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hung parliament

Member of Parliament




The federal parliament also cocked a snook at the United Nations administration in Kosovo.

On April 15 the federal parliament approved refinements to the presidential election process.

Two of the small number of Liberals representing Quebec in the federal parliament resigned from the party in response to Chrétien's election.

There is a third, federal parliament .

A two-chamber federal parliament would confirm these appointments.

She wants to get back into the federal parliament .


They also point to a hung parliament .

If not, the hung parliament stays.

Why is a hung parliament so-called?

If there is a hung parliament and the Prime Minister resigns for whatever reason, what happens next?

Whether he can match the Tories and Labour at political poker will only become apparent in a hung parliament .

The polls came after another day dominated by the prospect of a hung parliament .

He did so by rubbishing the only viable goal of any Liberal Democrat election campaign - a hung parliament .

But if it is a hung parliament , this will be because we don't really want anyone to have any power.


Elections to a lower house of parliament would be by proportional representation and an upper house would be appointed by provincial governments.

He was first elected to the lower house of parliament in 1963, taking the seat of his late father.

The Liberal Democrats lost 38 seats in the lower house of parliament in June elections.

Earlier yesterday the government had defeated an opposition censure motion in the lower house of parliament .

Referendums can not be used to make significant changes in the voting system for the lower house of parliament .

A lower house of parliament would be elected by a system of proportional representation on the basis of universal non-racial adult franchise.

Until the motion was tabled, the 480-seat lower house of parliament appeared to be split down the middle.


First of all, the principle of the supremacy of national parliaments needs to be firmly established.

Although Mrs Thatcher insists that accountability should exclusively be through national governments to national parliaments , this is not favoured by others.

Not only would national parliaments not have any control over the decisions reached in the Council, no one else would either.

After lengthy debates in each national parliament , ratification took a further year to complete.


The new parliament convened for the first time on June 9.

The new parliament will be empowered to levy a tax on its citizens to raise about $ 750 million a year.

A similar item coming up is the attitude to Maastricht - the first major debate to be held by the new parliament .

During 1661, a new parliament had been called, which was distinctly cavalier in character.

On Oct. 27 Kuchma presented a new Cabinet to parliament .

Reformers have accused the conservatives of carrying out the crackdown to invalidate the new parliament , due to convene on May 27.

Consequently, on 22 June 1921, the King officially opened the new parliament and Northern Ireland was born.

Elections would then be held under the new law; the new parliament would gather to adopt the rest of the constitution.


But detailed claims were first made in public by a member of the former Soviet parliament , Andrei Zolotkov, in late 1991.

In the end the plan was repudiated by Mr Gorbachev and rejected by the Soviet parliament .


Any proposal will be in trouble if it has to be approved by the upper house of parliament as well as the lower house.

Yeltsin was seen meeting with the chairman of the upper house of parliament , Yegor Stroyev.

Putin proposed stripping the regional leaders of their seats in the upper chamber of parliament .



This beautiful city of parks and flowers boasts one of the most impressive parliament buildings in the world.

Carlson had been ordered to prevent the civil war exploding in the parliament building .

The parliament building had burned, its roof had collapsed and a large heap of concrete lay around its doors.

Pro-Mobutu troops surrounded the parliament building with tanks and armoured vehicles on Oct. 5 to protect this unauthorized session.

The parliament building sits in a square like the keep of a castle.

Later, around 3,000 people marched on the parliament building , where there were minor scuffles with police.

It houses an elegant restaurant from which the views across the Danube to the parliament building and much of Pest are magnificent.



The budget was approved by parliament on Nov. 17 and Dec. 20, 1989.

The changes were supported by all the major parties and were expected to be approved by parliament in due course.

The proposals had still to be approved by the Crimean parliament itself.

The measures were approved in parliament on Sept. 28 by a majority of one vote.


A referendum to dissolve parliament was held and was said to be accepted by 99.9 percent of the people.

Kwasniewski has said he may dissolve parliament to put the issue to rest and call for new elections.

Miss Bhutto gave Mr Ishaq an excuse to dissolve parliament by offering the resignation of her party's members of parliament.

Opposition demands to dissolve the parliament for fresh elections were not accepted.

Prime Minister Chand resigns and the King dissolves parliament .

The following day he threatened to veto the law again and, if necessary, to dissolve parliament .

The head of state would have no powers to dissolve parliament or to appoint state officials without parliamentary approval.

President Venkataraman refused to dissolve parliament .


In 1972, at the age of 23, he was elected to parliament .

He returned to politics in January 1995 when he and his wife were elected to parliament .

Chaovalit would be the only member of the government not elected to parliament .

They have developed a reasonably efficient administration, with an elected parliament and municipal councils.

They are free only when they are electing members of parliament .

This system ensured reasonably fair representation for each party, whilst preventing a large number of parties being elected to parliament .

The opposition has asked the courts to disqualify two elected members of parliament .


The Pesticide Products Control Bill should pass through parliament this year.

He anticipated that the government might table amendments to the Bill as it passes through parliament .

The court has the power to strike down statutes passed by parliament and provincial legislatures, one it uses freely.


The budget for 1992 was presented to parliament on Sept. 30.

His ministry is preparing a telecommunications bill, which will be presented before parliament this spring.

The so-called Massive Privatization Programme was expected to be presented to parliament for approval in the autumn.

Numerous petitions concerning the forest were presented at the parliaments of this reign and the beginning of the next.

The details have already been completed, but the proposed law has not yet been presented to parliament .


The axiom states that a population not represented in a parliament can not share a government which that parliament controls.

In the district that Mr Baburin represents in parliament , 68% of those who voted pledged support for Mr Yeltsin.

Henceforth, parties which fail to get 5% of the vote will not be represented in parliament .


He told parliament there had been a totally unacceptable series of events.

Yeltsin told parliament leaders Tuesday at the Kremlin.

He told parliament the government must work towards peace with the Arabs.

Scalfaro met with Dini after the premier told parliament the mandate for his 11-month-old government had expired.


vote sb into/out of power/office/parliament etc

Four of the five who voted him out of office either refused to discuss the removal or did not return phone calls.


During his 28 years in Parliament , the 59-year-old Chuan has been untainted by corruption.

Elections for the European parliament are set for late next year.

New budget measures were approved Tuesday by the Russian parliament .


According to the new law local parliaments would be empowered to conduct inspection and auditing of local governments.

But the upbeat, booster verve that had brought the parliament together would not be derailed.

Despite gradual change, parliament continues to include non-white and working class members.

His ministry is preparing a telecommunications bill, which will be presented before parliament this spring.

In parliament there would be a carefully organized campaign of resistance that would at least slow the government down and raise Unionist morale.

It turned violent when some protesters tried to tear down the gates of parliament .

The idea also has support among the Communists in parliament , who chafe at their limited duties under the current constitution.

Worcestershire was a staunchly Royalist county, and those who were suspected of siding with parliament were roughly dealt with.

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