Meaning of NEVER in English



He’ll never buy that

‘Let’s just say it was an accident.’ ‘ He’ll never buy that .’

it never entered sb’s head/mind (= used to say that someone never considered a particular idea, especially when this is surprising )

It never entered his head that she might be seeing someone else.

Life is never dull when

Life is never dull when Elizabeth is here.

Never a dull moment (= it’s always interesting or exciting )

Last week we had a hurricane. Never a dull moment running a hotel in the Caribbean .

never cease to amaze me (= I am always surprised by them )

The things people will do for charity never cease to amaze me .

never ceased to amaze

It never ceased to amaze him that women were attracted to Sam.

never known (= have never experienced )

I’ve never known this to happen in all the time I’ve worked here.

never (= he never shouts )

I’ve never known him to shout .

never learns

I’ve told him a hundred times not to bully people, but he never learns .

never touch the stuff (= never drink alcohol )

My grandfather was an alcoholic but I never touch the stuff .

not/never in your wildest dreams (= used to say that you had never expected something to happen )

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would win the competition.

sb will never know/no one will ever know

Just take it. No one will ever know.

the thought has (never) crossed my mind (= used to tell someone you have thought of the thing they are suggesting, or have never thought of it )

there’s never a dull moment (= something is always exciting or full of activity )

There’s never a dull moment with Chris around!

you never know (= used when you cannot be sure about something, but something good might happen )

I doubt I’ll win, but you never know .




His ingenuity and artistry never ceased to intrigue the others.

His daughter's beauty had never ceased to surprise the chief inspector.

It never ceases to amaze me!

It never ceases to amaze me what human beings can do when they have to dig deep.

It never ceased to amaze me how he could do it.

Would her mother soon be with Patrick, the child she had never ceased to mourn?

Frye never ceased to be amazed by how little they knew, how unfamiliar they were with the basic routines of school.


But slices of bad luck never come singly.

No doubt her husband would never come back.

So they send one of their servants down to force it open, but he never comes back.

The five who slept in quarters near her, but never came in the night.

In fact, Brown never came to the stadium because he was home, and probably vomiting.

She went there in the Fifties and never came back.

But its spotlight circled seas at least a half-mile from him, never coming close.


I personally would never do it.

It can never do all things at once.

Nadine never did , had never, as far as Becky could remember, sewn on so much as a button.

He never did less than the best he knew how.

She never does anything without a purpose.

I would never do it, but he deserves it and thinking about it helps me.

That's why we never do it any more.

Never did she ask leading questions or provide suggestions.


Wella's high quality, creamy formulations give you a look you never dreamed you could achieve at home.

They never dreamed of getting them back.

In fact, I never dreamed of being a Springbok.

People often display powers in time of fire that they would never dream of in ordinary life.

When he woke it was suddenly, and to a sight of beauty he had never dreamed he might see.

He never dreamed he would be the butt of such a classic, almost vaudevillian joke.

Murder was to make him something he had always suspected he might be, but had never dreamed of becoming - interesting.

I never dream about my mother as I knew her.


And why does the process never fail ?

A young man who never failed , failing.

Love never gives up; and its faith, hope and patience never fail .

He redistributed clumps of parsley a garnish that for some reason never failed to be available in the markets.

This mime of his never failed to invoke my deep defensiveness with regard to all things Kip.

Procris had given Cephalus a javelin that never failed to strike what it was aimed at.


She had never felt so loved, she decided sleepily, so cherished, so secure.

Fenella, tidying her hair for supper, thought she had never felt quite so alone in her life.

I had never felt pain like that before.

Mortal, I have never felt such great power wielded.

He had never felt anything like them.

It had never felt any hurt before.

The sun was hot, the sky pure blue, and Sam had never felt better.


Cuckney has never found it difficult switching from the public to the private sector, or viceversa.

We never found our rhythm that we need in order to open up a game.

He would never find out and I would never care.

But in many ways, Czerkawski never found acceptance in Boston.

People say that if you don't ask you get told more, but I have never found that to be true.

They were, in fat, distant cousins, something they never found out.

He'd never find it, in the dark and without a torch.

