Meaning of OBVIOUS in English




a clear/obvious connection

There is an obvious connection between this painting and his earlier works.

a clear/obvious contrast

There was a clear contrast between the father and the son.

a clear/obvious correlation

There is a clear correlation between carbon dioxide emissions and global warming.

a clear/obvious/unmistakable sign

There are clear signs of a slowdown in economic growth.

an obvious conclusion

All her symptoms led to the obvious conclusion – she was pregnant.

an obvious example

Our climate is changing at an alarming rate. The melting of the polar ice caps is an obvious example of this.

an obvious exception

The earliest historical records, with the obvious exception of Chinese, are written in Indo-European languages.

an obvious explanation (= one that is easy to see or notice )

There is no obvious explanation for his strange behaviour.

an obvious successor

He doesn't have an obvious successor as leader.

blindingly obvious

It was blindingly obvious that Max wasn’t interested.

for obvious reasons

This arrangement must be kept secret, for obvious reasons.

glaringly obvious

Some of the clues were glaringly obvious .

obvious embarrassment (= clear for other people to see )

He shuffled his feet around in obvious embarrassment.

obvious reluctance

‘OK,’ he said, with obvious reluctance.

obvious/evident (= easy to see )

Spencer was staring at the girl with obvious delight.

painfully obvious/clear/evident/apparent

It was painfully obvious he’d rather not see her again.

patently obvious

It’s patently obvious that you’re in love with her.

stating the obvious

Fine, but aren’t you just stating the obvious here?

the obvious answer

The obvious answer is to raise taxes, but that would be unpopular.




I think it's fairly obvious why.

It should be fairly obvious that the choice of air appropriate discount rate is a key decision in the capital budgeting process.

Many of its effects are fairly obvious and generally acknowledged.

It should be fairly obvious that the effect of an expense is to decrease owners' equity.

The need for a high degree of safety should be fairly obvious .

To Carol Wilson, however, it became fairly obvious that Copeland wanted to sign Sting's publishing to his own company.

The advantages of using systematic numbering should be fairly obvious .


The implications of this remark were not immediately obvious .

Other political figures are immediately obvious: an embittered Jesse Jackson stand-in.

Over half a million people have watched the first two Tests and two things are immediately obvious .

This detail would have been immediately obvious had the slipper been made of glass.

The distinction between primary and secondary sources will not always be immediately obvious to the pupil.

As is immediately obvious , a psychotherapy based on this approach is quite different from one based on the older questions.

Any difference in taste is immediately obvious .


Some are closely related to a specific professional qualification, while in others a vocational orientation is much less obvious .

What may be less obvious is how time consuming, expensive, and risky it is to alter such arrangements.

Architecture is less obvious , but it still happens.

The iron rule of the market has been much less obvious than was the rule of the military during the cold war.

From the particle point of view the result is less obvious .

In other places, natural controls on the distribution of animals are less obvious .

Slightly less obvious but essential to the winding up of the nerve endings is Michael Carr's neglect of his wife.

Occasionally the targets are less obvious than Percy.


Bolder colours need to be blended smoothly, as faults in application will always be more obvious .

To most of us, however, nothing is more obvious than that the universe really is quite something.

Drosera rotundifolia is uncommon and Sphagna are mush less abundant, while Cladonia species and Racomitrium are much more obvious .

The rest, I fear, is still more obvious .

Compare this with the rather more obvious open-hand attack to the face.

Deeper, more obvious onion flavor in every bite than others tried.

The national summarizes complex social and economic issues where the sources of fury are more obvious .

Water restriction would lead to more obvious hypertonicity.


The most obvious one would be the will, but murder by advantaged legatees is a risky business.

Raskin was so protective of these qualities that he fought even the most obvious concessions to granting the machine more power.

If the brain is a machine, why do the most obvious associations sometimes escape us?

The most obvious editor was also probably your first teacher.

It's the most obvious thing to do.

The most obvious case surrounds the Convention Center arena.

Among the most obvious categories here are the unskilled, the young, black people and those made redundant from manufacturing.

The most obvious of these was the tax deductibility of mortgage interest payments.


She had resented Eline from the first moment and made her hate of Joe Harries painfully obvious .

Should the government reduce the actual frequency of tragedies, or should it simply make them less painfully obvious ?

Statistics aren't necessary to document what is painfully obvious .

It was soon painfully obvious who the winner was in this contest.

It was becoming painfully obvious that apart from a brief, overpowering lust there was no reciprocation of her fragile feelings.

Perhaps the most important of those things seems painfully obvious , at least to wine country insiders.

It has become even more painfully obvious now.

For all her cheerfulness it was painfully obvious that she was feeling awful.


It's pretty obvious that Kurt Cobain has been running on reserve tanks for most of this Euro-jaunt.

They were pretty obvious in the old days.

That's pretty obvious ....

But it's pretty obvious where that ridiculous attraction came from.

It was pretty obvious he made the right decision.

It seems pretty obvious they both attend the same origami evening class.

Which was pretty obvious , really.


