Meaning of OUTPUT in English

I. noun


industrial production/output

Industrial production has risen by 0.5% since November.




As a result of controls and the land reforms which the government carried out, agricultural output slumped.

Four years of free-market reforms and strong agricultural output are cracking open the mammoth market for everything from toiletries to television sets.

Industrial output increased by 15 percent and agricultural output by 4.4 percent.

Their agricultural output was recently estimated as about £2 million, or an average of some £370 per working unit.

Its most important section provided for a reduction in agricultural output in order to raise prices.

It would be tedious to multiply the statistics of growing agricultural output and productivity.

This does not have to mean increasing agricultural output .


Potential annual output was 100,000 pounds.

Marshall estimates an annual output of 8 billion hearts.

Toyota plans to make them at Georgetown when it doubles annual car output from 200,000 to 400,000 in the next few years.

In these up to half the annual output may occur in the three or four weeks of springtime thaw.

Here were 45,000 negatives on file, a large staff, and an annual output of several million prints.


Between 2% and 4% of Britain's economic output now needs to be redirected abroad.

Lifetime contributions of a worker to economic output are estimated in Table 5. 3 for three different income levels.

Thus it is commonly held that services are economic activities whose output is not a physical product.

What will be of the greatest use in our attempts to improve economic growth and output ?


This can result in higher outputs , lower prices and the reduction of monopoly profits.

No doubt they had been working since they could walk and high energy output was a habit.

It isn't designed for high volume output , but I wouldn't be at all upset to have one adorning my desk.

It must mean achieving the highest output with the minimum effort.

Varying quantities of these colours can be blended to produce very high quality colour output .

As a consequence, higher levels of output are predicted than under profit maximisation.

The best way to do this is to run a high output airpump discharging into the void below a chamber.

All of the current high-end drawing packages are packed with features and are capable of the highest quality output .


Overall, industrial electricity sales grew twice as fast as industrial output .

They want to condemn industrial output .

Its industrial output also fell, by 3.5% in the 12 months to March.

The local control of companies is lost. Industrial output is concentrated in the most efficient plants using the cheapest labour.

But industrial output has fallen in four of the past five months.

The Allies took reparations and industrial output was much reduced: even in 1947 production was less than half pre-war levels.

Britain's industrial output fell by 0.4% in December, to 4.2% below its level a year earlier.

This is that industrial output increased four-fold over the eighteenth century, home consumption of it three-fold and exports six-fold.


Only when both inputs to IC1c are high simultaneously will its output go low .

In congestive heart failure, it is diminished because of low cardiac output and reduced arterial distending pressure.

Despite the adverse effect of lower output , energy efficiency has been maintained at the 1990 level.

The result has not only been low output .

This provides a relatively high input impedance looking into their bases and a low output impedance at the emitters.

This means that the voltage delivered at low output currents is greater than the rated voltage.

At low output all three channels put out some very convincing sounds.


In any single year investment in inventories can be negative or positive, and can have an important effect upon national output .

However, since the early 1950s government spending for goods and services has hovered around 20 percent of the national output .

Mr Gabor estimates that national output is roughly stable.

These programs accounted for about 3 percent of national output twenty years ago.

The task of maintaining existing production levels has therefore come to consume a higher and higher share of national output .

In 1994, the public deficit represented 6 percent of national output .

Central government Government services account for approximately the same share of national output as manufacturing.

By 1988 these figures had grown to $ 315 to $ 440 billion and 11 to 13 percent of national output .


So the null hypothesis that it is only unpredictable monetary growth which influences real output can not be rejected.

Hence there would be no fall in real output - the government would have successfully stabilized it.

Their growth rate in the 1980s has been twice as rapid as the growth in the economy's real output .

The government would have more to spend, at the same time as real output would have risen offsetting unemployment.

Even if the plant is a free-standing subsidiary, within-group pricing policies make determination of real outputs difficult.

Similarly, an increase in the supply of money will have real output effects whether it is anticipated or otherwise.

Consider the hypothetical random disturbances shown in Fig. 11 which give rise to fairly realistic variations in real output .

Consider now to what extent changes in a country's monetary variables may be responsible for cyclical variations in real output .


The tax has the effect of reducing the overhead component of retailing and thus increasing total output .

In those accounts, as the name implies, there are two ways of measuring the total output of the economy.

This has led to an alternative way of stating amplifier performance: compare the distortion plus noise with the total output .

First, the growth of services in total output is a relative growth, relative that is to manufacturing.

The industrial economies now produce barely half of total world output .

This means that injections exceed withdrawals and the total value of output is less than the economy's aggregate demand.

It is not possible to assess his total output as no serious work has been undertaken on him till now.



Cheap high-resolution input and output devices will soon ensure the same kind of revolution in the cinema.

Thus an output device is needed to make the user aware of what the microcomputer has done.

This procedure sends a byte to the output device .

The cheapest and most readily-available output device is the printer.

Suggest instructions to control a set of output devices , and extend your interrupt service routine accordingly.

It also did away with the need for bias adjustment on the output devices - a most desirable quality.

Although the ultimate resolution rests with the output device it is essential that the software can at least provide control over it.


The benefits of reaping economies of scale depend upon how far costs fall as output levels are increased.

On the other hand, the output level of manufactured products, which is of concern to consumers, is well determined.

Such branch lines are of course vulnerable to changes in output level or distribution policy of their users.

It states that average output levels of firms are larger under free trade than in autarky.

Indeed, for all firms there must exist output levels and profit margins which maximise their profits.

Moreover in the present context apart from factor rewards, output levels per firm in the manufacturing sector are also equalized.