That snake, however, in all its wriggling, scaly glory, would never find its way into network fare.


But he commented that he has never forgotten what she said.

They never forget what it felt like to be fat.

What is important, though, is that we should never forget the Christmas message.

Never forget those pictures taken at Auschwitz and Buchenwald.

Male speaker Seventeen million people died in this war and we should never forget .

Yet she could know that he never forgot what her anguish would be when he died.

It is an experience I will never forget .

Never forget that the producer of the program is trying to grab you before you zap away to another news show.


And as for those who destroyed my Sunday all those years ago, I shall never forgive them.

The Rognes family, Paul and Florence, was devastated, and never forgave the insult.

I will never forgive you as long as I live, he said.

I will never forgive that doctor his callousness.

John never forgave Lawrence for breaking away and going into competition with him.

If I have ruined my child, I will never forgive myself.

Flora had never forgiven her husband for dying ten years before, leaving her badly off.

I think she never forgave me for organizing my friends against wearing hats to mass in 1965.


But hope that it may not be necessary, that Edward will never get so far.

The brain never got anything done because it never got everything coordinated.

I could never get a decent swing with my left hand, but at best I would use it only to repel boarders.

Finnane said he and Fitzgerald never got as far as negotiating with anybody, though San Francisco officials seemed to feel otherwise.

I shall never get a job again.

Fortunately, the proposal never gets very far.

He never got angry, he had no need for anti-perspirant.

While proving himself a good sport, Boone never gets his white bucks dirty on this high-concept project.


I would hide stones and Bess would rout round with her nose, never giving up until they were found.

Rudi considered F a punitive grade, and he almost never gave one out.

Amy had never given up trying to get control of her inheritance.

She knows I've got some, but I'd never give her the satisfaction of telling her how much.

She never gives orders out loud or leaves written instructions that might be found by a visiting wife or schoolteacher.

You never gave them keys to Madge.

My parents never gave me a penny after I turned sixteen.


She never went to anyone else's place without checking it first.

We were into the woods now, where downhill skiers never go .

The search didn't extend very far because Elsie never went more than two or three miles from home.

But he never went so far as to say he would make finding a solution a task for his second term.

However many times you did it, the knotted ball in the base of the stomach never went away.

Elton never showed up because he was never going to.

This kind of obscure approach is never going to win many people-but what's the alternative?

He never goes back more than ten years.


I think we were near deluding ourselves that Harry had never happened , that we'd done it all ourselves.

As previously stated, that never happened .

It's something that should never happen .

Cal has postponed the hearing that should never happen .

By evening it is as if the Love Parade had never happened .

It would never happen but it could.

Except that, ironically, it had never happened to him then.

We always pretended it had never happened .


She had never heard that Father had been apprenticed to another business in the town of Ballylee.

He also made it clear that he had never heard of me.

In all her born days she had never heard anything like it.

I had never heard her say that word.

She had never heard Henry talk like this before.

I never heard anything like it.

I never heard so much as a malicious word or imputation.

Children who had never heard a bedtime story and could not write their own names were crammed into classrooms by the dozens.


John never knew who I was.

Run it past your attorneys, you never know if they want to make some changes.

I will never know how I got through that day.

I had never known before that he had her nose.

This means that she sometimes appears as a person who backs off from intimacy; you never know what Jenny is feeling.

As we saw in discussing managerial character, many were pleased to discover internal resources they never knew they had.

They never knew when to give up.

Some one I had never known , never seen, never felt, but had always fantasized about.


Without their efforts, pupils would never learn that all-important principle of science, the controlled fair test.

The safe guess here: They will never learn ....

Jones never learned to sing and rarely lightened up his sloganeering.

An eccentric nobleman has never learned how to read a clock.

Is not it a fact that he never learns from experience?

You never learn , do you?

Their goslings never learned how to migrate, and their descendants live on.


He never left a low gear yet when I glanced over my shoulder he was miles clear.

The little girl never left my mind.

We resumed conversation almost as if we had never left off.

My mother, however, once she moved into our house on Tenth Street, never left it.

Her presence had never left me - throughout my worst hours, her pleasant entrances solaced my misery.

