Meaning of ORANGE in English


n. & adj.


1. a a large roundish juicy citrus fruit with a bright reddish-yellow tough rind. b any of various trees or shrubs of the genus Citrus, esp. C. sinensis or C. aurantium, bearing fragrant white flowers and yielding this fruit.

2 a fruit or plant resembling this.

3 a the reddish-yellow colour of an orange. b orange pigment.

--adj. orange-coloured; reddish-yellow.

Phrases and idioms:

orange blossom the flowers of the orange tree, traditionally worn by the bride at a wedding. orange flower water a solution of neroli in water. orange peel

1. the skin of an orange.

2 a rough surface resembling this. orange pekoe tea made from very small leaves. orange squash Brit. a soft drink made from oranges and other ingredients, often sold in concentrated form. orange-stick a thin stick, pointed at one end and usu. of orange wood, for manicuring the fingernails. orange-wood the wood of the orange tree.

Etymology: ME f. OF orenge, ult. f. Arab. naranj f. Pers. narang

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