Well, Malcolm, I said I can't do this any more, it's quite obvious .

Here it is quite obvious that Yeltsin will not compromise.

What puzzles a philosopher and taxes his mind to distraction may look completely irrelevant or quite obvious to a businessman.

A few of the conflicts of interest in the obesity research field seem quite obvious .

It became quite obvious who really needed spanking.

When I processed my attitudes towards money, the reasons became quite obvious .

It was quite obvious where Miss Rose's interests still lay.

It was quite obvious what was going on.


It was all so obvious he didn't know why he hadn't worked it out before.

It all seemed so obvious: there was a correct position for every-thing, at all points in the swing.

The effect Jennifer had on him was so obvious that Ann was amazed he made no attempt to disguise it.

The human price is not so obvious at first.

It was so obvious that Alex saw her as second best.

These principles are so obvious that many organizations overlook them.

But this made it so obvious who had sent this copy that he was astonished that it had been sent at all.

But he had let it become so obvious that the civic leaders were complaining.


Nigel couldn't really review the stories himself - that would look too obvious .

But the movie tells the wrong story, getting detoured into a murder investigation whose solution is far too obvious .

They did not want it to be too obvious , since observing the search would provide them with great amusement.

Evidently, however, the landing zone was too obvious , and the enemy was prepared.

Some may complain that such tricks are too obvious .

The rest of us waited to see what would happen, tryIng not to make our interest too obvious .

It's too obvious to need saying, but I wonder whether we think of it enough.

Something to make me laugh without being too obvious .


Here we have a K-type supergiant, whose colour is very obvious in binoculars.

Because of the very obvious advantages of growing in containers the practice, in far too many hands, has become a circus.

This becomes very obvious once you put the process into practice.

His interest in education was very obvious and his attendance at Keele was evidence of this.

With some speakers the difference is not very obvious .

She was alarmed to hear a very obvious lack of conviction in her voice, though.

Maxim's assumption came as a relief- and a very obvious fact.

In the spring, this need of young animals for the company of those of the same age is very obvious .



Where it's good it's very good indeed and all-wheel drive at this price as an obvious advantage .

Despite the obvious advantages of a unified perspective for collective political action, the differences among women disallow such a perspective.

This has obvious advantages for local users.

There are obvious advantages to the camera approach.

Their true jaws are of obvious advantage for grasping prey.

These large companies have obvious advantages in the service provider business because of their well-known brand names.

For these boats a sail which allows them to compete more evenly under handicap rules has obvious advantages .

The most obvious advantage of this system was that it made obsolete the fifty-five spheres of Aristotle.


The obvious answer is to draw it back to the side away from the corner, but this can create an unbalanced appearance.

Video teleconferencing seemed the obvious answer to span the communications gap.

Cui bono? has a too obvious answer .

If counterintelligence becomes the overriding mission, the obvious answer is the solution first offered by Sen.

To all these and other equally weighty questions, I had no obvious answers yet.

The obvious answer , of course, is that it is just another example of the Government's incompetence.

For the Terrells a good many of the obvious answers are irrelevant.


An obvious candidate is a visual recognition system.

The obvious candidate as vehicle would have been gesture.

Charity was an obvious candidate , Charles considered, and she was probably being watched.

And a fund wishing to commit money to the international media industry has in Reed/Elsevier an obvious candidate for such an investment.

Genes must surely be made of something that is itself various-and the most obvious candidate was protein.

Heavily leaded bronzes are obvious candidates for analysis.

An obvious candidate is some stylised representation of a finite-state machine.

Smaller and less costly items such as pens, beauty products and food are much more obvious candidates for a more general distribution.


Most flooring can be laid anywhere in the house but there are some obvious choices for certain rooms.

No problem, Mr Hinds had said, the obvious choice was Renie LaChance.

Given the nature of the project, Pontus Hulten was an obvious choice to direct the artistic activities of the new Kunsthalle.

That they have everybody back, another year bigger, stronger and smarter, makes them the obvious choice .

Most frequently the group had several alternative plants to consider for closure rather than an obvious choice .

Says Ted: My father was the obvious choice .

Joseph Fiennes has never been one for obvious choices .

Best apres ski: The obvious choice is Rainbow Lodge.


An obvious example is the relationship of a part to a whole.

An obvious example was reported recently in Tennessee.

Advertising material is an obvious example .

A single obvious example should suffice to make the point.

A direct and obvious example is that many marine animals are dispersed around the globe by ocean currents.

Constitutional monarchies are obvious examples of political systems with a dual executive.

An obvious example would be a painting called Bald Eagle, made in 1955, one year before the car accident.

One obvious example is the almost universal ban against committing adultery with another man s wife.


The most obvious fact is that real problems are rare.

Better for Seifert would be to concentrate on the more obvious facts .

But the most obvious fact about the social world is that what happens in it has meaning for the inhabitants.

Unspoken was the obvious fact that people already knew whether they had a family member on board.

This should not obscure the obvious fact that they are also profit-making concerns, too.

Maxim's assumption came as a relief- and a very obvious fact .

