Meaning of NUMERICAL in English




numerical order

The dogs are given numbers, and stand in numerical order while the judge looks at them.




The location-factor approach focused on large numerical data sets and on finding statistically significant relationships between variables.

By its very nature, political risk assessment must be subjective, i.e. not based on numerical data .

The growing interest in and use of abinitio quantum mechanics requires the manipulation of masses of numerical data .

Is awe-inspiring in her ability to evaluate verbal communications and numerical data .

Comparisons are simpler to make when numerical data is presented in diagrammatic form and conclusions are easier to draw from it.

When numerical data is used for making generalizations about the world this is usually based on limited information or samples.


It is obvious to ask whether these results are not simply those obtained in this particular numerical example .

Let us look at a numerical example , giving Dept.

The text is punctuated throughout by numerical examples , most usually based on matrices of small order.

However, we can partially demonstrate its validity by means of two simple numerical examples .

To illustrate these results, consider a simple numerical example .

To show how these adjustments are made, consider a simple numerical example .

This may be illustrated by a simple numerical example .


The system may as well do it, and present the operator with each applicant within the vacancy in turn in numerical order .

Imagine trying to rearrange a table consisting of 100 salespeople into alphabetical order by names or into numerical order by sales amounts.

Starting in numerical order , each plane would climb to fifteen thousand feet and empty its sack.

The forms must be actioned in ascending numerical order on the request serial number.

The list will be presented in descending numerical order of identifier.

Copies of bills or invoices are usually filed in numerical order .

These lists are sorted in numerical order and delimited by square brackets.


With their numerical superiority , they should have shown more enterprise.

Each time, the opponents possessed a numerical superiority in men, frequently a very large one.

The loss of numerical superiority by protestants would result in the collapse of their statelet.


The numerical values cited here are for the case n-50.

Valencies sometimes have the same numerical values as oxidation numbers - but not always.

Active verbs, numerical values , abbreviations and punctuation are to be avoided.

Many different patterns of foggy and clear days could produce the same numerical values for the transition probabilities in the example.

Within the net, these numbers are represented as bit patterns and their numerical values have no significance.

Most commonly, the graphic distance was simply not in direct proportion to the numerical values represented.

Oxoanions are given the numerical value of the oxidation number of the element which combines with oxygen in the ion.


The Democrats still held a numerical advantage.


An increase in women's numerical representation is therefore given a biological or cultural, rather than an egalitarian, justification.

It is a story of courage and of improvisation that made a nonsense of the enemy's numerical and material superiority.

One possible solution would be to represent the relative influences of each analyser as a set of numerical weightings.

The boys outpaced the girls in mechanical, verbal, and abstract reasoning, space relations, and numerical ability.

The drive towards numerical and managerial performance indicators has already been mentioned.

The mystery of Plato's Atlantis has been solved by recognition of this same numerical confusion.

The values of these parameters permit characterization of the curves, and enable numerical comparisons to be made between samples.

This is not the case, as can be seen from Table 1, even in terms of simple numerical trend.

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