Many master volume amps can give a fair simulation of flat out response at reasonable output levels by overloading the preamp.

Society will be wasting resources by producing the wrong output levels of different goods.


The engine doesn't have the power output to match the top of the executive ranges, but it is certainly adequate.

The bike's power output is the biggest step forward.

Engine capacity is often constant through a family of motors, with power output adjusted by fuelling, turbocharging, etc.

The new engine will produce a power output previously unheard of for a Harley.

But power output was small and wavelengths variable.

Helfet: X100 stylist Current debate at Browns Lane has turned to the engine's power output .

The power output was indeed high by the standards of the time - 400 watts.

We match for tonal characteristics, not candle light or simple power output , as Hartley's analogy would have you believe.


An alternative choice of independent variables that is more convenient for certain types of four-terminal network is the input current and output voltage .

From this, it is clear that the output voltage can be varied by altering the duty cycle.

Practical Transformers Another problem is that the output voltage of transformers seldom correspond exactly to the rated voltage.

Hence the output voltage , within the design limits, remains constant over a wide range of current and input voltage variations.

With parallel operation the output voltage is equal to the voltage rating of one winding, or 6 volts in this case.

Thus the output voltage will be held at a voltage equal to that at pin 3.

This would give double the required output voltage which could easily cause damage to the power supply components and beyond.



Shifts in aggregate demand will affect real output if they are random and unpredictable.

This system is, by definition, interactive since every input neuron can affect every output neuron.

Thus, in this model, even anticipated movements in aggregate demand may affect the level of output .

The theme selected for the research was an investigation into social factors affecting output .

First, only the unpredictable component of monetary growth v t affects real output .


Note that the ability of firms to expand output in this situation depends upon the existence of unemployed resources in the economy.

But nothing would be viewed with more suspicion than this method of expanding output .

With many firms, the firm that expands output will always be able to reduce costs and undercut its rivals.

We set about expanding output along all the relevant dimensions.

Losses would be highest with a per-person ceiling on emissions, so third-world countries could expand greenhouse-gas output as their populations grew.

Since marginal cost is less than marginal consumer benefit, society would gain by expanding the output of such industries.


The tax has the effect of reducing the overhead component of retailing and thus increasing total output .

Thus, the island has increased output dramatically just by specializing, even though Gilligan was far less competent at both tasks!

There are, however, other printers which use modified standard printing engines to increase their output resolution.

Here the dividend is greatly increased food output per hectare up two-to threefold.

Plans to increase output to 270,000 cars a year in 1993 - about 130,000 of them Micras - will go ahead.

His increasing literary output must also have been making him and his views known to the public.

Since 1981, the electronics industry had increased output by an average rate of about 14 percent a year in real terms.


Equating marginal cost and marginal revenue, each firm will produce an output at which price exceeds marginal cost.

This is an example of a hard limiter function that produces binary output .

The new engine will produce a power output previously unheard of for a Harley.

Like all businesses, farmers must purchase inputs to produce a marketable output .

This laser provided an early impetus for studies of instabilities by tending to produce noisy, spiked output even under quasi-steady excitation.

It is considered complete when the neural network produces the required outputs for a given sequence of inputs.

Each of the documents was processed by the confusion program to produce simulated recognition output .


In order to compete, firms would therefore have to seek ever-increasing technological innovations to raise productivity, increase output and reduce prices.

This could follow if the capital goods producing industries faced capacity constraints in their attempt to raise output in the short run.

In classical theory a spontaneous fall in the real wage rate is the initiating force tending to raise employment and output .

This improved allocation of resources should raise real output in the economy as a whole.

The objective of such agreements is to raise prices and reduce output .

Will this succeed in raising the level of output ?


The practical result would be substantially reduced maximum output current, and a lot of ripple on the d.c. output.

As the morning light appears, the gland reduces its output , allowing the body to gradually come back to life.

Under this, farms would have to reduce output by 20 percent.

Firms reduce current output by devoting resources to training or building in order to produce more tomorrow.

Companies may intensify production, improve productivity or reduce output - all of which tend to reduce employment.

Indeed it has been estimated that the presence of hedgerows reduces the output of cereals farms by up to 15 percent.

By reducing the output of chemicals society would save more in social cost than it would lose in social benefit.

Examples: Haemorrhage reduces cardiac output .


Mr Major based his optimism on figures which showed factory output was rising .

Copper output rose to record-setting high levels.

The government would have more to spend, at the same time as real output would have risen offsetting unemployment.

By March this year output had risen to 82% of this level.

Initial estimates said output rose 1. 3 percent from October.

Even so, it was hoped that the output might rise to 500 tons.

Manufacturing output rose 3. 0 percent while hours worked fell 3. 0 percent.


Ford plans to increase its car output next year.

In manufacturing alone, smaller firms account for one in three jobs and a quarter of the total output .

There has been a huge increase in the output of children's books.


Combined output during the next few years is projected to skyrocket to more than 500, 000 barrels daily.

Gold miners hedge to lock in a price for their future output .

It regulated the output but not the power of a millstone.

The government also considered the drop in drilling costs -- and rising output from the average gas discovery.

The Hewlett-Packard guide to quality output .

These results did not differ when acid output was expressed as mmol/h/kg lean body mass or mmol/h/kg fat free body weight.

What about the question of output ?

You should also establish the patient's usual pattern of fluid intake and output by tactful questioning.

II. verb


Vibration and pressure devices can be used to output information to the wearer.

Virtually any publication other than a fine art title or a typographically critical one could be happily output at 1,000dpi.

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