Meaning of PARALLEL in English


I. noun


a parallel/an alternative universe

parallel bars

parallel processing

striking contrast/similarity/parallel etc

a striking contrast between wealth and poverty




The forces which drive technological development have a close parallel in biological evolution.

It is my contention, however, that there is a close parallel among birds.

Sometimes, the closest parallel for a design is many miles distant.

It is a close parallel of the complaint story of Exodus 17.

As stated above, there are close parallels here with anti-racist work in education.

There is a close parallel here with changes to atmospheric pressure; high and low sea-level systems exist in the oceans.


Galileo was humiliated in Rome in a manner that has no exact parallel in Protestant countries.

That story has an almost exact parallel with one in the life of Haydn.

There are no exact parallels between languages. 3.

In this there is an exact parallel with sufferers from Chemical Dependency denying the severity of their illness.

The goblet, which has no known exact parallel , was probably made in Murano, an island near Venice.


And it presents an interesting parallel to the theory that powerful bureaucracies inhibit the development of parties and legislatures.

It is the latter which are relevant to the chemical-sensitive patient, and they do provide some interesting and revealing parallels .

Indeed, the results of very recent work reveal two interesting parallels with the conclusions reached about the psychotic illnesses themselves.

The developments in thinking about what happens in animal conflicts have some interesting parallels with economists' theorising about human bargaining.

Mather draws some interesting parallels between the development of agricultural systems and that of forestry.


The obvious parallel is with the reaction to Britain's entry into the exchange rate mechanism 18 months ago.

There is an obvious parallel , therefore, between the bare infinitive's use in exclamations and that after need and dare.

There are obvious parallels with tobacco regulation, but does any government yet have the will to take this issue on?



Mather draws some interesting parallels between the development of agricultural systems and that of forestry.

John Mortimer made the presentation speech, drawing parallels between Dickens and Dostoevsky.

The cartoon draws a false parallel between two events.

Early twentieth-century sociologists also drew parallels between the workings of biological and social systems, some of which were extremely crude.


You do not have to go far to find a living parallel for these organisms.

Here we find another remarkable parallel with the psychopathology of modern individuals.


The dampers are controlled by small air springs, which work in parallel with the main coil springs.

Even with many processors working in parallel , much time is wasted waiting for sequential operations to complete.

In 1850 Joy and Edward Wilson patented twin boilers working in parallel within the same casing.


draw a comparison/parallel/distinction etc

Here Locke draws a parallel between modes such as triangles, and substances such as gold and the Strasburg clock.

I drew a parallel between the grinding plates and the grinding, unresolved pressures underlying this election year.

I will start by drawing a distinction between what I will call social science history and hermeneutic history.

It is also clear that it is difficult to draw comparisons between the Western Isles and the developing countries.

It is now commonplace to draw a distinction between care in and care by the community.

John Mortimer made the presentation speech, drawing parallels between Dickens and Dostoevsky.

Why draw a distinction between the adopted and the biological child?


Kakar finds parallels between the Hindi film and popular myths.

The 42nd parallel is the northern border of Pennsylvania.

There are certain parallels between the situation in Europe today and that which existed 90 years ago.


On the home front some of the parallels are just as strong.

The parallel with writing is clear.

You might say there were parallels in my life.

II. adjective




The village stands along a single street roughly parallel with the river.

After all, the two are roughly parallel .

Two roughly parallel ropes on the ground to jump over.

It runs roughly parallel to the Gotthard railway line.

Running north and roughly parallel to the Twyver is the Horsebere Brook.



Aitken and Ellis designed a double set of uneven parallel bars unlike any other in the country.

Lynch had the night of his life on the parallel bars .


You will learn how to create newspaper type documents and those containing parallel columns .

For this reason, you should use parallel columns only on a page-by-page basis.

Since we want the left and right columns kept side by side, we will use parallel columns. 1.

Press 2 for parallel columns with block protect.


There are practical difficulties with parallel computers .

Special-Purpose Hardware A few paragraphs back we talked about parallel computers .

More important was the software - how should a parallel computer be programmed?

The department has well-equipped laboratory facilities and houses the most advanced parallel computers as well as conducting research at national and international institutions.

Thus we expect a new kind of parallel computer to develop-one that is heterogeneous in operation.

Until now, each parallel computer has been so different that users had to re-write applications every time they changed machines.


Excellent computing facilities ranging from micros and Sun workstations to mainframe parallel computing are available.

The Syracuse group is developing prototypes of software technologies which will accelerate the take-up of general purpose parallel computing .

However, despite this agreement on the need for parallel computing , many open issues about these techniques still exist.


Normal entrance requirements for degree courses should apply, and parallel courses should make differentiated demands on students.

Once, briefly, I saw her outline again, safely on a parallel course .

After a while, it forked and pursued parallel courses .

What parallel courses did Bloom and Stephen follow returning?

Consequently development of the command module continued along two parallel courses .

He levelled out on a parallel course .


Member countries retain their respective currencies but there exists a parallel currency which circulates side by side with the national currencies.

In a parallel currency union, a member country's currency competes with the parallel currency.

Similarly, a parallel currency union shares certain features with a currency union.


This punning logic became extended by parallel developments in the field of immunology.

As the cognitive aspects of intelligence are developing, there is a parallel development of affect.

Overall it is clear that two parallel developments have been taking place in adult education for the unemployed.

The developments in child language research, however, show parallel development of sign language and spoken language in young children.


