Meaning of PAD in English


n. 1 cushion, pillow, wad, wadding, stuffing, padding, filling, filler Wrap a soft cotton pad over the wound to protect it 2 writing-pad, note-pad, memo pad, block (of paper), jotter, US filler You'd best take a pad with you to make notes at the lecture 3 flat, apartment, room(s), home, place, quarters, Colloq hang-out, Brit digs or diggings, Slang US flop A few friends are crashing at my pad while they're in town

v. 4 cushion, wad, stuff, fill; upholster The chair seats are padded with foam rubber, but the arms are bare 5 Sometimes, pad out. expand, inflate, stretch, dilate, lengthen, protract, extend, blow up, flesh out, puff up, augment, spin out, amplify He pads his weekly newspaper column with trivia in order to fill the space

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