had both positive and negative consequences .

And will the label have negative consequences for the person to whom it is applied?

What Simmel accomplishes is a realization of the inseparability of the positive and negative consequences of these social transformations.

This report deals with the positive and negative consequences of activities and behaviors from a health and medical point of view.

The negative consequences of inappropriate behaviour should be predictable to the child: he/she should know what to expect.

Lack of this awareness can have serious negative consequences .

And I have indicated some of the negative consequences of pragmatic failure.

If such labeling had some positive effects, it might be worth risking the negative consequences for those who are labeled abnormal.


Normally the antisense probe is used to detect mRNA whereas the sense probe serves as a negative control .

One negative control sampled was processed for every three tissue samples examined.

An irrelevant monoclonal antibody, J13, to human small intestinal brush border membranes served as a negative control .

As negative controls , additional sections were stained with appropriately diluted normal rabbit or sheep sera.

A negative control , in which the primary antibody was omitted, was performed for all sections.

Each set of sections included a positive colorectal carcinoma control , and a negative control in which the primary antibody was omitted.

And how far can negative controls succeed in raising public standards?


Numerous studies have shown a consistent negative correlation between age and participation in virtually every sporting activity.

We found significant negative correlations in faeces between soluble fatty acids and bile acids and insoluble calcium and phosphate.

However, for exemplars of the less risky junctions a negative correlation was observed.

This correlation is confirmed in the regression model which also shows a negative correlation with education level of project leader.


It was almost inevitable that this would have a negative effect on any innovative work.

While the net negative effect on employment is small, this apparently minor response masks some disturbing compositional changes.

These results show a significant positive effect of maturity on volatility, and this contradicts the Samuelson hypothesis of a negative effect.

He was not concerned with long-term negative effects .

The negative effects , however, were the less welcome members of society coming and going quite freely.

As a practical matter, hydrogen use has some negative effects .

With Ian, his inner sensitivity has a negative effect mainly in his working environment.

Numerous statistical studies find negative effects of family disruption on outcomes for children.


Muddy colours in the aura indicate negative emotions or ill health; clear colours are generally a positive sign.

Conscious work on negative emotions makes the entrance of positive emotions more and more certain, as each day passes.

But all people have experience of negative emotions such as fear and anger.

We begin by looking at the negative emotions .

The more positive emotions come from the inner part of the emotional centre, the negative emotions from the outer part.

As I have already suggested, unless care is taken, work in the house can become a focus for negative emotions .

While we are the prey of negative emotions we merely exist.


The risk of another plague of negative equity in the highly-priced areas must now be significant.

Those with negative equity clearly benefit from higher prices, but many others gain from lower ones.

Dave Escott bought at the height of the boom, and any back rent will only add to his negative equity .


There are conflicting reports as to whether negative feedback inhibition exists in humans and whether it is mediated by cholecystokinin.

To survive, they learned to cope with the stresses associated with negative feedback and emotions.

In addition, even if overall negative feedback is used, it has low overall distortion.

Conceptually, the electrical negative feedback loop is a toilet flusher or thermostat.

We are now trying to find out the details of this negative feedback system.

This form of game-playing begins with praise of a peer, and ends with negative feedback on that peer.

Positive feedback enhances the initial release, but this is soon curtailed as the accumulation of calcium activates the negative feedback component.


In all likelihood, the racially polarized vote will reinforce Mississippi's negative image far beyond its borders.

Moreover, critics say that many of the black-themed shows are demeaning and filled with negative images .

Lateral reversal a positive or negative image transposed from left to right as in a mirror reflection of the original.

A lot of people stood by me, despite the negative images and what people were saying.

Napoli 99 is a private organisation founded in1984 to improve the negative image that the city was acquiring.

He may even believe the negative image that has been presented of him cost him a spot on the latest Dream Team.

Many pre-school poetry collections include material which presents negative images of older people.

Brown led the opposition campaign, and later criticized the media for creating a negative image of the Legislature.


While this has not affected sales, it has had a negative impact on profits, Sage noted.

This changing scene has both positive and negative impacts on the technology transfer process.

The telecoms sector had the biggest negative impact on the market.


They will not do this if all the recent most regrettable and very negative publicity persists.


Those who seek to lead must act with subtlety and caution or they will meet with strong negative reactions .

The absence of negative reaction was almost eerie.

The evidence is of both positive and negative reactions to the older worker as employee and co-worker.

Their negative reaction was added impetus.

The trauma is still exerting an influence, but in the negative reactions it pushes against the trauma being recreated.

He had news ... news which would doubtless upset Georgi Kirov, and he feared the man's negative reaction .

This relative freedom from negative reaction is what I imagine most people mean when they say they are happy in their work.

Packford summed up a lot of the negative reaction to left-wing journalism.


He found only a weak negative relationship between the two variables.

This figure can be redrawn with the maturity on the horizontal axis to show the negative relationship between volatility and maturity.

The division of the stimuli into right and left turns demonstrated separate positive and negative relationships between risk and recognition sensitivity.

Therefore, it is likely that subsequent empirical studies will confirm this negative relationship for index futures.

It is also possible to construct an independent argument for a negative relationship between volume and maturity.

If the prediction is correct then a negative relationship should be observed.


Where there is a definite negative response put 0 percent.

Some Quakers began to denounce slavery beyond their circle in society at large, and they drew negative response for doing so.

This negative response created great distress to Mrs X as she has her heart set on becoming an embalmer.

But Dole countered with a heavily negative response .

Few things can be more guaranteed to create a negative response than the sight of husband and wife sparring in public.

The intended result of such treatment is to reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption by producing a negative response to alcohol.

