Meaning of NORTHERN in English




a southern/northern accent

He spoke with a lovely soft southern accent.

northern hemisphere

Northern Rock

Police Service of Northern Ireland, the

the eastern/northern etc slopes of sth

Vines are grown on the eastern slopes of Mont Bernon.

the northern/southern etc boundary (= of an area or city )

the southern boundary of San Francisco

the northern/southern etc edge (= the part of an area that is close to the point where the area ends )

There’s a ridge of hills on the northern edge of the county.

the northern/southern half

The northern half of the city is generally poorer.




What difference is there between the Southern Uplands and the northern areas ?

In more northern areas this plant drops its leaves for the winter.

The northern area from Rijeka to Zadar was incorporated into the military frontier, which was under the control of the Habsburgs.


They have the excuse of securing their northern borders .

All three cities were founded by the ancient Romans along the northern border of the Empire.

Valmir von Raukov is a tough warlord whose constant vigil has protected the northern borders of the Empire for many years.


As northern cities became symbols for industrial collapse and unemployment, so symbolic solutions had to be proffered.

The buffalo robes were good for keeping warm in carriages in northern cities .

In the northern city of Greifswald, a kindergarten to be used to house refugees seeking asylum was burned down.

Jobs and relief agencies were scarce in northern cities , where anti-Negro sentiment kept growing.

In December 1980, there was a serious outbreak of rioting by religious fanatics in the northern city of Kano.

Police made the arrests yesterday in the northern cities of Verona, Padua, Ferrara and Venice.

Mr Rodetsky's supporters claim that television stations in the northern cities denied him television time due to him by law.

A kindergarten housing asylum-seeking refugees was burned down in the northern city of Greifswald.


The most recent road circuits the northern coast of the Applecross peninsula and branches from the Lochcarron road outside Shieldaig.

In the end, this small valley along the northern coast of California will become a solid block of life.

This small area was centred around Oviedo on the northern coast .

Now they come from the central and northern coasts of California.


We have already seen that tunnels at the northern edge of the High Wood were used as the Library of the system.

So Elizondo remains in the Wynne prison unit on the northern edge of Huntsville, Texas.

A strong anomaly near Broadclyst is probably caused by the northern edge of a concealed southward-dipping lava sheet.

At its peak last week, about 500 people were camping in the woods on the northern edge of Lake County.

The wind sock was on the northern edge .

At the time, it lay on the northern edge of Baltimore Town.

Beyond, the huge sea cliffs of the northern edge of Heimæy form a sharp ridge that offers an airy walk.

The winds from the northern edge of Hugo whipped tourist communities around Myrtle Beach.


If they kept to themselves, the whole northern end of the area might as well be written off.

Approaching the northern end of the street from the west, one reaches Galerie Sonne.

At the northern end of the larger bay lie the town of Kalloni and its nearby solar saltworks.

It starts from the dam at the northern end of the Talybont reservoir.

From the northern end of the village street, a lane runs towards the river and the church.

Here there is a sheepfold with a stream disappearing into a fissure alongside its northern end .

Omegna Market, at the northern end of Lake Orta, is a must if you want to haggle over souvenirs.

There are two downpipes at the northern end of the house, and one at the same end of the conservatory.


Once more the inhabitants of the northern forests showed their impatience of these delays.


Poor in the estuaries in the northern half of Morecambe Bay and not much prospect of improvement.

Many walkers, particularly Brits, prefer to start in the south, reaching the more spectacular northern half when acclimatised.


Mile after mile, country after country, the sun ripens grass stems and seeds across the northern hemisphere .

All of the eruptions except Krakatoa happened in the northern hemisphere , and together they show a clear pattern of behaviour.

So by mid-Silurian times the plates that are now in the northern hemisphere were again stable and low in relief.

The timing of events in the systems described below is applicable to the calender of the northern hemisphere .

For many months there was a very stable weather pattern affecting most of the northern hemisphere .

Brown and McCormick's skuas and Wilson's petrels fly as far as temperate latitudes of the northern hemisphere .


The Sassanians expanded eastwards to incorporate into their state the northern part of the disintegrating Kushan empire.

The mapping and mineral exploration of the northern part of the island of Malaita was started during the year.

Everyone who lives across the northern part of this land.

Outlook for tomorrow and Wednesday: Outbreaks of rain will spread across northern parts .

In the northern part of the region the Abbey of Fleury, now S. Benôit-sur-Loire, presents a fine, mature example.

