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optical character recognition

optical fibre

optical illusion

optical properties

These minerals have similar optical properties.




This can be on-line or off-line recognition of hand-printed characters , or of machine-printed characters using optical character recognition.

This could include word processing, a database, case management and optical character recognition.

It is distinguished by an X-Windows/Motif interface, and its ability to integrate with optical character readers and document processors.

One example is the method of recognition using template matching which is applied in both speech recognition and optical character recognition.

Another growing use for scanners is as optical character readers.


Even fraction of a second, the optical density of the nucleus is measured and stored in the computer's memory.


The large memory requirements suggest the use of optical disc storage.

Moreover, these market figures only take account of multi-media delivered on a stand-alone optical disc platform.

Today, portable optical disc players are also emerging.


Once documents have been scanned and indexed, they have to be saved to optical disk .


It also explains why it is virtually certain that Britain's main trunk lines will rely on optical fibre .

You will also need a length of optical fibre .

An optical fibre uses total internal reflection to carry a light beam over long distance and around corners.

It is interesting to examine the optical fibre before using it in the communications system.

IskraTEL specialists are currently laying optical fibre cables to connect the city's exchanges.

Next came an all-optical experiment using an optical fibre as nonlinear medium { 32 }, demonstrating 12 and chaos.

The obstacle to optical fibre communication is lift loss due to impurities in the glass.

It is not the purpose here to explain exactly how an optical fibre works in terms of total internal reflection.


In telecommunications, optical fibres made of glass will gradually replace the traditional copper cables in new equipment.

Mrs Thatcher's panel of advisers recommend against linking homes with optical fibres on the grounds of cost.

The comparable figure, it said, for optical fibres was nearly £2000.

But lasers have snags: even with optical fibres , lasers can not reach every part of the body.

In their report, the prime minister's advisers did not come out against optical fibres altogether.

Despite the cost, Telecom is now irrevocably committed to optical fibres in all its new telephone speech and data trunk lines.

The recent enthusiasm for optical fibres is the result of dramatic advances in optical purity.

The company has been adept at moving into high-margin businesses such as laboratory services, optical fibres and speciality materials.


For once, the optical illusion experienced by sailors leaving port seemed apt.

This is called an optical illusion , which means that your eyes trick you into seeing something that is not really there.

Shiseido's Wrinkle Smoothing Concentrate works on the principle of an optical illusion .

Even better, the full Coliseum will not be an optical illusion .

It was probably an optical illusion , but the place seemed to be flying more eagles and swastikas than stars and stripes.

Most argued that the canals were optical illusions , and that Mars was a cold, waterless, radiation-baked world.

This is an optical illusion in which the diagram of a skeleton cube appears to the observer in either of two orientations.

Even knowing what he did, Kirov found it difficult to see how the optical illusion had been managed.


The first questions Wien asked were related to the resolving power of optical instruments .

Even optical instruments , such as perspective machines, the cameraobscura and the camera lucida, were used sparingly.

This level of magnification shows the eye as an optical instrument .

There is, however, one classical restriction which we must take into account, namely the resolving power of optical instruments .


However, the dimensions of the smallest circuit-parts will soon have shrunk beyond the limit that optical microscopes can resolve.

To be seen clearly under an optical microscope , cell tissues often have to be stained to increase contrast.

In his own private laboratory, he worked with ultraviolet radiation at the ultimate resolution of the optical microscope .


For example, distinction between calcite and dolomite is difficult because they have similar optical properties .

Many rocks are composed of a high proportion of echinoderm debris, which is easily recognized because of this optical property .

Indeed, their optical properties reflect a non-biological origin.

She remained there for four years, during which time she conducted researches on the optical properties of organic compounds.

This absorption band comes from the spherical geometry of the particles and the particular optical properties of the gold.


In the optical system two slotted discs fitted to the end of the rollers.

The latter show promise in optical system implementations.

Again there are various optical systems .


Optical bar-code scanners have revolutionized the postal system.

optical distortions caused by poor quality lenses

They sell optical equipment such as cameras and telescopes.


But lasers have snags: even with optical fibres, lasers can not reach every part of the body.

Consider a photon which is polarised parallel to the optical axis of P,.

For this reason the phase control signals to these upper base drives are often transmitted via a stage of optical isolation.

However, the dimensions of the smallest circuit-parts will soon have shrunk beyond the limit that optical microscopes can resolve.

It also explains why it is virtually certain that Britain's main trunk lines will rely on optical fibre.

One projected use is for optical recognition experiments.

Polished surfaces give the best optical resolution, and the double polished thin sections described in Chapter 4 are ideal.

This, thought Robert, was something of an optical achievement on her part.

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