One woman I know never leaves her office.

Never leave keys for intruders to find and use.

Police should never leave or transport a sprayed suspect in a prone position because death may result from positional asphyxiation.


Never let that rub at your heart, my dear.

His gut geared into action instantly, and for two hours it never let up.

I never let on that my dad's brother, Uncle Joe, made me feel anxious.

They were in control of life and never let it buffet them about.

It started the very first morning, and after that he never let up.

But she never let on about her boyfriend's criminal past.

John, testified he had never let himself in.


I had never met anyone with mental problems.

Robbie had never met any of Caro's adopted family.

In fact, it had never met .

Nowadays, everyone seems to call everyone else by their first name, even though they've never met them before.

Jim had never met anyone quite like Peter Miller before.

He had never met Hindley Foster, some one who seemed very much on the periphery of their lives.

Surprisingly, the two men had never met .


Never mind the money, though.

You never minded taking a risk, and, of course, that's what it is.

Never mind that Prime Ministers do not actually own the Elgin marbles.

Never mind that its stars were said not to be big enough to warrant its $ 20-something-million budget.

Never mind the plaudits of friends.

Never mind that it involves moving to the ends of the Earth.


We never missed them when I was young and we all loved our train journeys.

Through it all Tweedy never missed a beat.

He never misses a murder scene.

The snakes are sometimes hard to find, so the Webers never miss a chance to make a kill.

The result of this strategy is that I've never missed a plane in twenty-eight years of international travel - except once.

The match excited him, because Mayer never missed an angular distance by more than 1. 5 minutes of arc.

David never missed a training session, seminar or meeting, he always managed to fit everything into his busy schedule.

My advice is this: make this writing nonnegotiable; that is, never miss a day.


He can probably never return to his family in Novi Sad, at least as long as the Milosevic regime endures.

When he was 17 years old, he was expelled from school for revolutionary activities and never returned to the class-room.

But it's possible the Wessex may never return to full service.

It was Mr Oliver Wendell Holmes who said that a mind stretched to a new idea never returns to its original shape.

Guilt rose in Dinah; she had never returned Mrs Gracie's money; she had not been able to.

But it is certain companies asking bankers to restructure loans will never return to former carefree days.

By the time the cruise was over, I knew I could never return to my old life.


I never saw it before you showed me just now.

You never saw such stiff arms, and you could see the one-man rule starting right there and then.

Rachaela never saw her in the bath.

If you've never seen poetry in action, here's a chance to see one of the best slammers around.

She had never seen him with an umbrella before.

But he had a look in his eyes that I had never seen before.

You've never seen such careful drivers.

The princess had never seen a spindle and asked the woman what she was doing.


It certainly never seems right to do so.

Now, I never seem to get any closure.

Born when the earth sleeps, yet Effie never seemed to rest and had soon worn out a rather fragile Marjorie.

His mouth never seemed to alter in shape; rather it expanded and contracted proportionally when he spoke.

It seems never to have been doubted that a corporation created by Royal Charter can sue for libel.

Telling people that we met at the Continental has never seemed right, either.

The education ministry's minuscule maintenance budget never seemed to find its way up to tiny Varosh.

But his affairs never seemed to come to anything.


It bought the nice house in Aberdeen where the Daimlers never stopped .

I wanted him to keep talking, to never stop .

He never stopped in at the Susweca for refreshment after he was finished for the day.

He never stopped at the house after that.

I have had constant new experiences, and I have never stopped learning.

The Sun Princess never stops serving.

She had not realised how she would never stop needing him but now she could see the future and it was dark.

Pilgrims never stopped traveling to Lourdes or Fatima, and even the most conventional churches had continued to pray for the sick.


I never told Dana of this encounter.

He never tells you what he thinks is important.

They were told never to open the door to some one they didn't know.

Going about my daily life, I certainly never told them aloud and never even alluded to them.

These are given in songs to amuse the child, who is never told that he is being taught.

And why do they hold news conferences but never tell the public anything?

I never told my wife this story.

I turned sixteen the next week and never told my parents what a miraculous birthday it was.


You never thought that being grown up would mean having to be quite so - how can I put it?