This lies in the northern part of the Empire and beyond it is Ostland, the northernmost of the Empire's provinces.

There are only a few thousand maleos left, most of them in the northern parts of the island.

In 1978, the parish was divided in two, and the northern part became St Paul's, Beechwood.


For example, in Ovamboland, the northern region , worst hit by the war, drop-out rates at primary school are highest.

The first dives will be in the northern region , at the Flow Site, where the lavas escaped on to the seafloor.

This year we are spending £42.2 million on our northern region urban programme.

A number of military commanders from the southern, central and northern regions were appointed as ministers on Sept. 24.

Do the Government intend to introduce initiatives to help that area which is, of course, part of the northern region ?

In the northern region alone, there are more than 220 foreign-owned businesses employing more than 42,000 people.


In the thirteenth century the bishop of Durham instigated extensive drainage works along the northern shores of the Humber.

It was the northern shore of Oahu.

From there a good road leads to Rapperswil and the northern shore of the Zurichsee.

It was certainly unique, such an Exhibition, so near the northern shore and the Pentland waves.


The towns were generally laid out on the northern side of the tracks.

Fish the northern side of Bird Island with jigs tipped with minnows at dawn for best results.

The new sentry on the northern side was a twenty-one-year-old Berliner called Manfred.

Across the river on the northern side it looks no brighter than over here.

About one mile from the dam on the northern side of the lake is a magnificent Gothic style tower.

The eastern end of this bay on its northern side was the area devoted to motor van and motor flat repairs.


Route to summit requires some tough scrambling, before a descent on the grassy northern slopes .

A sunny south-facing mound will lose more precious moisture to evaporation than a shadier northern slope .

The largest used quarry is at Torphin on the northern slopes .

One of the elder Falkenhayn's divisions alone left 2,200 men on the blood-soaked northern slopes of the Mort Homme.


Ciudad Juarez, on the border with Texas in the northern state of Chihuahua.

Along the eastern seaboard, army units were moved from northern states into the South to prevent suspected insurrection.

Others plan to leave the Southwest for northern states untouched by the drought that has left Arizona a tinderbox.

He did not see why northern states should aid them in this endeavor.

In 1835, southern legislatures asked northern states to pass legislation suppressing abolitionist publications.


These were superseded by more substantial updraught kilns which have been found right across the northern suburbs .

Even the water tower in Addison, a northern suburb , is bathed in blue light.

A feeder tramway would link the extension to the northern suburb of Bohnice.

Seductive country, then, to charm a young London schoolteacher away from the semi-rural but crowded northern suburbs of the capital.

Nuclear plants are sprinkled liberally across the capital, with a particularly dense clump in the northern suburbs .

As they left the northern suburbs , the car began to tremble in Jed's hands.

When Peter was made curate in a northern suburb of Bristol, Anna celebrated the event by becoming pregnant.


The ramshackle bus-boat back to Tekek around the northern tip of the island takes three hours, the same as the walk.

But the old pier was built on top of the northern tip , and the coral below died, he said.

Seven ruff, without as yet their elaborate courtship adornments, fed at the northern tip of a tyke.

The northern tip of the bay lies in the Lake District National Park.


The events which followed put the police force of a large northern town on full alert for a missing officer.

In the tiny northern town of Sugar Hill, the police chief picks one day a month and issues tickets.

The fruit of the little enlivening the quaint old northern town has got through the Exhibition may be seen by-and-bye.

On the other hand, its members were scattered all over the United Kingdom, which made a northern town central.

They have in one northern town , anyway.

Wigan is interesting as a small northern town , sort of happy to be a little, quiet, workers' town.

Riot act Friday July 10 in a small northern town , there was nearly a riot.

Every northern town , they say, is under their control except Mosul, which they claim to have surrounded.


the northern hemisphere


northern Maryland


Alongside these individual contributions, Gloucester's northern connection also provided the muscle behind his coup.

By the twentieth century, it was still active, maintaining a theological school at Nisibis in northern Mesopotamia.

Ciudad Juarez, on the border with Texas in the northern state of Chihuahua.

It is in the north that Richard's power was greatest and he is now usually regarded as a northern figure.

It was his voice and his northern accent.

Like the provincial nobility of the northern provinces, this was a working nobility.

Mr Hattersley, in Darlington to meet Labour's northern candidates, said he would make extra police manpower a top priority.

This would help ensure the poorer countries did not repeat the environmental mistakes of the northern hemisphere as they pursued economic development.

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