Meaning of PAD in English


I. noun


a pad of paper (= many sheets of paper fixed together at one edge )

Chris took out a pad of paper and started writing.

Brillo pad

helicopter pad

ink pad

launch pad

Ellington’s band was a launching pad for many gifted jazz musicians.

legal pad

padded cell

sanitary pad

shoulder pad




Now it's Dominic who hovers selfconsciously, scribbling busily on a yellow legal pad .

Instead, he pulls a legal pad and a calendar from his briefcase and heads for the phone.

The two bedside tables were covered by stacks of magazines, yellowing newspapers, books and legal pads .

Police sources revealed earlier that the three-page ransom note had been handwritten on paper from a legal pad found in the home.

Adam picked up a yellow legal pad and scribbled on it.

Sitting in his law office at 4 a. m. the next day, he took out a legal pad .

It had been written with a black felt-tip pen on a legal pad that was in the home.

The legal pads and cassette tapes are every-where.


I recognized one species that I had seen commonly on lily pads in the summer.

If at that moment my ancient stately lily pad had been able to draw her bed curtains, she surely would have.

To prevent Thumbelina from escaping, he placed her on a lily pad in the middle of the lake.

A beetle spied Thumbelina, thought that she was pretty, and lifted her off the lily pad .



Andrew intends to move back into his old bachelor pad at Windsor Castle when his Balmoral hols are over.

But the shy and introspective Allen habitually returned to his bachelor pad - after dropping in to kiss the children goodnight.

He is spending a fortune tailoring the house to his specifications to make it a perfect bachelor pad .


His car was mud-splattered, parked amongst the jeeps and armoured personnel carriers, a hundred yards from the helicopter pad .

He walked past the helicopter pad and along a sandy road that led toward the church spires.


It might have been a loading bay, or a landing pad for one-person fliers.

The tennis courts act as helicopter landing pads .

The health authority has recognised that and has sought an alternative and more convenient landing pad .


Each of the Apollo launch pads was 0.65 square kilometres in size and constructed of heavily reinforced concrete.

Atlantis, resting on a Kennedy Space Center launch pad in Florida, has similar boosters.

Neighbours, the show that was her launch pad , might have to be jettisoned.

The rocket was exposed to the vagaries of the weather, and the launch pad was blocked for long periods of time.

But there are signs that the protest may be the launch pad for a powerful and broadly based opposition.

However, the rocket was not allowed to leave the launch pad until full thrust was developed by each engine.

Here the air-lock doors of a cargo bay; there a communications nacelle, a launch pad , a service hatch.

The crawler, mobile launchers and launch pads are all modified versions of the original components used for Apollo.


She scribbled something on her memo pad and slid the paper across the desk to him.

I was looking through a desk drawer and came across the red leather memo pad that was part of the same set.


Cut two little strips to decorate the front of the shoulder pads and press on.

Among the items scientists have unearthed are four-inch clay figurines depicting men wearing hip and shoulder pads .


Daisy had brought her sketch pad , but found it difficult to capture the action and hold on to a straining Ethel.

Susan was already off the window scat, looking for a place to tuck her sketch pad .

Sheltering her sketch pad under her shirt, Daisy looked helplessly around.

Drawings torn from a sketch pad were tacked to the plank walls, a straw rug partially covered the floor.

There, before his eyes, lay one large and one small sketch pad .

If he sits too long, he pulls out a sketch pad and begins drawing.

She heard Comfort pick up the sketch pad again and simply lay, letting her draw whatever she liked.

His knapsack and sketch pad and sleeping bag lay on the floor, candy wrappers scattered around them.


a bachelor pad

a lily pad

Cover the wound with a cotton pad .

I had to sleep on a foam pad on the floor.

Wipe the pad over the surface until the wood starts to shine.


Changing the subject slightly the brake pads and linings are showing no signs of any wear after over 24,000 miles.

Each pad has an identifying number, and each check is numbered consecutively.

He fanned the coals with the pad till the ashes rose up the chimney and the flames jumped.

He picked up his pad from beside the chair.

His knapsack and sketch pad and sleeping bag lay on the floor, candy wrappers scattered around them.

The Boots range also includes specially designed briefs, some of which are ideal for use with Staydry pads.

The combination of pad , mobile launcher and flame trench was cooled with a water deluge system.

Though the night was cold, I had a foam pad , a blanket and a down bag.

II. verb




His hunched figure padded across to the desk in the bay and Swod gestured for the police officer to sit down.

He got up again and padded across to Abigail's room.

She padded across to the window, drew back the curtains and looked out.


Nigel in his best jeans and sneakers padded along like a puma.

She might under some circumstances be submissive, like these dreary girls you see padding along in the moccasin tracks of hippies.

On the right and the left of my track, padding along in parallel silence were bears.

Dorcas slipped into the familiar gloom under the floor and padded along until he found the switch.

Closing the door quietly behind her, she padded along the corridor to its junction with the gallery.


It is possible to pad out all records to the length of the largest and handle them as fixed-length.

Don't pad out your answer to make it seem impressive.

Fat calipers, motivation tapes, an exercise video, and some recipes pad out her product.

Nevertheless he pulled it on and padded out on to the landing.

This curious instruction may be used to pad out an instruction sequence so that it occupies a desired length of time or storage.

I slid out of bed, put on my dressing-gown and padded out to the tiny landing.

Then I padded out on to the colonnade.


For the movie, he has to pad his body to make himself look 25 pounds heavier.

Michelle got out of bed, and padded across to the window.

Rhoda padded across the hall into her sister's room.

The A's padded their lead with two more runs.

The cat came padding softly across the kitchen floor, and jumped onto my lap.

The last chapter is padded out with an extract from an earlier report.

They realized their lawyer was padding the court fees.


Don't pad out your answer to make it seem impressive.

He padded them out with a torn sheet from sick bay to stop them making any noise.

His first instinct was to pad on back to his room.

His hunched figure padded across to the desk in the bay and Swod gestured for the police officer to sit down.

They are all padded with foam or sponge.

Unless I see at least a hint of contour, I assume a crotch has been padded.

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