It has two parallel lines drawn across its face.

These eggs appear as two parallel lines , not necessarily straight, of short brown dashes.

His innovations developed from a deduction, long accepted by painters, that parallel lines meet at infinity.

It consists of an ox rib about six inches long, with what looks like a pair of curved parallel lines .

Previously, Euclidean geometry had stated that parallel lines never meet.

Glover noted that he sported a late-breaking fancy haircut with a scar shaved in three parallel lines at the front.

The screen carries a network of parallel lines .

As Lee proceeded north, so did Hooker on parallel lines .


The new chip is also to feature in Convex's parallel machine , due late next year or early in 1994.

Their architecture is quite different from that of parallel machines such as the hypercube.


The parallel markets have grown in size and importance in recent years.

The huge difference between the official and parallel market prices makes a nightmare out of the monthly shopping budget.


This includes the serial and parallel ports , the hard drive, the screen and finally, the whole machine.

The only interfaces that are almost universally supplied as standard are the parallel port and the serial port.


Although it may seem strange to simulate a parallel process on a sequential machine, there have been many benefits.


They are suitable for parallel processing , with one process for each node.

The Lab is working on futures in parallel processing , distributed data-sharing systems, transaction processing, graphics, multimedia and visualisation.

This requires both parallel processing and a system of constraint satisfaction, and connectionism offers a way of implementing such a system.

Real Time Systems Manager software, optimised for parallel processing applications, is also provided.

These will handle reliable distributed data and transaction delivery, scalable parallel processing and capacity planning and design for database environments.

OnLine 7.0 is Informix's full-featured massively parallel processing solution, which its co-developing with Sequent.

The autonomous method permits the program to be written as separate modules, which both simplifies the program and allows parallel processing .

The use of parallel processing in finite element analysis.


This consists of in-house seminars on the theory and practice of using multi- and parallel processor machines.

Programmers can access this memory from outside the parallel processor by using memory mapping.

The T9000's built-in communications links enable the internal bandwidth of the parallel processor to expand proportionately to the number of processing nodes.

Surprisingly though, in the normal configuration all of these parallel processors are linked by a standard Ethernet local area network.


There were parallel structures on the officers' side with chief officers' management teams consisting of the senior departmental heads.

The parallel structure of processing elements and their interconnections is matched one for one with simple processors and communications links.

This sequential pattern is consistent with a parallel structure .

The parallel structure differs substantially from the fold-back structure at the individual nucleotide level.


More powerful systems will be built as multi-processing systems, massively parallel systems, and clusters.

Most agents at headquarters still believed he would be fully operable once his parallel systems booted up and stopped the repetition.

There are two parallel systems of government, one of which is public and has no power.

An employee group hopes to re-form as a software and parallel systems integration firm.

For these new requirements, platform choices include high-end symmetric multiprocessors, clustered architecture, and massive parallel systems .

Alliant Computer Inc, which used the 80860 in high-end parallel systems recently filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings.


Ned went out by a parallel track , the Caples, soas to get back to Queenstown for New Year festivities.

To some extent the answer is self-evident: State and national politics run along distinct and not always parallel tracks .

This operates on a second parallel track .

For example, imagine a man is traveling aboard a faster train overtaking the first on a parallel track .

In 1986, 38 students were enrolled on to the parallel track , but during the next academic year something unexpected happened.

On a parallel track , the business world is well catered for with several compatible products on the two systems.

The new system ran as a parallel track for only two years, and all of the students were volunteers.

Thought Burn Particles of steel squirt from between forward-heated relentlessly rolling wheels and polished every-disappearing never-ending parallel track .


A parallel universe , mutually incompatible, like matter and anti-matter.

This wired Brad Pitt will grab you, coming on as he does like an oddly arresting visitor from some parallel universe .

In the later book, Wells changes his mind and describes an advanced anarchistic society existing in a parallel universe .

She seemed to live in a parallel universe .

Her real life glimmered and settled in the parallel universe , where no one here could reach her.


You find a parallel world that knows great beauty but can speak only through a tiny box of plastic and tin.

But tourist and monk seem to exist in almost parallel worlds .


a parallel universe

The airport's two parallel runways are only 750 feet apart.

The film attempts to follow the parallel story lines of the novel.


According to Parsytec, the Xplorer offers users a migration path to its GigaCube massively parallel supercomputers which are also to use T9000s.

At the end of the other will be three parallel lines meaning the runner has to backtrack and give three long toots.

Most parallel environments operate best when accessed data shows its local point of reference, the Forum says.

The system will also support message passing models such as parallel virtual machine and the high performance Fortran extensions of Fortran 90.

Thus we say that the feeling quality between two parallel lines is different from the feeling between two lines that cross.

III. verb


a period of political change that closely parallels what happened in France in the 18th century

The railroad tracks paralleled the stream for several miles.


A damaged sewage line parallels that road.

Improvements in management information systems should parallel improvements in scientific computing.

That stunning concept parallels some admittedly far-out astrophysical speculation of the present time.

The development of this metaphorical structure, however, is gradual, and parallels a stylistic feature of the poetry.

The new standards are part of a revolution in the teaching of mathematics that parallels the revolution in the teaching of writing.

This would parallel any company policy on not giving out personal telephone numbers but instead routing calls through the switchboard.

Thus, it was thought best that the development of the linguistic framework should parallel the development of the workshop activity.

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