Meaning of ORAL in English


I. adjective


a written/oral examination

For French, there is an oral and a written examination.

an oral exam (= in which you answer questions by speaking )

I have my French oral exams next week.

an oral test

The oral test will consist of a conversation of about 10 minutes in German.

oral contraceptive

oral history (= history that is told by speaking and that often consists of personal memories )

Smith recorded the conversation for oral history.

oral sex

oral surgeon

oral/dental hygiene




After oral administration , mesalazine is extensively acetylated such that N-acetyl-5-ASA is the predominant form found in both plasma and urine.

With oral administration , the ethanol was exposed to the alcohol dehydrogenase in the subjects' stomachs.

Antibacterial treatments can take the form of baths, external application to affected areas, injection and oral administration via the food.

Such a lack of correlation was also observed by Levin after oral administration of 5 µg purified cholera toxin to healthy volunteers.


No registration is required, and even a mere oral agreement would suffice at law.


Microsoft will respond in turn by the end of the month, and oral arguments will be heard in late February.

The high court heard oral arguments today in a case that, in effect, seeks to throw out the census numbers.

Following oral argument the Law Lords inevitably take time to consider their opinions.

During oral arguments before the high court, attorneys for each state will argue that it alone should control the island.

The construction of a written case demands perhaps even greater skills than the preparation of oral argument .

All eight justices on the bench for oral arguments had been picked up from their homes by court employees.

The Appeal Committee will hear oral argument before deciding whether leave should be given.


You may be shy, but good oral communications are a key business skill.

The direct experience of oral communication was displaced by the second-hand experience of the written word.

Accent on lively oral communication but language practice and writing also included.

Because the authors perceive oral communication to be of great significance in business, they further recommend that: 7.

This process continues in secondary school, where oral communication remains an essential part in the learning process across the whole curriculum.

The effectiveness of your oral communication depends on whether your use of language has the desired effect.

It is prudent to confirm oral communications in writing to ensure that a record of events is available.

Telephones were the main means of oral communication .


As with oral contraceptives , the disease then emerges in former users.

Webb went to a nearby Planned Parenthood office and obtained oral contraceptives .

Endometriosis was not linked to duration of taking oral contraceptives .

Its effectiveness in preventing pregnancy is as good or better than oral contraceptives .

We therefore examined the reasons for stopping oral contraceptives among these women.

Some oral contraceptives have been banned.

She had a past history of Crohn's disease which was quiescent and she was taking oral contraceptives .

The syndrome has been described in association with menstrual irregularities, pregnancy, and the use of oral contraceptives .


Browning found there was a lack of corroborating evidence to support the oral copulation offense, according Fox.


First, the view that oral culture is irrelevant or even hostile to the acquisition of literacy.

Like our oral culture , our society is atomized, disparate and largely obsessed with trivia.

At the same time, the complementary role of oral culture is encouraged in a myriad of ways.


There will be a series of sessions of oral evidence to the sub-committee - usually once a week.

The Government almost always gives oral evidence .

A total of 61 witnesses have been cited, although not all are expected to give oral evidence .

The justices heard oral evidence and, after a hearing lasting nearly three hours, made the agreed order.

Many civil law systems find room for oral evidence at the eventual hearing.

If the time of period that you choose to study allows, you may be able to use oral evidence .

All age groups will benefit from using oral evidence .


The navy board was the last in a gauntlet of oral exams .


The flying test was followed by an intensive oral examination on technical details.

Practical examinations , assessment during placements and oral examinations may also form part of the overall assessment of a student's capabilities.

Sir Nicolas Browne-Wilkinson V-C said that this could only be achieved by an oral examination of the witnesses.

If the debtor refuses to attend for oral examination he is liable to be committed to prison for contempt of court.


That decision will be made without an oral hearing , and there will be no appeal against refusal.

Leave to move was given by Otton J. on 15 January 1991 after an oral hearing .


We share interests in oral history , qualitative research and social theory.

There is another virtue in the oral history approach.

Hence oral history interviews were typically truncated.

I will return to the idea of oral history in the next chapter.

Black oral history died with the old folk.

This time, oral history might stay in the community from which it has emerged.

These two studies will employ documentary, intensive interview and oral history techniques.

