Meaning of OBVIOUS in English


/ ˈɒbviəs; NAmE ˈɑːb-/ adjective


obvious (to sb) (that ... ) easy to see or understand

SYN clear :

It was obvious to everyone that the child had been badly treated.

It's obvious from what she said that something is wrong.

I know you don't like her but try not to make it so obvious.

He agreed with obvious pleasure.

For obvious reasons , I'd prefer not to give my name.

The reasons for this decision were not immediately obvious .

➡ note at clear


that most people would think of or agree to :

She was the obvious choice for the job.

There's no obvious solution to the problem.

This seemed the most obvious thing to do.


( disapproving ) not interesting, new or showing imagination; unnecessary because it is clear to everyone :

The ending was pretty obvious.

I may be stating the obvious but without more money the project cannot survive.

►  ob·vi·ous·ness noun [ U ]



late 16th cent. (in the sense frequently encountered ): from Latin obvius (from the phrase ob viam in the way) + -ous .

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