I had never thought about that.

She never thought at all about the hacienda until they were almost back there.

I never thought twice about leaving Joliet.

A man never thinks , when he undertakes one journey, that he may not return from it to contemplate another.

Of course, I never thought this game was going to get here, either.

She had never thought she would see Alain.

Dionysus, on the contrary, was never thought of as a power in the kingdom of the dead.


The term was never used in regard to anything acceptable.

Unexpectedly he suffered from sunburn, and had never used suntan lotion before.

Personal reflections My gut reaction has always been against the placing of bolts, and I've never used them.

He was a master of blacklight illusion who never used black light.

His search for Tess took him first to Flintcomb-Ash, where he discovered she had never used her married name.

Payments to couriers for aircraft that were never used .

Ethnic origin counts in a way it never used to.

He never used much of the bow.


Homeworking / teleworking Homeworking used to conjure up images of hard-pressed workers licking envelopes or schoolwork that we never wanted to do.

We've always identified Mudhoney as the four of us, and never wanted to have to replace somebody.

He never wants to go out with me, not even to see his parents, who live nearby.

I never wanted to get rich with this.

And I never want really to go beyond looking at them ....

I never wanted to become a prisoner of my overhead.

He never wanted to live in the public life.

I never wanted to go down there.


I'll never forget sth

I/he etc will never hear the end of it

better late than never

"The pictures have finally arrived.'' "Well, better late than never.''

While ongoing self-monitoring is urged, it is always better late than never.

better late than never

While ongoing self-monitoring is urged, it is always better late than never.

fear not/never fear

guess what/you'll never guess who/what etc

it never rains but it pours

it's now or never

Twoflower, I thought, it's now or never.

lightning never strikes twice

never darken my door again

never dreamed (that)

Abe Lincoln had probably never dreamed there would be colleges like this, for blacks, in the South.

He had never dreamed a person could be so powerless in his power.

She had a tremendous gift for making people see their own potential and do things they never dreamed possible.

That's because large events involve extra considerations you never dreamed of when doing a small conference.

They never dreamed of getting them back.

Wella's high quality, creamy formulations give you a look you never dreamed you could achieve at home.

With Chris he had known a joy he had never dreamed of.

never ever

I've never ever heard Nina swear.

I am so glad we have never ever dated and never ever will!

It has been 3 years in which my family were put through things they never ever deserved to be put through.

Nowadays, I never ever feed tubifex to my fish.

Once more, never ever laugh at a violent man.

Perhaps you never ever heard, so wrapped up were you in your own dreams and ambitions.

The camera will never ever be profitable to produce.

never fail to do sth

But he would never fail to have a meal.

He has never failed to acquit a client charged with murder.

I can not bear this obscene, grubbing curiosity about the affairs of others, it has never failed to repel me.

I have often worked black smokers in Alvin and I never fail to be awed by them.

My genius never fails to amaze.

They never failed to show up with the black jackets and the sneakers and the Pimp Roll.

This mime of his never failed to invoke my deep defensiveness with regard to all things Kip.

never let a day/week/year etc go by without doing sth

never look back

After Berg left baseball in 1978, he never looked back.

After this he would never look back.

And it was a strange feeling for Lois when she saw Paul do just that and never look back.

He grabbed the points race lead for good in late April and virtually never looked back.

Her studies were interrupted by the opportunity to go into local politics, from which she has never looked back.

Mandy Rice-Davies meant good times, and never looking back.

Once he learned to ride his gains and cut his losses, he never looked back.

She never looked back to see what was chasing her, just woke in a cramped sweat, breathless and in tears.

Today their dreams have come true partially because they burned their bridges and never looked back.

never mind

"Hey, Debbie?" "What?" "Uh, never mind ."

"How do you know so much about Jake anyway?" "Never mind that!"

"I forgot your books." "Oh, never mind , I'll get them another time."

"I was already planning to have chicken tonight." "Oh, never mind , it was just an idea."

"Please forgive me for losing your book." "Oh, never mind . I have another copy."

"What did you say?" "Oh, never mind ."

He was ashamed to tell his family, never mind a stranger.