An emphasis on oral history remains the bedrock of the plan for which 1 argue in this book.


What are the complications of dehydration, and those of poor oral hygiene ?

It was aimed at teaching children correct diet, oral hygiene instruction and the importance of visiting the dentist.

The oral hygiene index was calculated as the sum of the debris and calculus indices.

The oral hygiene index carried about the same level of increased risk for total mortality as for the incidence of coronary heart disease.

A unit increase in the oral hygiene index was associated with a 1.12-fold increased risk of coronary heart disease in younger men.

The biological mechanism by which periodontal disease or poor oral hygiene could lead to coronary heart disease is not clearly established.

Both periodontal disease and poor oral hygiene showed stronger associations with total mortality than with coronary heart disease.


There are certain precedents for this voice switch in oral language .

Interestingly, after our children learn to talk, this deliberate support for oral language development stops.

Education in oral language is context-based and imitative.

Even sign languages depend on the left brain, just as do oral languages and reading.

The language in the samples contains syntactic patterns and inter-sentence relationships not found in oral language.

When they are first learning to talk, we support, watch over, and extend their oral language development.

Written forms, they argue, enable the user to differentiate such functions in a way less possible in oral language .

Television, in this sense, is the consummate egalitarian medium of communication, surpassing oral language itself.


A third school which was opened in 1894 was in Birmingham when a day class using oral methods was established.


Assessment will be in the form of a personal log and oral presentation .

As forewarned, I did not win, despite a good oral presentation and the best c.v. of all the candidates.


Behind the relatively simple physiological basis of oral rehydration therapy lurks a hidden danger.

Efforts at improving oral rehydration solutions have hitherto focused on the role of various substances in improving small bowel absorption.

Cereal based oral rehydration solutions are significantly better than the standard glucose oral rehydration solutions in the treatment of diarrhoea.

Similarly, the addition of food to oral rehydration solution further restricts fluid losses and significantly shortens the duration of diarrhoea.

Patients with diarrhoea were given oral rehydration therapy for 24 hours and then returned to their normal feeds.


The money will be used to help patients waiting for operations in orthopaedic, urology, general and oral surgery areas.

Neither James nor I had the money to cover his oral surgery .

One day rumor went around town of oral surgery .

I had oral surgery last night.


The 1995 version was the first set of guidelines to include oral testimony from special interest groups and individuals.


The study of the author's influence on the oral tradition is called redaction criticism.

There was a time when law was entirely based on the oral tradition .

Historians were as willing as hagiographers to use oral tradition .

Its history has come down to us only through oral traditions , archaeological research and the accounts of occasional outside observers.

Publicly suppressed since the 1920s, these qualities have only survived through the black economy, or through private family oral traditions .

But oral tradition is not just a process.

Its celebrations, dances, prayers, oral tradition , are all part of a present inextricably linked with the past.

In fact, they obey the conventions of the oral tradition , reducing complex phenomena to single comprehensible causes.


The reason given usually was that oral work was so difficult to do.

Young children need contact with adults, and need frequent opportunities for oral work .

These sorts of points could be brought out by oral work , or through role-play.

Following each passage there are five sections covering comprehension, vocabulary, language practice, oral work and writing exercises.

The benefits from the oral work fell into three categories.


oral cancer

an oral report

Anglo-Saxon stories and poems were part of a largely oral culture.

We had a 15-minute oral exam in German.


Discussion Our patient had Crohn's disease: the macroscopic and histological features of the oral and perianal lesions are typical.

Furthermore, the results of most studies suggest that obese individuals respond less well to oral bile acid treatment than the non-obese.

He contacted a doctor and was given oral penicillin.

It is clear that both tobacco and alcohol are risk factors in the development of oral carcinoma.

Like our oral culture, our society is atomized, disparate and largely obsessed with trivia.

Such a lack of correlation was also observed by Levin after oral administration of 5 µg purified cholera toxin to healthy volunteers.

The oral papillae are reduced resembling irregularly arranged, enlarged granules.

This is perpetuated in modern weaning during the oral stage and finds an equivalent in manic-depressive and paranoid-schizophrenic disorders.

II. noun


The Academy has this quirk about a plebe having to pass orals before proceeding.

There are practical assessments, orals and so on.

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