Meaning of OPENER in English




bottle opener

can opener

tin opener




Make a check list of essential items such as a corkscrew, bottle opener and a sharp knife for cutting bread etc.

Each of us takes a turn with the bottle opener .


They were there because the can opener that came with the caravan was worn out.

A hat, a pot holder, a can opener .

When they had their breakfast Tam asked me if he could possibly have a lend of my can opener for their beans.

She pulled out a can of soup, but the can opener was dead.

Earlier this evening he asked to borrow my new can opener .

Is a car bumper, but see this part is a removable can opener .

I realized I would have to stand firm about the can opener or risk losing my authority over Tam and Richie.

Just tear open and eat-no need to find a can opener or drain the tuna.


The club owner said he gave them a garage door opener and let one deputy spend the night.

I don't want to give up modern conveniences such as my computer or garage door opener .


Interviewing prospective candidates was quite an eye opener for people who haven't a clue on what that job entails.

Being kicked around can be a real eye opener .

Group dynamics were a great eye opener .

Some said that the very writing of the case was an eye opener .

Despite the many improvements in state provision Eva found her time at social services a great eye opener .

But it is a great eye opener that you are not indispensable.


By the time they finally play at home , everyone else will have long since had their home openers .

The Warriors will play their home opener at the 19, 200-seat arena on Nov. 8 against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Or the Phillies postponing their home opener the day before because of rain.

As far as home openers go, there have been smoother rides.


The Hollywood Bowl dedicated its July 6 season opener to him.

Woodson has been missing in action completely since tearing up his knee in the season opener .

Pitching coach Dave Wallace said that Radinsky still has time to be ready for the season opener .

He was pummeled by Dallas' pass rush when the teams last played in the 1994 season opener .

In the season opener , they held the Giants to 65 yards during a 35-0 Dallas shutout.

One week before their season opener , the Raiders acknowledged two painful slices of reality Sunday.


He may need special implements, such as a wall-mounted tin opener which he can operate with one hand.

The little gear lever feels like a tin opener on a string of cables.

For example, this graph shows sales of tin openers from January to June.


an electric can opener

the Nuggets' season opener


He picked up a letter opener from his table and slipped the blade into one of the bags.

I don't want to give up modern conveniences such as my computer or garage door opener .

Next Sunday will be easier, against Jacksonville in the Raiders' home opener .

O'Neill won the opener on the final ball but was then hit with breaks of 77, 60 and 56.

They were there because the can opener that came with the caravan was worn out.

You had the Yanks falling behind 5-0 in the opener only to go back-to-back-to-back.

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