I'll take it, never mind the cost!

I need to get Miriam's number from Steve... oh, here it is, never mind .

I want this wedding to be perfect, never mind the cost.

Never mind that it's late. I need to talk to you now.

Never mind the dishes - I'll do them later.

Never mind what Jalal says, Peter is a trusted member of our community.

Oh, Dad, never mind , Cheryl's got them.

This is food at its best. Never mind that the service still needs work.

And never mind if some of them did not see a single golf-ball struck.

Assets exceeded debts, but never mind .

But never mind , the starlets of Hollywood, sorry, Hollyswamp aren't too far away.

He never minded hard work, but it was his hammer that was his calling.

I never minded when she would get sick and keep us up at night.

Not worth investigating, never mind going to the lengths of deadly sabotage.

They don't even have a pub there, never mind a decent curry house.

You never minded taking a risk, and, of course, that's what it is.

never miss a trick

Mrs. White knew we hadn't studied - she never misses a trick .

But then he never missed a trick .

The only trouble was that although he never missed a trick , he was dreadfully slow.

never once/not once

never say die

never the twain shall meet

Generally, the streetwise dealers work in a separate camp from the more educated types, and never the twain shall meet.

never tire of doing sth

He never tires of talking about the good old days.

And it was true, as Christians never tired of pointing out, that a painful spiritual confusion reigned.

And when speech gave way to the rhythmic breathing and small cries or even angry groans that I never tired of overhearing?

As Otis never tired of saying, this was the promised land.

I look at both my sewing and knitting as wonderful gifts that I will never tire of.

I never tire of watching this strange beast that lurches like a turkey and sways its neck like a swan.

She felt she would never tire of the way Ludo demonstrated each change in his mood.

Still, never tired of handing them out.

Yet certain films he would watch over and over again and never tire of them.

never you mind

never/don't look a gift horse in the mouth

never/not in a million years

You won't get Kieran to agree - not in a million years !

He was rich as Croesus, something he had never expected to be, not in a million years .

I still had to find Wally and attempt to explain what I would never in a million years be able to explain.

It is based on a true story so outrageous that it would never in a million years have passed muster as fiction.

Never. Not in a million years .

No parent is going to believe this pigtail story, not in a million years .

The real reason for her lack of promotion, she knew, would never in a million years occur to him.

There was no point in all of this: she would never believe him. Not in a million years .

You'd never in a million years see a dancing man in a field in the country.

never/not in a month of Sundays

not/never be (a great) one for (doing) sth

not/never be one to do sth

Tom is not one to show his emotions.

I never was one to collect a bunch of guitars like some people do.

not/never in a million years

I never would have guessed in a million years!

Never in a million years did I think we'd lose.

He was rich as Croesus, something he had never expected to be, not in a million years.

I still had to find Wally and attempt to explain what I would never in a million years be able to explain.

It is based on a true story so outrageous that it would never in a million years have passed muster as fiction.

No parent is going to believe this pigtail story, not in a million years.

The real reason for her lack of promotion, she knew, would never in a million years occur to him.

You'd never in a million years see a dancing man in a field in the country.

not/never in your wildest dreams

But never in my wildest dreams did I expect such a transformation as this.

sb was never meant for sth/to be sth

sb will never hear the last of sth

wonders will never cease

you never can tell/you can never tell


"Have you ever been to Paris?" "No, never ."

Never in my whole life have I felt so angry.

Ali had never seen snow before.

He walks right past me and never even says "hello".

I've never been to Hawaii.

It never gets this hot in Vancouver.

The view was spectacular - I'll never forget it.

Theo was married twice, but he never had any children.


He never deviated from the radical right's agenda, but he gave it a warm, sympathetic face.

He had never before discussed such matters with his friend in holy orders.

He kept the gun pointed at Connelly's head the entire time, the barrel never more than inches from his face.

I will never forget meeting them for the first time at one of our distributor seminars in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania.

Morrissey will never forget the slight.

The State can never be indifferent to the creation of a power or powers which may rival its own.

We never go out to eat anymore or have pizza at home.

We had one hit with mines and incoming rounds, but we never had one explode, even when pressurized.

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