Meaning of NEUTRAL in English

[neu.tral] n (15c) 1: one that is neutral

2: a neutral color

3: a position of disengagement (as of gears)

[2]neutral adj [MF, fr. (assumed) ML neutralis, fr. L, of neuter gender, fr. neutr-, neuter] (1549) 1: not engaged on either side; specif: not aligned with a political or ideological grouping "a ~ nation"

2: of or relating to a neutral state or power "~ territory" 3 a: not decided or pronounced as to characteristics: indifferent b (1): achromatic (2): nearly achromatic c (1): neuter 3 (2): lacking stamens or pistils d: neither acid nor basic e: not electrically charged

4: produced with the tongue in the position it has when at rest -- adv -- neu.tral.ness n

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