Meaning of OPTICAL in English


I. -tə̇kəl, -tēk- adjective

Etymology: in sense 1, from optic (II) + -al; in other senses, from optic (I) + -al


a. : relating to the science of optics

b. : dealing with or expert in optics

2. : relating to vision : ocular , visual

an optical illusion


a. : designed or constructed to aid the vision

an optical magnifier

b. : acting by means of light or in accord with the principles of optics

II. adjective


a. : visible 1a

optical wavelength

b. : of, relating to, or being objects that emit light in the visible range of frequencies

an optical galaxy

optical astronomy



(1) : of, relating to, or utilizing light especially instead of another form of energy

optical microscopy

(2) : using lasers

optical storage for a computer

b. : involving the use of light-sensitive devices to acquire information for a computer

optical character recognition

3. : of or relating to optical art

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