This negative and careless attitude on the part of the teacher can only help to stimulate a negative response among his students.

Behavior eliciting a negative response decreased in frequency.


Comparison with and without adjustment for smoking gave similarly negative results .

So no real number, positive or negative , squares to produce a negative result .

Gram staining and culture gave negative results .

The investigation, he concluded without surprise, yielded negative results .

However, it allows only about one third of patients to be diagnosed and therefore a negative result has little value.

Even failures to replicate are not very interesting to the journals; experiments with negative results therefore rarely get reported.

The boy was screened for inborn errors, with negative results .

The other two women had negative results at baseline and acquired infections that had persisted for 36 months at time of biopsy.


There is a positive and negative side to these terms.

Tests in mice and rats showed no signs of negative side effects.

The pad which is already joined to the metal insert case is the negative side .

I learned a lot from heron both the positive and negative sides .

Naturally, Amnesty International has its own image, reputation and integrity to protect, and sponsorship can have its negative side .

The negative side of reputation is stigma.

Liking your negative qualities Learn to accept your positive and negative sides .

There is also a negative side-sports injuries.


The sperm is stored and frozen until the second negative test result is confirmed.

Most people with negative tests will get a recorded message.

There are also negative tests of its impact.


She also played in the Curtis Cup for a second time - but that was where the negative thoughts began to rear.

Replace any negative thoughts or statements with positive ones.

Because some one told you something and your imagination got to work, generating negative thoughts and images that gripped you.

Such a positive attitude will override any negative thoughts .

Failure to think positively means that negative thoughts have come into his mind.

The practitioner will be aiming to dispel any negative thoughts about marathon running from your mind.

Perhaps you have not processed all your negative thoughts and beliefs?

Clear your mind of all negative thoughts and believe.


Class Status derives from the tendency of people to accord positive and negative values to human attributes and to distribute respect accordingly.

The negative values correspond to the spin pointing mainly in the opposite direction to that being measured.

As in the case of calls, puts can never have a negative value , hence:.

A negative value was assigned to pollution, and stripping the forests and poisoning farmlands.

However, for normal fixed-point binary arithmetic, we wish to have a range of positive and negative values .

Nor can one conclude that the world was understood to be totally evil and, therefore, assigned a negative value .

In fact it is possible, particularly on inner-city sites, for land to have a negative value .

Similarly, a negative value for v t will suggest a fall in expected income but no accompanying fall in consumption expenditure.


Once again, childhood loss is seen as the origin of this negative view .

He presents a very negative view of Tombstone and the people here.

Social workers and their managers generally held negative views about care.

At the end of his first six months in office, 45 percent of Texans surveyed held a negative view of Clinton.

Other factors contributing to a negative view of Britain were the royal family, violence in Northern Ireland and racial intolerance.

Most people have been conditioned from earliest childhood to fear and have extremely negative views about homosexuals and homosexuality.

The case for markets However, not all socialists take a negative view of the market.

I had a negative view of the publisher, and I transferred that perception to her.


positive/negative reinforcement

However, because reinforcement is derived from the termination of noxious events, it is referred to as negative reinforcement.

So positive reinforcement is anything that happens soon after the behaviour in question that is welcomed by the recipient.

Sometimes positive reinforcement does not require words.

Teachers are not the only ones who may give positive reinforcement .

The general principle on which response-cost is based, is referred to by psychologists as negative reinforcement .

This is known as positive reinforcement .

This, however, would not be positive so much as negative reinforcement , ie it was nice when the pressure stopped.

What are the sources of negative and positive reinforcement people might expect from organizational arrangements? 4.


Negative publicity has harmed the group's ability to get things done.

a negative pregnancy test

All the athletes' drugs tests were negative .

Anne's pregnancy test was negative .

Critics said the article portrayed Latinos in negative way.

Do you know how to multiply negative numbers?

Doctors have a duty to inform patients of the possible negative side-effects of the drug.

I wish you'd stop being so negative all the time!

My bank statement shows a negative balance.

Our request received a negative reply.

Tanya has a really negative self-image.

The agreement has had a negative impact on jobs.

The first brain scan proved negative .

The portrayal of working women in the media tends to be very negative .

The Red Cross said it had virtually no stocks of type O negative blood available.

The school environment can be a negative force as well as a positive one.

There has been a negative return on our investment.

You shouldn't let his negative comments get you down - he doesn't know what he's talking about.


A negative belonging, if you like.

Concavity and negative forms are associated with elastic orifices, suction, closure and decline.

Each executive selected an episode that he wished to redesign so that it would not have negative consequences.

It slopes downward and to the right because the relationship it portrays between price and quantity demanded is negative or inverse.

Police kept her locked up in a cell until she gave a negative breath test and was deemed fit to leave.

Starks was taken to a local hospital for X-rays, which came back negative .

This does not mean that boys never hear negative stories about themselves.

You can always interpret things in a more positive light or a more negative light.

II. noun




Thus for every 80 correctly predicted we will have 20 false negatives and 200 false positives.

The percentage of false negatives generated by a cancer test was therefore of great concern.

In contrast to filtering the single-copy hybridisation data, false negatives have a higher effect on the correct determination of patterns.


Another negative was the increase in unemployment.


FoxTrax had a few built-in negatives in its debut.

I've stolen photos and negatives from the photographic laboratory.

It helped her not to dwell on negatives and improved her role as a provider.

The search is now on for more negatives to eliminate.

The third negative applies in the high-technology sectors.

Thus for every 80 correctly predicted we will have 20 false negatives and 200 false positives.

III. verb


Finally, there may be something to be said for a non-exhaustive list of situations in which consent will be negatived.

It required not the affirmance, and could not be negatived, by the state governments.

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