Meaning of ORANGE in English




blood orange

dusky pink/orange/blue etc

a dusky pink room

mandarin orange




Her face was set and nervous and white as a clown's with powder, except for her lips which were bright orange .

Shirts in red, brilliant blue, bright yellow and orange were worn with navy and charcoal gray suits.

The eggs are usually bright orange , red or brown and the fry apparently browse on al; gae.

Smitty turned on one of the ring burners and they watched it until it glowed bright orange .

One girl told me that though she had never taken them herself, her friend had tried them and turned bright orange .

He was pointing at his chest which had gone a bright shade of orange .



A previous landlady had tried to help herself to the orange juice to put in her gin.

But her mouth was dry with tension, and she could only manage orange juice and coffee.

From his first sip of welfare orange juice , he was cut out to be a professional Glaswegian.

Apparently, he drinks two pints of milk and, as soon as he feels drowsy, he drinks two pints of orange juice .

For my tastebuds the best way to dilute sparkling wine is with fresh orange juice to make the traditional Bucks Fizz.

Add two dollars for freshly squeezed orange juice .

She asked for an orange juice , and while he was at the bar she found a table in the window.

Sainsbury's Buck's Fizz is a light and very attractive sparkling blend of wine and orange juice .


Oranges are a good source of Vitamin C.

They had painted the house in shades of orange , blue, and tan.

We had toast and orange juice for breakfast.


Apparently, he drinks two pints of milk and, as soon as he feels drowsy, he drinks two pints of orange juice.

Combine the dried fruits and mix with the grated orange and lemon rind.

It is almost impossible to find an orange in Havana.

Moving clockwise, orange is analogous to red.

On a dace they are tinted a faint orange; on chub a deeper orange .

The juiciest orange feels the squeeze.

The sky burned white-hot, then slowly faded through yellow and orange to a glowering copper-red.

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