Meaning of NEUTRAL in English

I. adjective


a neutral colour (= one that matches other colours easily, for example white or cream )

a neutral position (= not supporting either side in an argument )

The US claimed that Jordan had abandoned its neutral position and sided with Iraq.

carbon neutral

Costa Rica wants to be the first developing country to become carbon neutral.

neutral territory (= a place or country that is not controlled by either of the groups or countries involved in a war )

After crossing the frontier post, he would be safe in neutral territory.




The role chosen by the teacher here is as neutral as possible, to avoid confrontation, effectively a messenger.

He described his proposals for the coming year as neutral because he did not want to hamper recovery.


He makes it clear that pursuing money is distasteful but having money is morally neutral .


We can rephrase Jenkin's argument in a more neutral analogy.

There are techniques that help make communication more neutral , less emotional.

Some nationwide systems of Bolshevik political control are examined in the next chapter, whereas here more neutral communications networks are studied.

Oil, a liquid hydrocarbon, is a more neutral fuel.

My response is, in brief, that no-supply is not more neutral than even-handed supply.


Since none of the available usages are politically neutral , I see no value in prescribing one over the others.

But opera is politically neutral and the Khabarovsk opera house was vacant most of the time.

It is also a politically neutral location which is vital with respect to some of the datasets it contains.

Anything directed at rolling up narcotics distribution networks in the United States was politically neutral and therefore acceptable.

One myth that prevails in advanced industrial societies, for example, is that technology is politically neutral .

We need to be more sensitive to the messages underlying what are seen as politically neutral questions.



Water condition: Very indifferent to water hardness, but prefers a slightly acid to neutral condition .

Although there were additional conditions in the Heuer and Reisberg study the interesting comparison is between the arousal and neutral conditions.

Water condition: Soft water with slightly acid to neutral condition .

It thus tolerates a neutral condition .


The Congress endorsed a call for neutral countries to mediate between the belligerents.


If so, much of life is neutral ground upon which natural selection enacts its rare battles.

No memories, no ties: new ground and neutral ground, restful she called it.


This amounts to encouraging outsourcing, by taking a neutral position on who provides services.

Other institutions, such as the army, have taken a neutral position .

The lever is light but almost sluggish in its return to the neutral position .

The Clinton administration, though generally supporting open markets, had taken a neutral position on the banana question.

It is important that all limbs are fully supported in a neutral position while the patient is anaesthetized.

That camp still advocated casting to hold joints in neutral positions .

If servos are connected to the outputs, they should immediately drive to the neutral position .

Now, with no directing signals to orientate it, the shallow dish had automatically set itself in the neutral position .


However, there is no neutral site .

But changing the World Series to a neutral site would be a much more fundamental change than any of these.


Nor was the aim ever to destroy an opponent since this might draw neutral states into a hostile coalition.


In this war, there's no neutral territory .

We chatted noncommittally in the kitchen, neutral territory .

That was why he had tried to reach Cantor by phone and arrange a meeting in some neutral territory .

Beginning in the more neutral territory , I ask what leads her to seek incarceration for a kid.


So look for a neutral tone carpet, in shades of blue, pink or green with perhaps a delicate floral design.

The apparently objective, ideologically neutral tone of Chronique de septembre is deceptive, however.

More neutral tones are advised in the more modern home as that will allow the widest choice of complementary furnishings and decoration.

Here, black has come up from the streets and into the drawing room; overleaf, neutral tones assert themselves.


Water condition: Soft, neutral water.

It is best cultivated in soft, moderately acid or neutral water and is the most suitable species for aquariums and terrariums.


Otherwise the neutral zone can become an utterly bewildering array of possibilities.


a dress in a neutral fabric

Civil servants are supposed to be politically neutral .

Gladioli prefer a neutral or slightly acidic soil.

Rather than describing Ross as her boyfriend, Claire preferred the neutral term "friend."

Switzerland remained neutral during World War II.

The game will be held at a neutral site.

To avoid ugly scenes, choose neutral topics for discussion.


As an outside observer drawn into the Statementing process by the professionals involved, I had a neutral but not disinterested role.

But they are also a zingy accent in a neutral room.

How can anything which can elicit two such opposing but adamant replies be neutral ?

Many therapists took a neutral stance on the issue rather than trying to save marriages.

Some patients had voiced initial apprehension about their continuing to receive medication, but most were thought to be neutral about fundholding.

The army, on the other hand, has remained largely neutral in the unprecedented fight to force democratic reform from Milosevic.

The role chosen by the teacher here is as neutral as possible, to avoid confrontation, effectively a messenger.

What if language is not a neutral system capable of objective description and analysis?

II. noun


In 1917, U.S. neutrality ended when two of their ships were torpedoed.

Vera dresses mostly in neutrals.


Bamboo pieces also suit rooms painted white and in shades of green, browns and neutrals.

However, the U-pattern shift without clearly marked neutrals does make the work easier.

The neutrals were delighted with the result in Paris: Balestre 29 votes, Mosley 43.

These reds function as a neutral , and manufacturers paired them with just about everything.

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