Meaning of NEGATIVE in English



Function: noun

Date: 1571

1 a (1) : a reply that indicates the withholding of assent : REFUSAL (2) archaic : a right of veto (3) obsolete : an adverse vote : VETO b : a proposition which denies or contradicts another especially : the one of a pair of propositions in which negation is expressed

2 a : something that is the opposite or negation of something else b : DRAWBACK , LIABILITY

3 a : an expression (as the word no ) of negation or denial b : a negative number

4 : the side that upholds the contradictory proposition in a debate

5 : a negative photographic image on transparent material used for printing positive pictures also : the material that carries such an image

6 : a reverse impression taken from a piece of sculpture or ceramics

7 : a negative result (as of a test) <a high rate of false negative s > also : a test yielding such a result

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