The two broken marriages and then the obvious fact that he didn't think much of her.

The obvious fact that people of comfortable circumstance live peacefully together and those afflicted by poverty do not goes largely unnoticed.


But despite the obvious problems it's hoped the unit will be operational within two weeks.

There are obvious problems for the stability of the state if these different groups are in conflict with each other.

Anxiety in the horse has many other unfortunate side effects besides the obvious problems of handling and riding such horses.

Out on crowded Third Avenue, the people with obvious problems look a bit different to me now.

A second obvious problem is the striking blank where normally we would expect to find discussion of content.

The most obvious problem , the coup de grace, was a quite unexpected side-effect.

Judicial disagreement of this kind presents an immediate and obvious problem for conventionalism.


An obvious question is the nature of the morphogen.

The obvious question is: Why?

Leaving aside antislavery as a convenience for particular interests, an obvious question occurs.

The obvious question to ask would be: why do mice give birth to mice and elephants to elephants?

The next obvious question concerns the reasonableness of such a range of conditions.

That raises obvious questions about the priorities of federal drug enforcement agents and prosecutors.


Even if he did politely turn down Branson's parting offer of a seat on Virgin's inaugural flight - for obvious reasons .

And certainly not any specific church, club, movement, party or Klan, for obvious reasons .

Unfortunately it is not easy - for obvious reasons - to study modern submarine lava flows in their proper environment.

The ratio is 60 percent womens bathrooms to mens in the new arena for, ahem, obvious reasons .

For obvious reasons , laser beams or submerged fluorescent wires can not be used to mark the start line.

For obvious reasons it is never fully expressible in words.

There are two obvious reasons why it may be hard to set up this market.

For many and obvious reasons , it was impossible to take much time away from her work and home.


There are now obvious signs that we are here to stay.

Only one showed no obvious signs of violence.

After a quick look round to make sure that weed left no obvious signs of our own visit, we left.

They maybe the only obvious signs of social status.

Check fish for obvious signs of bacterial disease before you buy them.

The most obvious sign was a blitz called by defensive coordinator Fred Whittingham with just over two minutes left in the game.

In the pages that follow I will characterize some of the more obvious signs of a badly organized and motivated operation.

The only obvious sign of wear and tear is a groaning gearbox, while the engine smokes a little on start-up.


New auditors are for ever charging at birth as an obvious target .

Far from being impartial, he had an obvious target .

Clearly the review might shift this balance making pensions the obvious target .

My cousin was simply the easiest and most obvious target .

Child benefit may be another obvious target for the departmental review.

It has been an obvious target for economy-minded governments.

They were an obvious target for hungry birds and were easily picked off.


As well as the more obvious things like reducing energy costs and recycling where possible, the community is benefiting from the programme.

This may seem a startlingly obvious thing to say.

We knew we wanted to do obvious things like health.

The obvious thing was to start backtracking.

The obvious thing was the gold watch, wrapped up at the bottom in a bit of cloth.

To drop it as soon as it was ready seemed natural, the obvious thing to do.

It's the most obvious thing to do.

For the most obvious thing about them is that they have led to continuous bodily improvement.


Perhaps the most obvious way to build strength is by training with weights.

One obvious way of conceptualizing generality is in terms of knowledge.

In a society that values freedom above all, the obvious way to celebrate a centenary is just to keep driving.

The most obvious way to get through to them was via the media.

One obvious way to minimize this problem is to reduce the number of different data formats.

Another obvious way of increasing plasticity is to mix a relatively fine plastic clay with a stiff clay.

In nature, the obvious way is through genetic relatedness - kinship.


immediately obvious/apparent

As is immediately obvious, a psychotherapy based on this approach is quite different from one based on the older questions.

It may be obvious that the postholes represent structures, but little else may be immediately apparent.

On the other hand, no new direction was immediately apparent.

Once a site is put back into production, it may not be immediately obvious that the archaeological sites have been destroyed.

Over half a million people have watched the first two Tests and two things are immediately obvious.

The distinction between primary and secondary sources will not always be immediately obvious to the pupil.

The reason for this difficulty is immediately apparent.


"Why is she leaving?" "Well, it's obvious , isn't it?"

an obvious mistake

For obvious reasons, we've had to cancel tonight's performance.

It's obvious that Paul is in love with Liz.

It's obvious that something is wrong.

It should be obvious to everyone that we need to make some changes.

It was obvious from the start that my parents disliked Nancy.

She tried to look grateful, but her disappointment was obvious .

There is an obvious connection between the two murders.

There was no obvious reason for their behavior.


But the instability of the political structures and other weaknesses were obvious in the struggles between the factions within the party.

From the moment they joined the others outside the shop, it was obvious that the twins were sulking.

The benefits of truth-telling are obvious .

The solution is also obvious - please check envelopes are not too tightly packed, if in doubt use a bigger envelope!

There are obvious problems for the stability of the state if these different groups are in conflict with each other.

They expressed their surprise since they, like the doctors who treated them, associated obvious injury with obvious pain.

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