Meaning of NUMERICAL in English


-rə̇kəl, -rēk- adjective

Etymology: Latin numer us number + English -ical


a. : of or relating to numbers

numerical analyst

numerical superiority of the enemy

b. : denoting a number

letters of the alphabet were employed as numerical signs — William Chomsky

c. : expressed in figures rather than letters

spies … used a very simple numerical cipher, which changed every day — Alexander d'Agapeyeff

the numerical proportions of hybrid crosses — Lancelot Hogben

numerical equation

d. : designated by number

conscious of his numerical standing in every class — Harry Levin

e. : of or relating to ability to think in or work with numbers

numerical skill

the numerical factor of a test

— compare verbal


a. archaic : of a corresponding type : indistinguishable , same

many of these numerical postures … are found in statues of the ancients — John Bulwer

b. obsolete : identical

in a river we swim in the same place, though not in the same numerical water — Robert Burton

probably that very numerical book … kept in the temple — Thomas Fuller

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