Meaning of PERCEPTION in English




extra-sensory perception




Throughout the forty interviews a clear perception of housework as work emerges.

A clear perception of the choice opportunity. 2.

There is here, somewhat exceptionally, a clear legal perception of the role of the underclass.

Therefore, he brings to the debate a clear perception based on recent experience.

The stiller the mind, the clearer our perceptions become.


Different people may have different perceptions of politics.

A symbol suggests ideas, it brings together different concepts and perceptions .

Two people looking at exactly the same thing may have quite different perceptions depending on experience, background and interest.

Reports suggested that continuing differences over interest rates stemmed from different economic perceptions .

At the time he said never again, but a few years have gone by and he has a different perception .

These models were derived from quite different perceptions of the cultural function of higher education.

But, as we have seen, different species have different perceptions .

Beats varying by social class might mean a different perception .


The press did not reverse general perceptions of party leaders: it sharpened and reinforced images they already had.


Or maybe the spectrum of smells is perceived in some way similar to our human perception of colour.

And his particular death is irrelevant against a million years of human life, insignificant outside human perception .

These distinctive characteristics come from differences in minute quantities of flavouring constituents whose concentrations are at the threshold of human sensory perception .

The frail web of human perceptions was laid bare.

We have to get outside our human perceptions and enter into another world.

But most of his detailed epistemological claims concern adult human perception , which is informed through and through by natural language.

We are in fact attempting to persuade a high-powered calculating machine to imitate the process of human shape perception .

The vase towers bring beauty to the ugliest place, and have altered human perceptions of what is sublime.


Privatisation will not inevitably lead to changes in public perception .

Even stock prices rise and fall according to the public perception of how good the leader is.

The tactic plays to a public perception of Washington as a place that has sold out ordinary citizens.

That could go a long way toward offsetting public perception that regional carriers are less safe.

There were dramatic trends in public perceptions of, for example, the Conservative Party's emphasis on defence.

It also contributed to a negative change in the public perception and image of lawyers.

As most of us know, in the public perception these causes have often been seen as clashing.

Other changes in reporting may be due to shifts in public perceptions of police attitudes towards specific crimes.


Philip continues his show with mind-reading using extra sensory perception charts.

These distinctive characteristics come from differences in minute quantities of flavouring constituents whose concentrations are at the threshold of human sensory perception .

Colour, like all sensory perception , is, as I have pointed out, very much a subjective, mental experience.

Their sensory perception as well as their motor responses - their behaviour - are thus totally consonant with their bodily form and function.

He realized that he was a victim of faulty sensory perception .

It is only an extension of our human form of sensory perception .

All this evidence indicates a central role for InsP 3 in certain forms of sensory perception .

He and Rivers then spent four years mapping the recovery of sensory perception in Head's arm.


Firstly, that there is a change in visual perception .

Conversely a child who is weak in visual perceptions can be helped to use auditory and verbal skills to comprehend other children.

Theories of visual perception have altered significantly in the twentieth century.

The question is whether this system contributes to visual perception in the normal brain.

Let me illustrate this point by introducing some recent work on the topic of visual perception .

Two-year-olds also have to learn how visual perception works.

Any workable theory of visual perception must incorporate this discovery.

Adaptation was expected to be the result of a change in visual perception or the proprioceptive sense of the arm.



When it tells our brains which way our heads are pointing, it affects our perception of stereo and quadraphonic sound.

How does it affect our perception of our needs?

They said my balance was affected , my mental perception of distances, some other things.

Proximity, physical appearance, direction of gaze, and gestures and facial expressions all affect our perceptions of one another.

How do levels affect our perception of relationships?

Thus both history and geography affect perceptions of national interest.

Culture affects perceptions in a much more subtle fashion.

Alcohol affects the perception mechanism of the brain.


Blake thought the burning incense could have been a hallucinogenic drug which was altering his perception .

If you want to improve the relationships in your life, you must take responsibility by altering your perceptions .

The vase towers bring beauty to the ugliest place, and have altered human perceptions of what is sublime.

Taken together, they resemble the range of altered perceptions reported by yogis, Zen masters, and other contemplatives.

Finally, the organization reaches the point where it lacks the resources required to alter the perception of its performance.

It worries me because it alters perception .


He suggested that there are two different approaches based upon the basic perceptions that the manager had of the workforce.

He said much of that information should be based on patients' perceptions , and could be gathered easily with questionnaires.

The courses, examinations and working practices have been based on their perceptions .

As they contrasted expectations with reality they admitted exasperatedly that they had accepted the job based on erroneous perceptions .

Genetic counsellors need to ensure that their decisions are based on accurate perceptions .

When conflicts arise between perception and thought, as in conservation problems, children using preoperational reasoning make judgments based on perception.

However, individuals and often organisations have to make judgements based on their perceptions of likelihood and consequences.

When confronted with a problem that pits perception against reason, her choice is based on perception.


Satisfaction of higher order needs may well change the perception as to what constitutes satisfaction of lower order needs. 7.

It might, in some small way, change our perception of him.

A brand just might change that perception .

Our long-term aim is to change industry's perception of the mathematical sciences and to show the commercial benefits they can offer.

But this approach does nothing to change his basic perception of the world.

But the long recession, together with high unemployment figures and a stagnant housing market, has changed homeowners' perceptions .

But the big guy is working hard to change people's perceptions .


As with all place advertising, the copy addresses those tangible and intangible factors thought to influence perception and location decision-making.

He told himself that this was nonsense; he was allowing his knowledge to influence his perceptions .

Only their own personal prejudices remained to influence their perceptions in one direction or another.

He was convinced that a career lay in sport and reckoned the media influenced his perception of himself.

Rather, it seems voters were strongly influenced by their perception of the competence of their own local authority.

They may act via central pathways that influence the perception of pain.

However, it is important to recall the full list, in order to emphasize the factors that did not influence perceptions .

Previously acquired knowledge influences our perception of events in that it provides frames of references against which current information is judged.


Either way, the choice involves fundamental perceptions of the source and task of theology as such.

Musical ability does involve aspects of auditory perception , but characterizing it in that way alone would be simplistic.

I couldn't even manage the simplest of manipulations involving extra-sensory perception .

It is known as a speech output system because there is evidence that a quite separate lexicon is involved in speech perception .


I was impressed by her perception and her grasp of the facts.


Perceptions are not the same thing as knowledge, but they are what the holder of the perception believes to be knowledge.

He interviewed each senior manager on his perception of the company and the state of the industry.

However, there has been a sea change in the perception of the conventions.

It is clear that for Locke the perception model of faith created an unsatisfactory barrier between those with faith and those without.

Sybase has been suffering from sagging sales and the perception of lagging technology.

Their sensory perception as well as their motor responses - their behaviour - are thus totally consonant with their bodily form and function.

Unfortunately this clear conceptual distinction between perceptions and attitudes is unrealistic.

When conflicts arise between perception and reasoning, the concrete operational child makes judgments based on reasoning.

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